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Chapter 1490: Rank 45


Abel stood in front of the Oak Tree, but that weird feeling remained. He still felt like he was simultaneously apart and one with the Dark World.

He couldn’t describe it, just what was happening?

He almost felt like he was existing beyond the Dark World, but not entirely. It felt like he still needed another opportunity to accomplish that.

Still, Abel did not dwell on it too long. He soon returned to the Golden Castle with a Scroll of Town Portal.

As soon as he returned his three Inner Worlds jumped out, and he realized one of them looked different.

He reached his Power of The Will out in awe and sensed the five familiar continents. He saw the Rogue Encampment, the High Elves, and the familiar buildings in Lut Gholein.

The Dark World was existing as his Inner World, a true Inner World!

Abel was stunned.

It came with a sea of energy, but since it was all coming from the World Tree, it merged with Abel perfectly.

Abel almost had no time to think as all the attributes in his Rank 36 Wizard Patterns began to grow quickly. This included his mana and Power of The Will.

“No, I need a safe place!” Abel suddenly recalled that special energy he had sensed a few days ago coming from the Demon from Beyond. A professional was at their most vulnerable during their level up and he knew he would soon enter an unconscious state. He needed a safe place!

Doff’s Avatar appeared beside him, and they disappeared with a flash, reappearing in Doff’s Divine Kingdom.

By that point Abel knew it was the World Stone’s doing.

The World Tree was the ruler of the world. Since Abel was the master of the World Tree, it only made sense he held the same authority.

Therefore, the Dark World had turned into his Inner World.

It was at that moment he also realized why Wizard Basham cared about the World Stone Heart so much. It served the same purpose as the World Stone in the Dark World, which was becoming the master of the world!

Abel didn’t know why the Dark World had turned into his Inner World or how he should reject it, but it was thrilling to take in so much energy at once.

In just five minutes, he started to Level up. His Rank 36 Wizard Patterns directly morphed into Rank 37 Wizard Patterns.

Meanwhile, his soul and body kept changing.

An hour went by. The energy stopped and he reached the limit of a Rank 37 Wizard.

But that didn’t last for long. Energy began rushing in like crazy again and in another five minutes his Rank 37 Wizard Patterns morphed into Rank 38 Wizard Patterns.

An hour of being filled with mana then followed, and the process began to repeat itself.

Abel almost felt like his brain was not working. Why did wizards need hundreds of years to level up? All it took him was five minutes, and even the energy fulfillment state only took a little while longer.

Soon, he reached Rank 40 and was growing numb to it all.

The Wizard Patterns just emerged from his mind automatically, and the changes in his body followed.

He heard about how challenging it was to break the Rank 40 plateau, but the process continued on, just like a dream.

Rank 41, Rank 42, Rank 43, Rank 44…

He finally realized something.

He was on the same Rank as the Dragon God, who had been stuck at this Rank for twenty thousand years!

Abel couldn’t even imagine how that might feel. He hadn’t even existed for more than five years here, if you didn’t count his time in the Dark World.

After five minutes at Rank 44, a truly frightening amount of energy gushed in from the World Tree.

Abel felt his heart drop for a moment, but soon enough, another Level-up began to take place and the Rank 45 Wizard Pattern began to form.

He was now the most powerful dragon, even more powerful than the great Dragon God!

After another five minutes, he sensed his Rank 45 Wizard Patterns starting to fill themselves. Abel almost felt his heart stop beating. Was he going to level up again?

If he did, he would be truly free from this world!

As he waited for his time to come, he suddenly sensed a solid barrier appearing around him. He could not see it, but he could sense it.

The thing was so strong that not even a single bit of energy could move out, so he could forget about his Level-up.

Maybe Rank 45 really was the limit…

Abel reopened his eyes. He was filled with energy. His personal power had almost doubled, and he could go head to head with his angel avatar just on strength alone!

His Power of The Will had grown tremendously. It now had a range of 6.6 kilometers when using the Hunting Crown.

Abel felt like this was not all the energy in his Inner World, but he was being limited by something.

A frown appeared on his face. Even at the same Rank, he knew he was weaker than Wizard Basham and the Demon from Beyond, as he had not had the time to master his skills.

The sun was about to come up, and the big war was about to start.

His current Rank was like a giant empty balloon, and he had no time to fill it up with substance.

As the sun continued to rise, Abel kept calm. A big fight like that wouldn’t break out early in the morning, so he probably still had a few hours before he needed to head to the Warding Wall.

He reached his Power of The Will into the Dark World again.

He felt like he was looking down like a god, but something was a little different.

One of his Inner Worlds had been replaced by the Dark World, so his control over it was much clearer.

He turned to the dry land and rain began to pour with a single thought.

The soil soaked up the water and life returned.

He then focused on some dried-up grasslands, and flowers began to bloom throughout the area.

Years of changes were taking place in just ten minutes. After another big rainy season ended, and the dry land was transformed into a grassy field.

“This is the power of God!” Abe sighed.

Abel then turned to the Inifuss Tree. It was where Hemlir’s soul was located; Hemlir was surviving in the form of a plant.

It was in a critical state, on the verge of fading.

Abel tried to force it to grow like the grass, but at that moment he realized he could only control plants, not a being’s soul.

Why? The Dark World was his Inner World. Abel couldn’t understand it.

He wanted to resurrect Helmir. If he could do that, he would be able to resurrect Ivy, his Uncle Marshall’s wife!

It was a promise he had made long ago, but he had only said it to comfort his uncle.

Still, he wanted to try with this little bit of hope

After all, he had the World Stone Heart and had signed an equal contract with the Tree of Life. He could totally try it!

His only problem was that he couldn’t control souls…

He moved his Power of The Will and a crystal glass with the Life Water flew out of his portal bag and entered his Inner World, then the Dark World.

It was the first time he had brought something physical into his Inner World, but it felt natural.

The crystal glass immediately appeared next to the Inifuss Tree and promptly poured the Life Water on Helmir’s soul.

Life Water was a product from the Tree of Life. It could quickly renew the body and soul, which was something a Full Recovery Potion couldn’t achieve.

“Ah!” A moan emerged from Helmir as his soul began to rejuvenate.

“Mr. Helmir, hello!” Abel asked from the outside, but his voice was automatically transferred to the Dark World.

Helmir paused and asked, “This voice sounds familiar, you must be the intruder. Do you want to submit a mission?”

He paused because he did not sense anyone through the Inifuss Tree, but he had indeed heard a voice…

“That’s me! I’ve killed all the Hell creatures in this world!” Abel decided to tell Helmir the good news first.

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