Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1447 - Rank 45!  

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Chapter 1447: Rank 45!


On Dejo Island…

President of the Wizard Union, Wizard Basham had just done another round of sea monster sacrifice and he felt his inner world grow again.

He had felt his bottleneck coming to an end, so recently he had been gathering even more sea monsters.

Some intelligent sea monsters had already realized something was wrong and they started escaping from Wizard Basham’s five sea territories, but he didn’t care,

As long as he could break his bottleneck, this sea monster identity of his would no longer matter.

He turned off the Magic Circle and ordered in a resounding voice, “Gather another ten thousand sea monsters for me!”

“Yes!” the sea crab bowed.

He also knew what was happening, but since Sea Monster Basham had ordered it, there was nothing he could do other than obey.

For the past thousand years, the smell of dead sea monsters had filled the underground space. It was basically Hell on Earth, but Wizard Basham did not care as long as he could keep growing.

He had been stuck at Rank 44 for two thousand years, so there was nothing he cared about more. As a God Rank Wizard, time meant nothing, and bottlenecks were the worst enemy of any professional.

Rank 44 had definitely been his biggest bottleneck so far, but no matter how much he trained or used resources, he felt like he had exhausted his potential.

This was why he had left the Wizard Union and ventured into the ocean. After all, if the Wizard Union could end the Era of Gods, there were still many powerful wizards around.

However, even after rounds of calling them back, the Wizard Union only had thirteen God Rank Wizards return, with the most powerful being Rank 38. Some of them were still far out in the ocean, or had died already.

The reason why Wizard Basham was so fixated on getting more powerful was because of the Demon from Beyond. He knew he could no longer wait for his World Stone Heart to fix everything.

After all, he was not much weaker than the Demon from Beyond!

“Lord Basham!”After a while, his servants brought him another bunch of powerful sea monsters.

“Off you go now!” He waved and gazed at those ten thousand sea monsters with fiery passion. He thought that he would finally be able to reach beyond Rank 44 after this sacrifice.

Being a wizard who had lived for so long, he was very accurate in his calculations.

As the Magic Circles turned on, another round of sacrifice began and howls of agony emerged from underground.

This time there was something different. It lasted for days and the servants outside couldn’t help but exchange their gazes.

Soon, a level-up display shot straight up towards the sky.

“Master Basham’s level-up energy feels like a human’s!” one of the servants mumbled.

The underground was a bound space with a Protection Circle, but there was no way to hide a level-up display of this power.

All the servants were stunned, and the three nearest God Rank sea monsters also sensed what was happening, so they flew to investigate.

A human wizard was leveling up in the depths of the ocean? It was definitely picking a fight!

Although the level-up display was so powerful to the point that it made their hearts shake, they still decided to take a chance and try to kill him during his weakest moment.

However, Wizard Basham had seen it all coming. It was why he operated such a vast territory, as the distance should give him enough time to level up. After all, nothing would be able to do anything to him once his level-up was successful.

Even the fastest sea monster would take half an hour to reach him, and as the President of the Wizard Union, Basham was confident that he could succeed within that time, especially with his treasures.

As the three God Rank sea monsters hurried towards him, the level-up energy suddenly vanished and soon the area was flooded by immense horror.

The sea monsters immediately started to tremble as they fled in the other direction.

“Go ahead!” At that moment Wizard Basham was sitting underground with a smile on his face. He had succeeded, but he still needed some time to stabilize, so he did not care about those sea monsters.

After all, the opportunity he had been anticipating for thousands of years had finally arrived!

He began to take out all kinds of heavenly treasures and injected them into his body like they were nothing.

Each heavenly treasure would increase his success rate by five percent, but there was no limit to how many he could take. What he was doing was basically taking away the chance to level-up for the many other God Rank Wizards in the Wizard Union.

Initially there were many heavenly treasures that the God Rank Wizards could exchange for with their credits, but when Wizard Basham had left the Wizard Union, he had taken them all with him!

“The Demon from Beyond, seems like you don’t have far to go as well!” After he stabilized his world, he lifted up his head.

The most powerful being in this world was the Demon from Beyond, who was his only enemy.

Although the Dragon God was powerful too, it was his ally, not his enemy. The Dragon God did not have any intention to fight for power, so it shouldn’t be a problem

Wizard Basham stood up and sensed his new body as a Rank 45 Wizard. It was more powerful than anything before!

With a wave of his hand, the Magic Circle around him was defused.

“Master Basham, you are a human?” one of the servants gasped after seeing Wizard Basham’s true appearance. They all quickly stepped back while trembling, and two of them even ran outside.

“Such a pity!” Wizard Basham mumbled and fish jumped out of his world.

But they were no ordinary fishes, as each of them became powerful sea monsters as soon as they appeared. Some even appeared straight out of the sky.

“You can be my first test subjects!” Wizard Basham said coldly.

Those fishes were all made from the souls of powerful sea monsters.

Although they turned into little fishes in his world, they had been cultivated by the powerful environment around them for thousands of years. The energy they had absorbed was at least on par with a Legendary Wizard.

Ten thousand fish appeared, and they turned into ten thousand Legendary sea monsters.

Since they were all Legendary Ranks, they no longer needed water and were able to fight on land.

However, that was not their most powerful ability. Since those sea monsters were all affected by his World, no one would be able to suppress them with the Power of the Will unless they were more powerful than Rank 45!

Furthermore, since they were all formed by WIzard Basham’s World energy, their souls would automatically return after they were killed.

With all of this combined, he could basically go head-to-head with the Demon from Beyond!

After all, taking down ten thousand Legendary Ranks without suppressing them with energy was a huge challenge for anyone, and it seemed like Wizard Basham’s World was just creating even more of them!

One day, his World would be able to self-sustain, with more souls being created from within. Then, it would be no different from an actual World.

Still, he still had some ways to go, maybe more than ten thousand years. For that purpose, he had higher hopes for the World Stone Heart.

After all, he would not have been able to do this if he didn’t forcefully increase the number of fish in his world.

Horrifying screams covered the area around Dejo Island as the ten thousand Legendary sea monsters began their massacre.

They did not have any emotions. The only thing they had was their instinct to fight.

Although there were normal Legendary rank sea monsters around as well, their numbers stood no chance.

Wizard Basham smiled as he watched from the sky.

The sea was soon covered in red and dead bodies kept floating up.

With all their energy combined, any low rank sea monsters that passed through were killed instantly.

At the same time, those sea monsters had mastered the three wizard elements of Wizard Basham, ice, fire, and lightning. In combination with their physical combat skills, they were far superior to normal sea monsters!

Of course, they were still not invincible. There was a Half-god sea monster who killed a Legendary sea monster with an all-out attack, but he was soon ganged up on by a hundred Legendary sea monsters, and they directly tore him to pieces.

At the same time, WIzard Basham felt his Power of the Will decrease by a tiny bit after one of his Legendary sea monsters was killed.

It was not much and he could recover it quickly, but he might injure himself if a large number of his sea monsters were killed…

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