A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2311 - Parents' Visit Again?  

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Chapter 2311: Parents’ Visit Again?

After dinner, Kiddo fell asleep in Gina’s arms. There was a smile on her plump face and one simply could not resist the urge to poke her little dimples.

“I’ll… bring Kiddo back to sleep,” Gina said with a blush.

“Sure.” Mag nodded. He reached a hand out to stroke Kiddo’s head. The little one was indeed obedient.

“Bye, Boss.”

The other ladies bade goodbye as well.

“Kiddo is really cute. Can I bring her to the square tomorrow after school?” Amy asked Mag.

“Of course.” Mag nodded with a smile. He stood at the restaurant door and saw Luna, and Byron walking over side-by-side. He said with a smile, “Teacher Luna is here.”

“Teacher Luna?” Amy’s eyes lit up. She stood on her toes and looked out into the distance. Immediately, she spotted Luna from among the crowd and dashed over.

“Aren’t you intending to explain it to me?” Irina asked with a seemingly gentle smile as she stood behind Mag with her arms crossed.

Mag looked at her, thought for a while, and said, “I accompanied Gina to the traces of the God of the Sea. She found an egg under the guidance of the Magical Pearl of the Sea. The egg cracked and Kiddo came out from inside.


“My guess is that she is the reincarnation of the God of the Sea and Gina was her chosen guardian. Therefore, she was blessed and her powers increased from the 9th-tier to the 10th-tier.

“I believe it now. Gods really exist in this world. The gods that the various races pray to might really exist.”

“I see.” Irina thought for a while. Now everything made sense.

“I’ll tell you the specifics again tonight. I’m meeting Luna’s grandfather for a drink now and he’s here,” Mag said, interrupting Irina’s train of thoughts.

“A parents’ visit again?” Irina frowned.

“It’s not a parents’ visit. Byron and I are considered friends.” Mag corrected her.

“Teacher Luna treats you as a friend but you want to meet her grandfather?”

“He’s here. Do you want to join us for a drink?” Mag invited her with a smile.

“Forget it. You old academics talk about boring stuff. I’m going for a bath then I’ll train a little.” Irina shook her head and turned to go upstairs.

Amy was holding Luna’s hand and was telling her something.

Byron walked ahead with a smile. When he saw Mag, he said, “Mr. Mag, I heard that business in Mamy Restaurant is really good. Am I disturbing you if I come here for a drink?”

“It’s alright. Today is the school’s opening ceremony so the restaurant is closed for the day.” Mag shook his head with a smile and welcomed Byron and Luna into the restaurant, closing the door behind them.

“Your restaurant is really well-furnished.” Byron praised as he looked around.

Although he was not considered a glutton, he had been to almost all the famous restaurants in Rodu.

Mamy Restaurant was not a restaurant of a large scale but the renovation and decorations were done very meticulously. It was mainly furnished with wooden furniture, so the environment felt warm and comfortable.

Mag smiled. He looked at Luna and asked, “I don’t suppose you’ve eaten, right?”

“Mm.” Luna nodded. She said shyly, “I just finished with the things in the school and wanted to eat in the canteen but Grandfather said he wanted to look for you; we then walked around Aden Square for a bit so I haven’t eaten.”


“Take a seat. I’ll whip up a few simple dishes and we can have a drink to celebrate the opening ceremony of Hope School.” Mag got the two to sit while he went to the kitchen to make the eggplant with garlic sauce and Sichuan spicy chicken. There was still red braised pork cooking in the pot and the Husband And Wife Lung Slice, and drunkard peanuts were already pre-made.

In no time at all, Mag came out with a tray.

“What a spread.” Byron looked at the dishes that Mag brought out and could not help but swallow his saliva when he took a whiff of the red braised pork.

“It’s just a few side dishes. What would you like to drink? Shall we have some grape wine or rum? I still have some 50-year-old Old Sim’s rum. Do you want to try it?” Mag asked with a smile.

“50-year-old rum made personally by Old Sim?” Byron’s eyes lit up. He looked at Mag in shock. “Do you really have it?”

Rum is good stuff. Byron was not an alcoholic but he had the habit of drinking some every day.

He did not like sweet fruit juice but had a soft spot for Falk Tribe’s rum.

Old Sim’s alcohol was really difficult to get. He only made a few bottles over the decades. Now, he still had a 10-year-old bottle hidden at home. He could not bear to take it out to drink. He wanted to take it out only when Gina found her chosen one.

However, Mag actually said that he had a 50-year-old rum that was made personally by Old Sim? That would be the King of liquor.

“I’ll take it out for you right now.” Mag went over to the wine cabinet and took a bottle of rum from the highest shelf.

On the coarse ceramic bottle was a yellowed paper seal. The number ’50’ was carved on the ceramic. Upon seeing this, Byron nodded. “Yes. This is Master Old Sim’s handwriting. It really is a 50-year-old rum!”

A 50-year-old rum is different from a rum that was made 50 years ago. Once the liquor is bottled up from the oak barrel, there would not be any changes to the quality of the liquor. If it was not stored properly, its quality might even drop.

A 50-year-old rum, however, meant that the liquor was kept in the oak barrel for 50 years. The fragrance of the oak had been perfectly infused into the liquor to ferment and create the best rum.

Mag brought this wine from Hannah’s cellar, so it definitely came from Old Sim. There weren’t many of them in existence, so one bottle gone would be a bottle less in the world.

Byron looked at the liquor on the table agitatedly. he could no longer sit still. He stood up and went to Mag to observe it in detail for a while. After that, he asked, “Mr. Mag, where did you get this from?”

As a rum-lover, he had probably tried various channels to buy Old Sim’s hand-made brew.

It was difficult to find a three or five-year-old brew, much less a 50-year-old rum.

“I know Old Sim’s granddaughter and she gave this to me,” Mag said with a smile. After that, he reached his hand out to tear the seal off the bottle.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t do it. Don’t do it.” Byron quickly stopped Mag. He shook his head and said, “Let’s drink something else. This rum is too good. It’s a waste for me to drink it.”

Though Mag did not say it, Byron knew very well that a bottle of rum like that could easily fetch tens of thousands of copper coins at an auction.

Luna sat quietly at the side. She did not know much about alcohol but she could tell that the rum Mag brought out must be something really good. Even her grandfather could not bear to drink it.

“A good rum has to be drunk by someone who knows it. Sir, it’s a rare chance for you to come to Chaos City. How is it possible for me not to welcome you with good rum?” Mag tore the seal off and twisted the cork out. A rich fragrance wafted out immediately.

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