Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1209 - Harvest

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Chapter 1209: Harvest

Abel didn’t have a plan now. He was just letting the angelic body go to whichever city that was near so he could make forced entrance in to kill whoever preacher he was looking for. He even went as far as going into a middle-sized city. While he was in the air, he could see that there were about a dozen sacred knights that were protecting him. His power of the Will actually detected one preacher who hid himself in the wardrobe. He quickly rushed down without making a pause. Again, as he made a forced entry through the barrier, he revealed himself in the form of Thief God Milton.

Abel’s divine dagger was still very different to that of the real Thief God Milton. Same for his ability to put himself under disguise, because if it was the real Thief God Milton that went inside, he would still remaining in his invisibility mode.

The Thief God Milton that the angelic body was pretending to be made a forced suppression to kill these middle-low tier sacred knights. Now, within the coverage of his power of the Will, apart from some of the preachers that remained, there were no living beings anywhere within Abel’s attack range. Abel was free to kill everyone here and harvest their souls.

After killing one particular preacher with his divine dagger, Abel could sense in the air that the five sacred knights after him were coming closer.

Abel couldn’t help but speak in awe, “So fast!”

It wasn’t that the Nation of God was responding fast, but really, Abel was just too focused on making his kills. Because of how long he was staying here, the five sacred knights were already taking their time to remain at the teleportation circle. Once the guardian wings made the report on sightings of Thief God Milton, they immediately made their forced entrance right here.

Abel was finally starting to clam down a little from his murderous rampage. He was still inside the Nation of God, after all. As powerful as his angelic body was, there was no guarantee that someone even more powerful could be on the way. Also, it wasn’t worth risking to lose his angelic body if it was meant for some preachers that he didn’t know of.

Having thought about that, Abel started flying towards another direction. His speed accelerated at the same time, such that the five sacred knights after him immediately stopped. The ones after him were quite experienced. They understood that it’d be impossible to stop him once he was off ground. They were not sure why Abel was concealing his presence, though. They figured that their target was perhaps being as careful as he should.

“Divine spirits! It must be the Thief God!” One sacred knight spoke to himself

Another one said, “We need to set up some traps to let him fall into, as it seems.”

The others laughed bitterly at that proposal. There weren’t a lot of people that could hold off against the Theif God to begin with, but they still needed the right number to pose as threats. It appeared that there was, reall, a limit as to what traps they could set up that the Thief God might just fall for.

Meanwhile, the angeli body was not staying in the Nation of God anymore. He was flying towards the direction that it was heading towards to leave. Inside the central temple of the Nation of God, the Saint was no longer receiving any traces of presence that the guardian wings could provide that might show where Thief God Milton was. The attack began out of nowhere, and in the same way, it ended without any signs as to what really happened. The Saint was left with not even the right methods to ask questions. He wasn’t sure if he should continue investigating after Thief God Milton, or if he should give up the investigation overall.

One was still for sure, though. What Thief God Milton stole from the temple was too precious, so much so that it was enough to make any divine spirit go bankrupt. There was a total of 5300 crystals. Even the Moon Goddess couldn’t bring out so many holy crystals at once, much less the divine weapon of the demon from beyond and the guardian wings that would take up to several thousand years to be fixed. The Saint didn’t want to calculate the cost, but he had to.

Here’s the problem. The Nation of God could not just keep having Thief God Milton going after them like this, but if they were to continue trying to track Milton down, Milton would just continue attacking them like this. Thief Gods had no use for a good reputation, so there was virtually nothing to prove that the same thing wouldn’t just happen again. MIlton’s followers were all thieves and bandits and the like. They were not the type to engage in direct conflict, but they would have all kinds of ways of going after their opponents when they least expected it.

Thinking back, it only took one night and one morning for Thief God Milton to kill all the wealthiest preachers within the Nation of God.

The Saint lost his strength very quickly, “Heed my words! We’re not trying to find Thief God Milton anymore. Just have all the agents stop their search!”

Knight Maugham couldn’t believe it, “Yes… Yes, Master Saint!”

The angelic body was already far away from the Nation of God now. It was flying back towards the golden castle, and it would’ve never expected that the investigation was already over before it returned to Abel. Abel’s body was still sitting on his chair as this was happening. Needless to say, he was very satisfied with the outcome of this mission.

This time, while Abel allowed his angelic body to move, he confirmed that it was possible for the angelic body to be separated from the human body over long distance without influencing each other in any negative manner. As a matter of fact, the Firetooh Battle fort had been preparing all the time since yesterday in case the angelic body was found to lose control. Things turned out to go quite smoothly, though. If there was anything that went wrong, it’d be that his emotional control was still not close to where it should be, so he didn’t really stop killing the preachers when he should. It didn’t cause any major problems, but it was enough to make him feel alarmed.

Abel did a scan over his crystal angelic statue. He could see that there was a total of near 120 heritage books that were lost. The 20 that remained were what he got accidentally during this mission. All of them could be used as long as he was inside the Nation of God. This meant that he could summon up to 120 preachers that would work for him. These preachers would all get to rule their own regions so that they could rule their own town. If things went really well, the number of followers under his control might just be tens of thousand or even millions.

