A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2144 - Let's Begin Our Feast!  

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Chapter 2144: Let’s Begin Our Feast!

“High Priestess, I’m a little tired. I’d like to go back to rest,” Sally whispered at Helena’s side.

Helena flicked a glance at her before nodding. “Go ahead.”

Sally got up and left the boisterous meeting hall. Then, she left the city lord’s castle.

Walking in the cold winter wind, there were no pedestrians on the street and the long streets looked rather desolated.

A familiar yet strange city.

That day, she gathered all her courage to leave the forest and ran all the way to this city.

She had wanted to travel around the continent initially, but she stopped at a small restaurant.

Thinking back about it now, that time seemed to be the only time she was living for herself in her whole life.

“I wonder… if they are alright?” Sally looked towards the south of the city with a hesitant look on her face.

After a long time, she still walked towards the south.


Mag returned to the restaurant in advance and prepared all sorts of ingredients. Soon after, the ladies arrived one by one.

“Uncle Mag.” Anna ran into the restaurant and leaped straight into Mag’s arms.

Mag carried the little one and turned around twice. Looking at Anna, who had grown taller, he asked with a smile, “Did you have a good time, Little Anna?”

“Mm-hm.” Anna nodded obediently. “I simply missed your cooking, Little Amy and Big Sister Annie.”

“Mm. Then have some more to eat later. Little Amy and the rest should be back soon too.” Mag swiped the little one’s nose with a smile. She was still as understanding as ever.

“Boss.” Shirley nodded at Mag with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Please take a seat first. We’ll start eating once they are back.” Mag nodded with a smile. He was rather surprised at Shirley’s aura. She had successfully advanced to the 9th-tier in a short period of two weeks.

“Mmm.” Shirley nodded and sat down at the side.

Anna followed after Mag to help him out. She was a qualified little chef.

“Princess, is Boss really back? Is Little Amy back too?” Firis’ voice sounded at the door as she followed Irina in.

“Your Highness.” Shirley got up and bowed to Irina.

Irina also looked at Shirley with a surprised gaze as she said, “You have advanced.”

“I did it last night with a stroke of luck.” Shirley nodded.

“Wow. Are you a 9th-tier magic caster now, Shirley? That’s formidable!” Firis, who followed Irina in, looked at Shirley with amazement.

Among the younger generations of the elves, Shirley was the most powerful apart from the princess.

Even Sally, who had become the elven princess, was only an 8th-tier magic caster now.

“Compared to the princess, I’m still too weak,” Shirley humbly said.

“Boss, you guys are finally back!” However, Firis’ attention was already attracted by the food on the table and Mag who was busy in the kitchen. She picked up her skirts and ran towards the kitchen.

Looking at Firis, who was about to give him a hug, Mag flicked a glance at Irina who had a mysterious smile on her face. Mag quickly picked up the pot at the side and said, “Be careful, the pot is hot!”

Firis quickly applied her ‘brakes’.

She looked at Mag with a blush that was 30% excitement and 70% shyness.

She didn’t expect that she almost ran over to hug Boss in an excess of enthusiasm.

Mag drizzled the hot oil over the steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers and casually asked, “Firis, have you been cooking recently?”

The red chopped chili sizzled in the hot oil and infused soul into the fish head. A fresh aroma spread everywhere.

Firis nodded and said, “Mmm. I’ve been responsible for improving the Night Elves’ food recently. The canteen is supplying the eggplant with garlic sauce and Mapo Tofu everyday now. They are everyone’s favorite dishes. Furthermore, they get to eat piping hot congee with pork and century egg every morning too.”

“Hmm. Not bad. You brought the scrumptious dishes to more people. Well done.” Mag looked at Firis with praise. This was why he taught Firis to cook back then.

“Mm-hm.” Firis’ blush turned even redder, but she couldn’t hide her smile no matter how hard she tried.

There was nothing that made her happier than receiving Mr. Mag’s praises.

Anna put up her hand and said, “I have been helping Big Sister Firis out at the textile factory recently too, and I even taught them how to chop the ingredients.”

“Mmm, then Little Anna is awesome too,” Mag nodded and said.

Anna said with a smile, “It’s Uncle Mag who is awesome. I learned everything from Uncle Mag.”

“Oh yes. Boss, is there anything I can help you with?” Firis asked Mag. She hadn’t been to the restaurant for a long time. She would have come to help out early for the gathering tonight, if it wasn’t for the fact that the princess had just told her that Boss was back.

“I’m fine. Just bringing this steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers out will do. The dishes are all done. We just need to wait for everyone to arrive.” Mag shook his head with a smile.

“Mr. Mag, you’re finally back.” An excited voice spoke up as soon as Mag removed his apron and came out from the kitchen. A figure dashed over and then jumped onto Mag before he could react, and wrapped her legs around him.

Oh, this darned softness… they seem to have grown bigger again?

Judging from the familiar softness on his face and the faint fragrance, Mag also knew who the person was.

“It’s not suitable for children to see.” Babla, who had just walked in, reached out to cover Connie’s eyes before staring at Gina’s voluptuous figure enviously.

“I’m already an adult.” Connie shrugged her head downwards, trying to see what was going on.

Gina, don’t…

Don’t stop.

Mag quickly pulled Gina off him and made her stand properly at an arm’s length before Irina exploded.

“Mr. Mag, I missed you guys.” Gina looked at Mag with a blush. Happiness and excitement filled her face.

Everything was fine with Gina. She was an innocent and simple girl, it was just that her way of expression was too direct.

Oh well, a girl who grew up deep under the ocean was just so sweet and naive.

Fortunately, she met an upright man like him.

Otherwise, she would have long been taken advantage of.

“Hmm. I missed you guys too.” Mag nodded with a smile. His gaze did a quick sweep inconspicuously. Hmm… they have indeed grown bigger.

Then, he looked at Babla who had just come in.

She was still as flat as ever.

It seemed like… the moon’s gravity was indeed a little insufficient.

Why did they say children who ate seafood when they were growing had more proteins?

“Are we having grilled meat tonight?” Babla’s gaze was already attracted by the kebabs that were stacked up like tiny mountains at the side. There was a glow in her eyes.

“Why is she here too?!” Camilla came in and immediately became nervous when she saw Irina.

She was with Alex today at the meeting, but why did she suddenly appear at Mamy Restaurant? Perhaps, she came for the free food?

“We’re back!” Amy skipped in and then skipped into all the big sisters’ arms one by one. She kissed them on the cheeks before declaring with satisfaction, “Let’s begin our feast!”

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