A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1811 - Perhaps This Is The So-called Talent

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Chapter 1811: Perhaps This Is The So-called Talent

Hannah looked at Mag, who came to fetch her, and seriously said, “Boss, why don’t we give up on brewing? I think I’m quite good at serving the dishes.”

“Don’t you think you would be letting your grandpa down like this?” Mag frowned.

“I think he passed away rather peacefully. He didn’t seem to have the conviction to pass on the rum,” Hannah lamented.

Mag didn’t say anything. He just looked at her quietly.

“I’m not thinking that serving dishes is easy. It’s just that… It’s just that… Uncle, I don’t want to try anymore…” Hannah was on the brink of bursting into tears. “I don’t want to draw anymore… I don’t want to draw anymore…

“There you are.” Mag took out a stack of drawings, and waved them in front of Hannah.

“What’s this?” Hannah looked at those blueprints with narrowed eyes, feeling a sense of familiarity.

“I went back while you were sleeping. The situation is rather horrific. There were indeed some problems with the machines, and I simply made the corrections for you,” Mag replied calmly.


Hannah’s eyes lit up, and she took the blueprints from Mag carefully. She flipped through the drawings with an increasingly impressed expression. Finally, she looked up at Mag with little stars in her eyes. “Boss, did you really draw this during the short time that I was asleep?”

There were over 30 pages of drawings, and they were all redrawn, and not corrected based on her original drawings.

Although the general structure was the same, almost all the measurements were redone.

One had to know that she had spent over two weeks working late every night before she came out with that drawing. Moreover, she had spent a few days checking the dimensions while studying it, and forging it together with Mobai.

However, Boss only used half a day to redraw a new design plan, and even readjust the dimensions?

“Yup.” Mag nodded. Actually, after the system generated the drawings, he even walked around the north of the city, and found two plots of land next to the rum brewery to build the beer brewery and the Maotai brewery. He only came to look for Hannah now because he was afraid he would affect the noon’s operation.

“It… won’t blow up again, right?” Hannah asked with lingering fear.

“Theoretically speaking, it should be fine.” Mag nodded.

“Are you sure?”


“Boss, you are the best!” Hannah gave Mag a big hug, and the despair on her face was gone. She was reenergized.

Mag used a finger to push Hannah’s head away. “Give yourself a break today. I already asked the workers to remove the destroyed machines at the brewery and repair the factory building. You can give the blueprint to Mobai first, and see if he’s free to help you make it.”

“Hannah won’t go on a break if the continent doesn’t explode!” Hannah shook her head. “I’m going to look for Boss Mobai now. Most probably, I will have to make a trip to the materials’ market. The materials on the blueprint don’t look simple.”

“Sure. Take a ride on my bicycle, I’ll send you back.” Mag didn’t stop her. He brought her out of the door, and rode the cool bicycle back to the restaurant.

Along the way, Hannah asked a question after finally realizing something was amiss. “Boss, do you already know how to make this machine?”

“No, I don’t. Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Then, how do you draw such a perfect blueprint within such a short time? It took me very long.” Hannah didn’t believe him.

“Perhaps this is the so-called talent,” Mag replied casually.

Hannah clenched her fists and teeth. She felt like hitting someone.

Mag stopped his bicycle in front of the blacksmith shop. Hannah leaped off before the bicycle stopped completely. She waved to Mag, and dashed into the blacksmith shop. “Boss Mobai, did you throw a bomb into the boiler? I was almost killed by you!”

Mag raised his eyebrows slightly. He seemed to have neglected that possibility.

However, there wasn’t any smell of gunpowder, so Mobai couldn’t have treated every cylinder as a cannon barrel.

Ignoring the discussion sounds from the blacksmith shop, Mag pushed the bicycle into the restaurant, and started to prepare for the noon operation.

The new items that would be released at noon: stir-fried octopus tentacles and octopus balls.

Mag opened the refrigerator, and the small and large octopus tentacles were already present.

The small-sized octopus tentacles were almost as thick as a person’s middle finger, and the large-sized ones were about as thick as a baby’s arm. The extra-large size wasn’t placed in the refrigerator. It was almost 50 cm across at its thickest part. This was meant for the big sized customers like giant dragons during the distribution, so it wasn’t needed in the restaurant.

The octopus tentacles looked very fresh, as if they were freshly caught from the sea and chopped up. The skin on the surface and the little suckers looked exactly the same as those of an ordinary octopus. He couldn’t make out any difference visually, and nobody would link it to the horrible one-man-thick-and-covered-with-eyeballs octopus tentacles.

Mag had to bow down to the system’s methods just based on this alone. One could even describe the workmanship as ingenious.

After staying for over 100 days in the test field for the God of Cookery yesterday, Mag was already completely numb and immune to the octopus tentacles. However, this brought along one big problem: there was no urge to eat it.

Yes, he had already faced his fear, but he couldn’t get over his psychological barrier.

If there was someone who knew the octopus monster the best, that would have to be him.

They even went through a tribulation together.

Therefore, he still couldn’t remove the psychological barrier, and make himself eat it.

Of course, since the system could use it as an ingredient and supply it on a large scale, there was no need to worry about if it was safe to eat.

Speaking of it, this octopus monster had lived for millions of years, so it wasn’t even appropriate to call it a super magic beast.

Perhaps there might be some special effects after eating this octopus tentacle.

Closing the refrigerator, there was an octopus ball machine with over 100 small holes on the stove top. The octopus balls were a rather complicated snack, and had certain requirements for heat control and operation. These, too, had added some more burden onto him.

Fortunately, his power had increased. The power beyond the 10th-tier allowed him to handle the kitchen’s busyness easily.

If he wasn’t afraid that he would frighten the customers eating out there, they most probably wouldn’t even see his shadow.

Shortly after, Amy and the ladies returned to the restaurant.

“Father, are we eating octopus balls for lunch?” Amy skipped in, and looked at Mag expectantly.

“Alright, I’ll make them for you all later.” Mag nodded with a smile.

“That’s great.” Amy hopped twice happily.

The others also seemed rather expectant about the new product.

“I-I don’t have much appetite. I’ll take away a helping of fried rice later,” Camilla said with an unnatural expression. She was the only person among the ladies to have seen that octopus monster. She even had a nightmare last night. Thinking about the octopus tentacle that was filled with eyeballs, she really couldn’t see it appear on the dining table.

Mag took a look at Camilla. He didn’t expect her to be afraid of the tentacle monster too? Suddenly, he remembered that he still had a photostone in her hands. If it ever ended up in Irina’s hand, he would be in deep trouble. Hence, he immediately smilingly asked, “What’s wrong with you? Does Xixi need to take a look at you? Eating together is our restaurant’s tradition. You definitely have to try the stir-fried octopus tentacles, which is such a delicious dish.”

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