A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2139 - Organize the Allied Forces

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Chapter 2139 Organize the Allied Forces

Connie pressed her lips together as she fell into deep thought.

Andre looked at Mag, feeling rather surprised. He did not expect Mag to stand up for the Roth Empire at this juncture.

Michael gave a slight nod. He was also thinking of how to mediate the conflict between both parties, so that the peace treaty could be signed quickly. Mag’s statement was more convincing than his.

“I agree with what Alex has said. The current issue at hand is resolving the devil and the Army of the Dead. If the Norland Continent falls, there would be no meaning to solving the loss of a city or a town.

“Chief Connie. I will arrange for the courtiers to quickly pay for the war losses. Please give those soldiers a chance to prove their worth,” Andre said to Connie sincerely.

Connie subconsciously looked towards Rex. Alex’s interception left her at a loss.

“That may be so but there are scoundrels within the northwestern army that have to be held accountable for their crimes, aren’t I right, Marshal?” Mag spoke again. This time, he was looking at Dominic, who was sitting beside Andre.

“A Knight’s principle is to not harm the innocent, women and children. That is also the basis of being human. No matter which official gave such an inhumane order, as a knight, one should still abide by their beliefs and principles.

“Those leaders who forced the soldiers to kill and imprison the innocent, burn and raid territories should be handed over too, for the innocent, shouldn’t they? What rights do they have to die on the battlefield like a soldier? Are they fit for such an honour?”

Andre’s lips moved. He glanced at Dominic and chose to remain silent.

Seeing that Andre did not speak, Dominic could only stand and after a moment of silence, he nodded and said, “They are indeed unfit to be called knights and neither are they fit to die on the battlefield as a soldier.”

Mag nodded and took his seat.

Dominic looked at Andre and said, “Your Majesty, please allow me to clear all the scoundrels within the army. They are not fit to stay within the army, nor are they fit to be called a knight.”

Andre said in a low tone, “Alright. After you find them, notify the entire army that these people are to be handed over to the orcs.”

“Chief Connie, what do you think?” Andre asked Connie.

“If you can keep your promise, I will agree to it.” Connie nodded. She looked much more relaxed.

Alex still left the orcs some dignity. This was the result that Connie wanted.

“Not a bad outcome,” Irina said to Mag telepathically.

Mag smiled calmly.

Actually, the result would have been the same. Mag just gave the Roth Empire a legitimate reason to clear out the scoundrels from the army.

In the northwestern army, most of them would be Sean’s men.

Look, this is killing two birds with one stone.

The conflict between the Orcs and the Roth Empire had been mediated and the signing of the peace treaty went on smoothly.

Connie and Andre signed a ceasefire and both parties confirmed the details that had been discussed. The Roth Empire would hand all the war criminals over to the Orcs in addition to a lump sum as a repayment for the war. At the same time, they also promised to hand Josh over to the Orcs if he could be caught.

Following that, the other races debated over the details of the peace treaty. After some minor adjustments to some of the clauses, the final version was set. The various representatives wrote their signatures and the new peace treaty was officially signed.

“The century-long peace will begin once again. Everyone seated here is incredible,” Michael said to the various representatives that were present.

Chaos City had been working hard for this for decades. To think that the peace treaty would be signed again under such a situation…

After all the miscellaneous processes were completed, the meeting was finally over, at around dusk.

As a witness, Mag was like an unimportant bystander. He took time out to return home to cook for the children. After that, he had a few rounds of drinks with Irina before returning to the meeting.

The peace treaty was finally signed and so next up would naturally be discussing how to build the allied forces to go against the Army of the Dead.

“According to the latest news, the number of the Army of the Dead is now in the millions, consisting of horrifying ancient giant corpses that are on par with 10th-tier powerhouses. There are also powerhouses exceeding the 10th-tier, like Rankster and the Devil, that are stronger than before.” Mag looked at everyone and said solemnly, “We need to build an allied force strong enough to stop the Army of the Dead at the northern ice plains.”


The various representatives were shocked to hear that.

This far exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“Is the source of the news reliable?” Louis looked at Mag.

“I took a trip to the north last night. Ancient corpses were gathering on the ice plains, reaching more than a million in number. They could march down south any time.” Mag took out a Photostone and played the images that Xi sent him yesterday.

The ancient corpses had covered almost the entire area of ice, their number stretching out with no end. They gathered in a clear direction, as though something was beckoning them.

The expressions of the various representatives turned grave. Alex would not have to lie about something like that. Besides, this image was very convincing.

What kind of concept was a million-man army?

In the Norland Continent, only the Roth Empire, after a century of reproduction, managed to reach a million-man army.

The other races would never be able to make a million-man army unless all their people joined in.

Besides, the manpower needed to run the logistics for a million-man troop would way surpass a million people. This was not something any tribe could do easily.

However, their opponent was the dead souls. They were ancient corpses that were tens of thousands of years old. They were controlled by the devil and did not need any logistical support. They were all aligned in their actions and were not afraid of death.

How do they face this?

The representatives who had the intention of just adding some men in for numbers were at a loss. They even thought of dropping out.

Andre frowned. The various representatives all had their own thoughts on this. If they refused to send their best troops out to support, the Roth Empire would be in danger.

“The Roth Empire will send out all our elite troops, a total of 600,000 soldiers and magic casters to the northern region to fight the Army of the Dead. At the same time, we will take on the majority of the logistical support for the allied forces,” Andre said loudly, “This concerns the Norland Continent as a whole. I hope everyone will take a step forward.”

Mag nodded. 600,000 elite troops on top of the allied forces’ logistical support. Andre was bringing out almost the whole of the Roth Empire’s manpower, showing his sincerity.

However, he had no choice either. The Roth Empire was first in line. If the Roth Empire did not show their sincerity, the other races would not send their elites to join the allied forces.

Michael said loudly, “Chaos City is willing to send out 30,000 of our most elite garrison to join the allied forces to fight the Army of the Dead and also take on the responsibility of logistical support as well.”

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