A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2143 - I- I Know The Way!

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Chapter 2143 I- I Know The Way!

The new peace accord was signed. Mag became the allied forces’ chief commander with an absolute majority.

According to the races’ negotiation, the allied forces signed a pact, including the exact number of soldiers that each race was supposed to send and some details about the logistics.

In this area, Dominic, who had been a chief commander for decades, was obviously much better than Mag, so Mag easily threw that responsibility to him.

Meanwhile, he met with the Moon Nation’s formation master, Jonas, and Babla alone.

This war’s crux was how to reseal Cthulhu again, so the seal spell formation became of utmost importance.

There was no damaged spell formation for them to repair this time, and they could even pinpoint Cthulhu’s location but they had no way to make it stay put in one place for them to seal it up.

When faced with absolute power, many plans looked feeble.

Jonas looked at the three spots Mag drew on the map and pondered for a while before seriously saying, “I need to go there personally to ascertain which spot is the best to set up the spell formation. According to the attack timing that you deduced, we can only finish setting up one spell formation.”

“Alright. I’ll get Michael to send someone to bring you there.” Mag nodded.

Babla looked out distractedly a few times. Finally, she couldn’t stay put. She stood up and said before she slipped away, “Ha, I’m sleepy. Master, you guys take your time to chit chat. I still have something else to attend to, so I won’t keep you company here.”

“The princess might have some matters to attend to.” Jonas explained embarrassedly.

“The youngsters are all like this.” Mag smiled. He knew why Babla was in such a hurry.

The alliance was already formed, but there were still many issues to straighten out. For example, the various territories that the allied forces needed to march through and the logistics replenishment etc.

Even though Mag was the chief commander, he didn’t intend to do everything himself, so Irina and he left early.

“Master, I’ll leave these matters to you guys. I’ll go back to sleep first and have a meal,” Connie yawned and said to Rex before leaving right away.

“Uncle, you go back by yourself later. I have something else to do. I’ll go first.” Camilla informed Dracula and then slipped away too.

“Hey! Wait a sec…” Dracula watched Camilla disappear at the door and raised his eyebrows. “This girl. Didn’t I choose you to be the chief to do all these things?”

Camilla came out from the city lord’s castle and smilingly said to Connie, who was sitting on the stone lion in front of the door and swinging her legs, “Tsk tsk tsk. Our little Connie has become the queen of the Twilight Forest.”

Babla also looked at the two of them smilingly and said, “Oh ho, isn’t it so? I thought I would become the queen of the Moon Nation first, but looking at it, both of you are faster than


Connie looked at the sky with her head tilted back at a 45 degree angle and sighed gently. “Actually, I only wanted to be an assassin at first.”

“Alright, stop acting.” Camilla reached out to pat Connie’s head and laughingly said, “We haven’t had dinner yet. Our most important mission now is to fill our stomachs!”


Connie’s stomach grumbled in coordination with Camilla’s statement.

“Yes! I’m starving. Let’s return to the restaurant now!” Connie patted her stomach and nodded in agreement before walking forward quickly.

“This restaurant is this way.” Babla quickly reached out to stop her and then pulled her towards the opposite direction as she lamented, “Only you can be a queen like this.”

“Let me go… I know the way…” Connie tried to struggle.

“However, with your sense of direction, how did you manage to kill Auster? Although he had lost an arm, he was still a 10th-tier powerhouse after all,” Camilla asked Connie curiously.

There had been many versions of rumors on how Connie killed Auster, because it signified the passing of power in the Twilight Forest and Connie taking over from Auster.

However, many more people suspected that Auster wasn’t killed by Connie, but by Rex.

But Rex gave the credit to Connie, which allowed her to take over the position firmly.

Even Camilla and the ladies who knew Connie well, were quite curious about it.

After all…

Connie was someone who could even lose her way when she was making a delivery.

It sounded rather fantastical to listen to her being an assassin and kill a 10th-tier powerhouse two tiers above her. Just getting into the Aug Tribe and finding Auster’s bed chamber were already a huge challenge to her. Perhaps, it could even be described as an impossible task. “Wow. You girls mistrust my power to this extent?” Connie looked at the two of them with aggrievement and hurt.

“It’s not that we don’t trust you.” Babla shook her head and gravely said, “It’s simply too hard to believe it.”

Camilla nodded with a smile too.

“Alright. Although I didn’t find his room by myself, he was indeed killed by me. I used three strikes while he was sleeping.” Connie extended three fingers and waved them. “Aren’t I formidable?”

“It was really you who killed him?” Babla stared at Connie with shock.

Even though she was an 8th-tier spatial magic caster, she had never imagined someone could go two tiers above and kill a 10th-tier powerhouse.

“Please call me an assassin.” Connie looked up to reveal her proud chin.

“You’re formidable.” Camilla gave her a thumbs up. She had already believed Connie.

Crossing over tiers in a formal battle was rarely successful.

However, it was another matter if it was an assassination.

Even a 10th-tier powerhouse couldn’t stay vigilant and defensive at all times.

And an assassin was meant to find the moment where one was most relaxed, launch a full-powered attack and end the battle.

For example, even a normal human being with a dagger could kill a magic caster when he was sleeping.

Connie, whose master was the Hairless Monk, had mastered many assassination techniques. It was reasonable for her to assassinate Auster in his sleep and succeed.

“Cool!” Babla’s eyes lit up and she looked at Connie expectantly. “Why don’t you teach me how to be an assassin too?”

Connie looked at Babla and shook her head. “No, you can’t do it.”

“Why can’t I do it?” Babla puffed out her chest and said with indignation, “I’m the famous genius from the Moon Nation.”

“But you’re a magic caster. You’ll expose yourself as soon as you draw out your magic wand. You’ll be killed before you can finish chanting a set of spells, so how can you be an assassin?” Connie patted her flat chest and suggested, “Why don’t you learn melee magic from Little Amy first?”

“No.” Babla pushed away Connie’s hand and shook her head in rejection.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to learn…

She was simply too embarrassed to ask.

Connie continued speaking, “Think about it. If you mastered melee magic, together with your spatial magic, you will definitely be the best among the assassins. You can appear anywhere without any signs and you’ll also have the ability to strike in an instant.”

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