A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality - Chapter 2324: Slaying the Enemies

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Chapter 2324: Slaying the Enemies

A loud roar rang out within the grey light, following which two giant purplish-golden hands emerged before forcibly tearing the light apart.

Han Li then strode out of the grey light while radiating bright purplish-golden light, and aside from some areas of his body that had been charred black, he was completely unscathed.

"I see, so that wasn't true Hierarchical Yin Corpse Lightning; it only possessed around a tenth of the power. You're delusional if you think something like that can hurt me. Having said that, this illusion technique is quite interesting," Han Li remarked.

Huang Yuanzi was silent for a moment, as if he had been stunned by how powerful Han Li's physical body was, but he then said in a vicious voice, "Hmph, if one isn't enough, then what about 10? What about 100?"

As soon as his voice trailed off, all of the other beads shot forth toward Han Li like a torrential storm.

"How foolish. I've already seen through your illusion technique, so countering it will be a simple task."

Immediately thereafter, countless runes appeared all over his body, following which several balls of spiritual light emerged.

These balls of light then transformed into a series of true spirit projections, which then vanished back into his body in a flash.

In the next instant, Han Li's body swelled drastically in size amid a flash of purplish-golden light, and a layer of golden scales appeared over his skin, while four extra arms and two additional heads also emerged with a short straight horn protruding out of each head.

Han Li had adopted his Third Nirvana Transformation.

A fearsome aura that struck one with a sense of asphyxiation immediately erupted from his body, following which the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword appeared in his grasp amid a flash of green light.

With nothing more than a casual wave of the sword, countless bright five-colored runes instantly surged forth, and a dark green halo erupted out of Han Li's body before sweeping forth in all directions alongside powerful law fluctuations.

In the next instant, the dark green halo clashed with the oncoming beads, and all of the beads were quickly reduced to dust amid flashes of crimson light.

"That's a Profound Heavenly Treasure!" Huang Yuanzi's horrified voice suddenly rang out from up above.

Right at this moment, a cold smile appeared on Han Li's faces, and an inky-black demonic eye appeared on each of his glabellas.

The three demonic eyes then quickly inspected the nine white doors before Han Li suddenly lashed out toward one of the doors with his green longsword.

A green sword projection was immediately sent hurtling toward that door, and at the same time, he unleashed a string of punches toward the remaining eight doors with his other fists.

Around a dozen head-sized balls of light were sent hurtling through the air before crashing into the remaining eight doors.

A burst of loud rumbling rang out, and the balls of golden light exploded into powerful golden shockwaves that instantly inundated the eight doors.

In the face of this fearsome attack, the eight doors were shattered without being able to offer any resistance, and eight humanoid figures suddenly emerged from within the destroyed doors.

However, they only managed to struggle for a brief moment before they were also destroyed by the golden shockwaves.

Right at this moment, the green sword projection sliced the final door in half down the center, and a yellow humanoid figure shot back in retreat in a panicked manner before vanishing into thin air, then reappeared over 10,000 feet away in a flash.

"Help me, Brother San Quan! My clones have been destroyed; if you don't assist me now... Argh..."

The yellow figure was none other than Huang Yuanzi's true body, and his voice was abruptly cut off as a massive purplish-golden hand tore through the space above him before crashing down like lightning.

Huang Yuanzi immediately tried to flee through instantaneous teleportation, but layers of silver formations suddenly appeared over the purplish-golden hand, releasing a burst of tremendous invisible force.

The air instantly tightened around Huang Yuanzi, and not only was he suddenly unable to draw upon most of his magic power, he was also completely rooted to the spot, as if the entire space had become his shackles.

He was naturally petrified by this turn of events, and he let loose a thunderous roar before rubbing his hands together, then raised them in unison to send countless streaks of yellow light flying upward.

At the same time, spiritual light of different colors flashed from his body, and around a dozen treasures of different descriptions also emerged before exploding one after another.

It was clear that Huang Yuanzi was making one final desperate bid to save himself.

