A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 1904 - Matchmaker’s Red Packet +1

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Chapter 1904: Matchmaker’s Red Packet +1

Mag received a big red packet. That made him feel like the god of marriage… or rather, a matchmaker.

He was happy, of course, since he could get a red packet.

However, what made him happy was that Harrison could find the lady that he liked, and was willing to care for and protect her, to bring her out of her shadow and her pain. That was also a good deed in itself.

“The Mapo Tofu is a good thing indeed.” Mag laughed. He kept the red packet carefully and looked left and right. After making sure that Irina was not around, he let out a sigh of relief.

The existence of delicacies was to make people enjoy eating.

If he could unknowingly change these people’s lives, that would make him feel that cooking was a very beautiful thing.

As a dish that went really well with rice, Mapo Tofu had garnered good reviews from the customers.

It also caused the rice to sell really well today.


“Georgina, why don’t we go skiing,” Kenneth told Georgina pamperingly in the horse-drawn carriage.

Georgina looked at Kenneth, but did not say anything for a long time.

Her father, who used to be a strict and serious father, suddenly seemed to have aged a lot.

The hair that peeked out of his head was already white. The wrinkles on his face could be seen clearly. His strong and straight back was slightly bent.

All this was because of her.

She was so silly to hurt the closest person to her for a person who had never really looked at her before.

Georgina felt her nose go sour. She pounced into Kenneth’s embrace as she choked up, and said, “Father, I’m sorry…”

Kenneth’s body froze. He looked at Georgina, who was sobbing in his embrace, and smiled. He patted her back gently. “There, there…”


“Today is a really good day.” Harrison stood beside his horse-drawn carriage, looked up into the sky, and laughed.

The coachman peeked his head out, and asked curiously, “Boss, did something good happen today?”

“Of course there is something good.” Harrison laughed. However, he did not say much to the coachman. He had already made plans with Miss Georgina to go out to Sitter Alley to find those famous street foods.

He felt as though he had fallen in love.

Although he only had a meal with her once, and they did not exchange more than 100 sentences, he was already certain that she was the one.

“Go back first. I’ll be walking around Aden Square this afternoon. I’ll give you half a day off,” Harrison said to the coachman as he waved his hand. After that, he sauntered off.

Although he had made plans with Miss Georgina to seek the food out tomorrow, he still decided to recon the place so that he could perform well tomorrow.

This was the first time he had such a strong urge to be in a relationship ever since he became an adult.

Being in a relationship was no small matter.

Many times, it was a plot that had been planned for a long time.

Therefore, men should be even more careful outside.


The various representatives gathered in Chaos City, and were discussing the joint investigation at the meeting room.

Sean was the leader of the Roth Empire’s representative team. Louis and Douglas from the giant dragon tribes had also arrived, showing how much importance they placed on this matter.

The various representatives had sent out their 10th-tier powerhouses as representatives. The devil escaping from the seal was no small matter.

“Why aren’t Alex and Irina here?” Douglas asked Michael.

The various representatives also looked at Michael. Alex and Irina were the ones who raised this matter, and now that the various representatives had gathered, they were the only ones missing.

“I would only manage to meet those two once in a while.” Michael shook his head and smiled. After that, he got someone to switch on the projector to show the representatives what Mag had captured in the cave that day.

The expressions on the various representatives’ faces turned serious. Most of them had seen, with their eyes, the seal in the Thunderstorm Mountains, so they were very clear what that ruined stone door and pieces of the seal from the spell formation meant.

“It was indeed traces left behind by a giant dragon. I’m afraid Rankster is the only Frost Dragon that was capable of that,” Louis said solemnly.

Everyone looked at Douglas. This great elder of the Frost Dragon tribe had the most say.

Douglas remained silent for a while. He sighed, and said, “Rankster had disappeared three years ago, and there was no news of him until today.”

This was no secret at all. Rankster and Alex disappeared almost at the same time, and that caused many speculations.

Michael said, “Alex said that there was only one frost dragon scale found on site. He did not discover Rankster’s corpse. Everyone has to go over there to unravel the mystery of what happened at the sealed land.”

“In that case, why don’t we set off now and take a look at the sealed land before making a decision,” Sean said.

“That’s true. Let’s set off, then.” Michael nodded. He stood up and led the various representatives to the front yard.

Not long later, various flying steeds flew off from the city lord’s castle and out of the city.


In the textile factory in the northern part of the city.

Ashley walked into Irina’s office. She looked at Irina, who was studying a blueprint, and said, “Your Highness, the construction team is formed. There are a total of 3000 elves. 300 of them will be in charge of supplying the materials. The first batch of wood planted last night is ready to use.”

“Fantastic.” Irina put the blueprint down, and looked at Ashley as she said, “When the school is built, we’ll not disband the team. We might very well be able to get other construction offers. The dwarves are destined to only be able to do manual work because of their standard of beauty, but we can do delicate work.”

“Alright.” Ashley nodded. She had no doubts about Irina’s decision at all.

After moving to Chaos City, the Night Elves had already passed through the initial difficult stages, and now Irina was arranging for them to get employment so that they could blend into Chaos City.

During this process, Irina had made many intelligent decisions.

As the person executing the plans, Ashley would obey completely.

All of a sudden, Irina looked up at the sky outside of the window and thought for a while. She stood up, and said, “I’ll make a trip out. You can take a look at the blueprint first.”

After saying that, Irina disappeared.


For the entire morning, Luna visited more than 10 retired teachers. Almost all of them expressed their willingness to return to teaching upon hearing her intentions.

“Thank you so much, please, go back and have a rest.” Luna walked out of a mathematics teacher’s house with a smile, and helped him close the door.

The 15th teacher. That’s unexpectedly smooth. Luna took out a small notebook and flipped it open. She put a small tick beside a name, and there were dozens of names that she had yet to visit.

Indeed, teachers had the greatest love for children. They would not reject almost anything that was within their capabilities.

Two of the teachers were not in the best of health, so Luna did not raise this with them. It was best for one to do things within their capabilities.

“The next teacher is Teacher Kakashi. I wonder if he’d have gone to sleep by the time I arrived.” Luna bought a couple of pancakes from the roadside stall, and started eating them with the water she brought with her as she planned her afternoon itinerary.

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