Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1405 - Resurrect Again

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Chapter 1405 Resurrect Again

Translated by Jim

Edited by RED

Abel looked through the information provided by the Moon Goddess and roughly figured out the identity of these gods.

The fully naked female god was the Goddess of the Hunt. She had the force of nature like the Moon Goddess, but she was a human and her followers were humans as well.

Afterwards, Abel began the resurrection process on her without hesitation.

Although the Goddess of the Hunt was naked, the sacred Aura of her body would destroy any dirty thoughts one might have. Still, Abel took out the Dark World Rune Armour ‘Secret’ to cover her up. It was not a powerful set of Armour, but it did the trick.

Abel directed her body towards the centre of the pentagon. Since he was in his Kingdom, he could move anything, no matter how big it was.

Her soul took almost no time to destroy. After so many years of torture, her soul have lost the will to go on long ago.

Abel had no idea why the Mountain God had reacted so violently, while the Goddess of the Hunt did not move even a single bit.

Actually the way the Goddess of the Hunt reacted should be the norm. The Mountain God was special because he had more than twenty million dwarves in his Kingdom. He also acted as the spiritual support for the dwarves, which had allowed his soul to be well preserved.

After the Goddess of the Hunt’s soul was fully destroyed by the golden glow, her godhead flew out and Abel smoothly took hold of it.

What came after was just as smooth, from cultivating a new soul to signing a soul contract, and sending the godhead back.

Abel retracted his Dimension Force and stepped back to the Goddess of the Hunt’s side with a smile on his face.

Just like that, he had gained two God Rank Summons. His rewards from raiding the Wizard Union headquarters really were good!

These resurrected gods would serve him well if he really broke away from the Wizard Union.

As for that Analysis Spirit, he could disclose all the evil things the Wizard Union had done, which would cause a huge uproar in the continents.

Home very, Abel was not planning to do that since that would only benefit the Holy Kingdom.

Abel connected to the Goddess of the Hunt through her new soul to examine her abilities.

There were four!

‘Thorn Protection’ was a defensive ability that created thorns for protection.

‘Target’ allowed her to never miss an attack, even at long range.

‘Momentum’ allowed her to accumulate power for an ultimate strike. The longer one accumulated, the more powerful the strike would be.

The final ability was called ‘Natural Protection’, which was a natural bond with nature. Anyone with this ability would not be attacked by natural beings no matter what, which was what made the Goddess of the Hunt most attractive to hunters.

However, what Abel was excited about the most was the long range targeting ability!

He then began to examine the memories in the Goddess of the Hunt’s godhead. To his surprise, she actually had a Kingdom and the location was marked in the godhead!

It seemed like she had planned for the worse as well, just like the Mountain God!

This was the best Abel could hope for. With a corresponding Kingdom, the Goddess of the Hunt would regain her true power, even if she didn’t have many followers

After all, a god without a Divine Kingdom, like the Mountain God, would need constant support from Abel. That was especially true if he was badly injured, as the only way to recover was through holy crystals.

Abel had a lot of holy crystals, but constantly using them for recovery would still be expensive.

After Abel marked down the location of the Kingdom of the Hunt, he continued to look through the other information.

The Goddess of the Hunt had a list of recorded holy objects, but most of them were no longer reachable. Perhaps they were destroyed or had been taken over. The only ones he could still connect with were the ‘Hunting Bow’, and some Faith-spreading Relics.

It was not too hard to imagine why. Many other gods thought the Goddess of the Hunt had fallen into an eternal slumber, so it was normal for them to get greedy.

For those weaker Relics, it was also a possibility that the Wizard Union had figured out a way to take control of them.

“Recall!” Abel commanded as he connected with the Goddess of the Hunt’s soul.

At that moment, a team of women hunters was roaming through a forest, clad in full sets of armour and wielding bows.