A hint of hesitation appeared on Daoist San Quan's face upon hearing Huang Yuanzi's cry for help.

Now that Huang Yuanzi had fallen into such a desperate situation, Daoist San Quan finally made a decision, making a hand seal before fleeing from the valley as a straek of three-colored light.

After just a few flashes, he had vanished into the distance without a trace.

Meanwhile, the giant purplish-golden palm was able to force its way through the immense power released by the detonated treasures and streaks of yellow light, all of which instantly crumbled away upon coming into contact with Han Li's hand.

Huang Yuanzi had even expelled around a dozen mouthfuls of blood essence to unleash several trump card abilities, but all to no avail, and he could only look on as the purplish-golden hand continued to descend like an immovable mountain.

All of a sudden, a cloud of crimson mist exploded in mid-air, following which a ball of yellow light escaped from beneath the purplish-golden palm before fleeing to several thousand feet away in a flash.

Within the ball of yellow light was a miniature yellow-robed figure; it was none other than Huang Yuanzi's Nascent Soul.

Only by ejecting his Nascent Soul out of his own body could he escape from the spatial seal exerted upon him by Han Li's palm.

Of course, at this point, he had already discovered that Daoist San Quan had abandoned him, and he was cursing the daoist priest internally while making a series of hand seals, preparing to also escape toward the same direction through instantaneous teleportation.

A cold look appeared in Han Li's eyes upon seeing this, and he slashed his green longsword through the air again in a nonchalant manner.

A green crescent-shaped sword projection swept forth before disappearing into space in a flash.

The Nascent Soul in the distance had only just vanished into thin air when spatial fluctuations erupted nearby, and the crescent sword projection reappeared before also vanishing on the spot.

In the next instant, an agonized howl rang out, and a cloud of crimson mist abruptly emerged.

Within the cloud of mist were countless chunks of dismembered flesh, but strangely enough, all of them were hovering in mid-air instead of plummeting out of the sky.

A crimson fireball suddenly shot forth from the distance, exploding within the cloud of crimson mist to release a vast expanse of scorching flames that incinerated everything within an area of around an acre into ashes.

"That's the end of that. That Nine Illusion Fortune Door was rather annoying; I was forced to use even my Holy Nirvana Physique to counter it. It's a pity that that Daoist San Quan was able to get away," Han Li murmured to himself as he quickly reverted back to his human form, then cast a cold gaze toward the direction that Daoist San Quan had fled in.

He then raised an arm before making a grabbing motion, and a pristine white storage bracelet emerged out of thin air before flying into his grasp in a flash.

He quickly inspected the contents of the storage bracelet with his spiritual sense, upon which a pleased look appeared on his face, and he stowed the bracelet away before casting his gaze toward the other battlefield.

On the ground near a small mountain several tens of kilometers away, there was a small mountain constructed from countless dismembered limbs and chunks of flesh, while blood was flowing like a river through the area.

The Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch was hovering above the mountain of flesh, holding a fist-sized furry head. The head clearly belonged to Immortal Heavenly Lord, but for some reason, it had shrunk down significantly.

This Immortal Heavenly Lord possessed an immortal body, but that pile of flesh was completely unresponsive, so he had clearly been truly killed by the Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch.

"Come here, Jin Tong," Han Li instructed with a smile.

The Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch immediately did as it was told, taking a step forward to vanish on the spot, then reappeared beside Han Li amid a burst of spatial fluctuations.

"Well done. Beings with immortal bodies are quite formidable, but once you decapitate them, their regenerative abilities will be severely diminished, and you'll be able to kill them easily after you force their Nascent Soul out of their body. Looks like you figured that out all on your own," Han Li praised as he glanced at the Immortal Heavenly Lord's head.

The Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch extended a bow toward Han Li upon hearing this, then suddenly tossed the head over to Han Li alongside a black storage bracelet.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face as he drew the two items into his own grasp.

However, he only took a brief glance at the head before tossing it away, then opened his mouth to release a thick bolt of golden lightning to reduce the head into nothingness.

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