Abel raised the cup of juice in his hand, “Thank you Thief God Milton!”

He was thanking the Thief God Milton that was there before, of course, and not the one that was his summon creature. As he said this, his angelic body and his human body smiled at each other. Under the flash of the short-distance teleportation that was beneath him, the two bodies were already teleported straight into the alchemy lab.

Abel was already becoming a lot faster with his potions brewing. Of course, it really had nothing to do with him getting better in his craft. It was already hard enough to make any more progress, given how high his alchemy level already was. The reason now that he could make more than 40 bottles of the grandmaster potion at once had really to do with his new angelic body There were two of him, so even if the angelic body did not have the world stone fragment to assist it, it could still craft high quality potions with little to no need for the grandmaster alchemist rune.

Abel was doing mass production of the “super healing potion” and the “super mana potion” while he was inside the dark world. Inside his divine portal bag there was a total of 500 bottles worth of the ingredients required. He wasn’t planning on saving any of them. He wanted to use them all to make potions for the wizards that were fighting the Nation of God on the frontline. Again, the two states were fighting a battle of nutrition with each other, and he was definitely going to do whatever it took if it meant delaying the awakening of the demon from beyond.

Inside the alchemy lab, there were at least a total of two alchemy tables with the same sets of alchemy equipment. This was what he traded from the Potionmaster’s Guild. They were about the best that he could get his hands on. He wasn’t using the Akara’s potion bottle for this. He never used the Akara’s alchemy set if he was brewing potions for someone other than himself. Sometimes, if the level of the potions he made were too high, he would just not make it at all.

Here, the first potion he would make would be the “super healing potion.” As his human body took out a bunch of ingredients from his divine portal bag, about half was split and distributed to the angelic body. The angelic body was taking the ingredients over to process the materials along with the human body. The human body and the angelic body were moving in synchronized sequences of actions. Soon, various ingredients were processed, and the two bodies would start making the potions.

After undergoing so much training, the ability for the angelic body was already as extreme as it could be. Combined with the calculation bonus of the druid spirit, the angelic body’s ability to make precise movements was no different to the main spirit combined with the help of the world stone fragment. In essence, Abel’s production rate had doubled.

It didn’t take much time to craft a total of the 500 bottles of the super-healing potions. They were all lined up on the ground. It was the same for the “super mana potion.” 500 bottles were brewed. Following that, Abel was planning on brewing potions that originated from this world and not the dark world. He needed to use the grandmaster alchemist’s rune of his human body for this.

There was only one grandmaster alchemist rune shared by his two bodies. If he wasn’t trying to conceal the existence of his angelic body, he might just ask the Tree of Life to make a new one for him. No, he wasn’t doing that just yet.

Today, he wanted to brew some mana canceling potion, a very practical grandmaster’s potion. He just stopped brewing these ever since he’s moved the herbs into the Blood Moor of the dark world. Given where he was at now with his strength as a grandmaster alchemist, he could now make a total of 40 bottles every day. What he needed to do was so his angelic body could do the same.

Again, his human body was separating all the ingredients in half while the angelic body started processing what was sorted through on the alchemy table on the other side. This was just the same as brewing the dark potions just then. In terms of sorting through the herbs, the craft was pretty much the same between the two worlds.

Speaking of which, the mana cancel potion was the first grandmaster’s potion Abel mastered. It was the perfect thing to make to boost the level of his angelic body. He’s always thought about it, but today was the first day that he really considered. So, while his human body was already starting to commence the brew, his angelic body began by connecting its power of the Will to his grandmaster alchemist’ rune. He needed to do some calibration first. Usually, it’d be impossible to have two bodies using the same rune, but since his angelic body and his main body shared the same mind, it became possible for the two to take turns.

Inside the alchemy lab, the alchemy rune of his human body was just starting to flash across. The alchemy rune of his angelic body was also flashing out. The entire alchemy lab was shining with light. The human body was the first to make the first set of the mana cancel potions, while it didn’t take that much longer for the angelic body to do so as well.

Abel’s power of the Will scanned across the first 80 bottles that were created. If he wasn’t putting them apart, he wouldn’t know which of his bodies made which. That’s just how fast his angelic body was learning. After creating a total of 200 potions, he went ahead and finished the work today.

It was already nighttime by now. He placed 50 out of 200 bottles of his mana canceling potion into the warehouse. On the other side, 150 bottles of the mana canceling potions were placed onto the trading platform of the Wizard Union. He now needed a lot of lightstones to continue on with his training. He also needed to store up more lightstones. There shouldn’t be a lot of time left by now. Soon, the wisdom would reach legendary rank, and that was when he would need a lot of light stones to help with the promotion process.

Even now, the Wizard Union was still continuing its fight against the Nation of God. Abel was planning on taking advantage of this and trade his mana canceling potion for any light stones that might be harvested from the frontline.

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