A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World - Chapter 2478

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Chapter 2478: #FergusSurrenders!

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Angelina’s confession was shocking.

Previously, the audience was only angry, but didn’t have much empathy. They couldn’t resonate with the victim.

However, Angelina’s words let people understand that the maiden who was raped and murdered by Fergus, was a live person. She was someone’s sister and a maiden who had dimples when she smiled. She was just like the cute maiden next door.

People’s angry emotions were pushed to the peak. The helplessness and fury of a beautiful thing being destroyed and the sense of insignificance when they faced the plutocrats was infuriating.

“Damned Fergus! He should face the death penalty!”


“The entire Internet is asking ‘The Adjudicator’ to judge Fergus!”

“The so-called justice is simply a joke under the plutocrats’ control.”

“She must have been very sad during the past three years, but her work has never shown any of it. She didn’t give that emotion to her fans. She’s really a very gentle person.”

The audience expressed their anger and pity for Angelina.

“That WeTwit was sent by her?” Mag was thoughtful. He remembered the WeTwit that he shared in the morning.

There were many coincidences in this world, but he didn’t expect all of them to gather here today.

He looked at Angelina, who had a convicted gaze. Obviously, this lass knew about the outcome when she outed Fergus. She was determined to go down together with him.

“Seems like I have to finish something in advance after today’s competition is over.” Mag lowered his eyes, but he had decided.

The show continued on. Nancy’s concern let people feel the show’s warmth, but this was still the final of the Top Chef Competition. Hence, after they cleared the things up, Nancy brought the show back to its original tracks and the judges started to give the score.

Perhaps it was some kind of tacit agreement, or it was a kind of silent protest. Angelina received full marks from the judges.

Angelina’s score:

Judges’ score: 90!

Online PK score: 9.8!

Total score: 99.8!

An equally shocking score appeared on the giant screen.

“Angelina’s shocking performance received an extremely high score. It’s almost close to full marks!” The emcee smilingly said, “But, it’s a pity that she is ranked in the second place with a minute 0.2 points difference after Contestant Hades, who has full marks!

“Let us congratulate Contestant Hades who won this year’s Top Chef Competition with the first ever full marks in the Top Chef Competition’s history. He has won the title of Top Chef!”

Loud applause broke out instantly with petals flying everywhere.

Mag got up with a smile and walked to the center of the stage under the emcee’s guidance. He began to give his thank you speech.






A dozen hot topics scaled the trending list, exploding the public opinions. Their popularity was even higher than in Horace incident’s.

The public opinion was raging and the angry crowd wished they could go through the Internet line and strangle Fergus right on the spot.

“Boss, the Dixon Family is asking…” Amos connected to Lucien and said, feeling put on the spot.

“Tell them there’s nothing we can do on this matter.” Lucien interrupted Amos and warningly said, “No matter who comes to ask for help, ignore them. This matter is already beyond us.”

“Alright, I’ll tell them that,” Amos replied.

After hanging up, Lucien looked at the WeTwit’s backstage data with furrowed brows.

The edit volume on terms regarding Fergus had already broken through 100,000,000 in 10 minutes. Its search and check data even broke through 2,000,000,000.

After being the WeTwit’s CEO for years, this was his first time seeing a situation like this.

At first, he thought the Horace incident on WeTwit had already ended. He didn’t expect it to become a TV series with twists and turns.

From judging Horace, to Hades pointing out Fergus, to Angelina identifying Fergus at the final and exposing her identity as the victim’s younger sister, it was completely an inspiring drama plot of an ordinary girl seeking revenge!

This time, the Dixon Family had to pay the price for their arrogance. Even with their foundation, facing such an intense public opinion, they had to lower their arrogant heads.


“This maiden is such a poor thing. Fergus this bast*rd deserves to die!”

At the penthouse in the Twin Towers, Akali snuggled into the sofa, wiped her tears with a tissue and spoke angrily.

“Miss, Third Master asks you to answer the phone.” The secretary walked into the room quickly.

“Just say that I am sleeping. I’m not taking it,” Akali said in a cold voice.

“Yes,” the secretary answered and quickly strode away.

“You still want me to clear your precious son at this time? Ha, go to jail! Akali pursed her lips and clicked on her bangle to dial a number. “I want to protect one person. The commission is 30,000,000…”


“Head, this matter’s influence is too big. Moreover, the McCarthy Family is playing a part in it and WeTwit refused to work with us. We can no longer suppress it.

“Furthermore, there are signs that the anger is boiling over from the Fergus incident to the entire Dixon Family now. There are many suggestions popping up online to boycott the companies under the Dixon Family and they are widely being supported. We have to make our decisions quickly and minimize this matter’s influence on the Dixon Family,” a man who looked like a lawyer stood in front of Merlin and said.

Merlin had a grave expression. He could barely conceal the anger within his eyes as he said in a low voice, “Send him to the Justice Investigation Bureau and inform the entire Internet. End this matter as soon as possible.”

“I got it.” The lawyer left quickly.

“Tell him not to appear in Tucker City for the next 10 years. I’m not going to let him off if he causes trouble again.” Merlin ordered the butler next to him.


Very soon, the news of the Dixon Family sending Fergus to the Justice Investigation Bureau appeared on the WeTwit’s trending list and a video was attached.


It went straight to the top of the WeTwit’s trending list.

Then, the headquarters of the Tucker City’s Justice Investigation Bureau also posted a WeTwit, proving that Fergus had already surrendered himself. The related investigation procedures were already activated and the results would be announced as soon as it was ready.

On the other hand, the Top Chef Competition’s awards’ ceremony had concluded. Nancy had given Mag the Top Chef’s badge and declared on the spot that Hades would be the McCarthy Manor’s special chef.

This was the first time that the news of the recruitment of a special chef was announced in the show live.

It was meant as a reward, and also had the meaning to protect Hades.

After all, he had offended the Dixon Family thoroughly. Nancy’s stance had represented the McCarthy Family. At least, the Dixon Family would be wary and wouldn’t harm him.

“The whole Internet begs Nancy to take Angelina in too!”


“Please protect her!”

“Although Fergus has already gone to jail, I have begun to worry for Angelina’s safety now!”

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