Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1494 - Injured   

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Chapter 1494: Injured


The Dragon God’s Magic Circle was much stronger than Archangel Tyrael expected. It was a smart move. He could not dodge it even after he sensed the danger, so he had to use his light energy to counteract it.

After all, the Dragon God had this planned out long ago, and had kept those sixty-six magic nodes in his Inner World for millennia.

If he wanted to do something like that again, it would take centuries to make more magic nodes.

“Too bad!” the Dragon God sighed. He was expecting some damage at least, but it didn’t happen.

Archangel Tyrael was no longer the Demon from Beyond from back then. He was much stronger after thousands of years of recovery.

Indeed, after obtaining an Inner World, he did not even need to use his true power!

In a flash, Archangel Tyrael emerged from the Light shield. It separated from his Inner World, and remained around the forty Holy knights.

Still, what had happened was the strongest attack he had taken so far. It had almost destroyed his ability to recover.

Without hesitation, Archangel Tyrael knew he had to attack as well.

His angel wings gestured, and his Holy Knights began to charge.

Abel watched from afar carefully. He didn’t know if Archangel Tyrael could use all the knight skills, or if he could only unleash a charge and do Shield Strikes.

A fight with Archangel Tyrael was inevitable, so Abel needed to pay attention to what he could do.

Archangel Tyrael was virtually a beam of Light as he sped towards the Dragon God. At the same time, one of the Holy knights ignited an Energy Aura, and their speed increased once again.

It was almost like he was teleporting!

The Dragon God did not hesitate. With a spark, he Cast a lightning ball and vanished from the spot.

Archangel Tyrael saw the lightning ball coming, so he quickly swerved and dodged it. A beam of Light energy shot out from his sword towards where the Dragon God was about to appear.

The Dragon God sensed the danger, so he formed a shield of lightning as soon as he appeared. After all, his teleportation ability still had a limited range, and Archangel Tyrael’s calculations were perfect.

If the Dragon God had not had lightning elements prepared in his Inner World, he could only have tested out his speed.

The energies collided, and the Light Energy blasted a big hole in the Dragon God’s shield.

By that point the Dragon God had fortunately dragged out some distance with his shield and quickly moved to dodge.

This was a battle of top ranks. Every second was life or death!

As Archangel Tyrael turned towards Wizard Basham, Wizard Basham pointed at his Inner World and two hundred nine-headed serpents appeared in front of Archangel Tyrael with their fireballs.

At the same time, he Flashed away.

Archangel Tyrael did not dodge, instead holding up his energy shield and charging towards the group of hydras.

Those serpents’ fireballs could track an enemy, but Archangel Tyrael was still too fast.

A beam of Light penetrated the group of hydras. Every serpent that it contacted vanished into sparkles of flames.

Then thirty Fists of Heaven appeared from Archangel Tyrael’s Inner World; they blasted out into countless lightning strikes and killed every remaining hydra.

It was like the sky was filled with shooting stars. Wizard Basham no longer felt as confident as he had.

It seemed he still had some work to do before he reached Archangel Tyrael’s level. He was almost going all out in his attacks, but Archangel Tyrael was counteracting them with minimal energy.

Although both sides still had plenty of energy, they needed to constantly take in energy from the battlefield. Archangel Tyrael’s Light energy was too powerful; if Wizard Basham couldn’t hold it down with the number of spells he used, the Light Energy might suppress all the other energies on the battlefield. If that happened, even Wizard Basham’s Power of The Will would be affected.

Luckily the Dragon God was also around to help maintain the energy balance!

This was why no Half-god could even get near the Battlefield; any stray attack could blast them to pieces!

It was also why Archangel Tyrael had needed to turn his Holy knights into puppets.

At that moment, the Light Energy shield on Archangel Tyrael morphed into a bow, and his Light Energy sword turned into an arrow.

“Basham, get behind me!” the Dragon God ordered quickly. At the same time, an armor made of lightning energy and a thick lightning shield appeared in front of him from his Inner World.

Wizard Basham knew what an arrow made out of Light energy could do, so he Flashed behind the Dragon God without hesitation.

He also added a Frozen Armor on top of the Dragon God. Only after thousands of years of research had he discovered how to add defensive spells onto another person.

In addition, he also brought out a thick Ice Wall from his Inner World.

The reason they took it so seriously was because they learned from their lesson long ago.

Back then Archangel Tyrael had made a similar attack on a Rank 40 Wizard. That Rank 40 Wizard had kept Flashing without considering his defense. But as the Light Energy approached him, the wizard had lost his ability to Flash and was instantly killed!

Luckily Archangel Tyrael could not make an attack like this very often, so Wizard Basham and the Dragon God did not hold back.

Abel felt his heart racing as he watched. Using Light energy to perform knight skills was so enlightening to watch, but what was Archangel Tyrael doing now?

It was at that moment, he sensed a bit of Soul Energy from the Light energy arrow.

Using Soul Energy for attacks?

It was unbelievable; Abel had never thought of doing anything like it.

As the arrow shot out, Abel realized why that attack was impossible to dodge.

The path of the arrow was bound by Light energy; the arrow appeared almost instantly at the Ice Wall.

The Ice Wall was blasted open in no time and the Lightning Shield also couldn’t hold. Ice shards and lightning sparks went flying in all directions.

The next were the Ice and Lightning Armors, but all they did was decrease the size of the Light energy arrow.

Pssss! With a sharp penetrating sound, the arrow stabbed into the skin of the Dragon God and sliced open his muscles.

However, the Dragon God was a Rank 45 God Dragon. He could basically enter close combat with any top rank professional!

The Light energy could penetrate any other Element due to its special attribute, but with a slight twitch the Dragon God avoided his most vulnerable areas being hit, and his body was fighting back.

The arrow came to a halt on his collarbone and vanished. Although it was not a life-threatening injury, it could still drastically reduce the Dragon God’s power.

But just when Archangel Tyrael was feeling satisfied, something made his eyes open wide. The Dragon God took out two Super Healing Potions from his portal bag, drank them, and the wounds on his shoulder quickly recovered.

Wizard Basham also saw what the Dragon God had done, but he knew what the Potion was. He had heard all about it as soon as he returned.

It was miraculous, just like the Life Water, but he had always thought its power would be limited on a Rank 45 Wizard like himself, especially since most of them were used up by the God Rank Wizards in the front line not long ago,

Wizard Basham didn’t have enough left to do research on them. After all, Abel was not on good terms with the Wizard Union and so Basham didn’t bother to ask for more after he realized how powerful Little Bro was.

However, after seeing how effective it was on the Dragon God, a hint of regret emerged from him. He would definitely have tried to get his hands on some if he had known about this earlier!

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