Their movements were graceful, but just the fact that they had managed to stay alive at such a deserted place was surprising enough. The leading female hunter had a strange bow in her hand. It was fully transparent, much like crystals, and even the arrows attached to it were the same.

She made a gesture and ordered, “Get ready!”

She pulled on her bow and an invisible arrow appeared on it. The other huntresses followed suit, but their bows were normal ones.

Their target was a group of deer. As soon as their leader ordered them to fire, they would be ready to kill.

But suddenly, the crystal longbow in the leader’s hand began to fade.

“Ah” another huntress gasped as she saw what had happened and the deer immediately noticed them. They quickly ran away; their hunt was a failure.

However, that huntress was not disappointed. In fact, she was filled with excitement because she knew what this signified!

“The great Goddess of the Hunt has returned!” Passion sparked in her eyes as she called out with her knees on the ground.

She was filled with joy. They had been waiting in this deserted forest for way too long, just for this moment.

“Let’s go back, we have to let everyone know!” She told the others firmly after she regained her calm.


The team no longer cared about their prey as they sped back through the forest. After passing by a few mountains, they arrived at a hidden valley.

There were some wooden houses around, and in the centre was a finely maintained stone temple.

It was a little smaller than normal churches. The people here had deliberately made it hard to notice.

There was not a single man in the valley. They were all women, and they were all followers of the Goddess of the Hunt. Ever since the Goddess of the Hunt had been captured by the Wizard Union, her preachers and followers had hidden here.

In order to keep the Goddess of the Hunt’s spirit alive, they had built a temple and settled down.

They had adopted the Goddess of the Hunt’s beliefs and taken in abandoned women. They would then train them to become huntresses and teach them about the Goddess of the Hunt.

Living was very hard without the Goddess of the Hunt’s ability to support them, yet these women had still managed to keep their faith in the Goddess of the Hunt.

However, there were only around a hundred of them, so the faith they produced was barely enough for the Goddess of the Hunt.

“The great Goddess of the Hunt has been resurrected, she had reclaimed her hunting bow!” the huntresses cheered as they ran in.

All the other huntresses immediately gazed at her with sparkling eyes.

No one else knew how hard their lives were without the protection of the Goddess of the Hunt. As they cheered, tears rolled down their cheeks. As the atmosphere intensified, they almost lost themselves.

“The great Goddess of the Hunt, please give us your protection. I want to be one with nature again!” an old female hunter began to sing with a raspy voice.

Her face was stern as she sang with confidence.

Soon, a thick stream of Faith appeared on the Goddess of the Hunt’s body up on the Battlecry Plateau.

Abel was stunned, as it had only been a few minutes since the Goddess of the Hunt had been resurrected.


Even though the Goddess of the Hunt was locked up for thousands of years, she still had such faithful followers alive?!

Compared to the Mountain God, it was like night and day!

The faithfulness of the Goddess of the Hunt’s followers almost allowed her to directly godsend.

Of course, Abel would not miss this chance, so he immediately connected to the stream.

Soon, he knew what the prayers they were requesting. It was so simple; he directly ordered the godhead to react if there were similar requests in the future.

A green glow filled with strange energy appeared on the old huntress. The strange energy came from Abel’s Potion of longevity and ageing.

Although they were valuable, Abel had more than enough ingredients growing in the Dark World. Considering how faithful those followers were, Abel was not going to be cheap!

Indeed, he was already thinking of them as his own followers, and he was always good to his people.

The old huntress felt like she was washed over by a warm bath. Her white hair immediately returned to its original golden hue, and her skin regained its moisture. Even her eyes began to sparkle.

The Natural Protection then formed a green glow below her, just as if she was a forest elf.

“The great Goddess of the Hunt did not forget about us, and we will always recognise her as our only god!” the old huntress cheered.

Seeing what had happened, the dozens of other huntresses dropped to their knees and began to sing the ancient prayers again.

Holy power suddenly covered the area and a green glow appeared below every one of them, while the injured huntresses began to heal!

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