Abe the Wizard - Chapter 1495 - Step Back   

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Chapter 1495: Step Back


It has been thousands of years, and Archangel Tyrael had almost forgotten the existence of such Potions.

The Super Healing Potion was not a Potion from this world. It had special laws and could heal any professional, regardless of their Rank.

He remembered them from the Dark World, but how did the Dragon God have them?

He couldn’t help but think about that Hell Demon he had sensed with the young wizard.

Suddenly, he glanced towards the Warding Wall. In the air there stood a young dragon. At first he hadn’t paid too much attention to him, but upon closer inspection he sensed a familiar energy.

It was just like that of the young wizard with the Hell Demon. Could he be the only one who supplied the Potion?

All of a sudden his confidence dropped. His Light energy was powerful, but it was not invincible.

Should he just end the battle?

With a wave, his Light energy bow turned into tens of Light energy knives and covered the area in front of him.

But of course, they didn’t have soul energy in them, like the arrow just now had.

That Arrow Strike was one of his ultimate moves. It could alter dimensions and make it impossible for a wizard to Flash away.

It would normally be an instant kill, but since it required his soul energy to shoot, it would take him a few days to recover.

If too much was drained from his soul, his power would fall!

As the knives flew out, the Dragon God put up his defenses again. Meanwhile, Archangel Tyrael returned to his forty Holy knights and put them away with a wave of his hand.

He soon sped towards the Warding Wall, where the eighteen God Rank Wizards, the four God Rank Dragons, and Abel were watching.

” Demon from Beyond, how dare you!” Wizard Basham roared. He was not expecting him to go after the audience. With a gesture, two hundred lightning bolts shot out from his Inner World.

Considering the speed of Archangel Tyrael, lightning spells were the only way.

However, Archangel Tyrael did not dodge. His Power of The Will scanned his Inner World, and a giant rock appeared behind him to block the lightning.

Lightning was powerful because of its numbing effect, but rocks do not conduct electricity, so the bolts had just created some little holes on it.

Wizard Basham’s face sank.

He made a mistake. Since everything in one’s Inner World was created by energy, it was impossible for most to take things out as physical objects, but not Archangel Tyrael!

His Inner World was formed from the entire Holy Kingdom. Considering its size, storing an actual rock inside wasn’t much of a problem!

At that moment, fear emerged from the God Ranks on the Warding Wall. There was nothing they could do other than run, but no matter how fast they Flashed, they would not be able to escape the angel’s suppression.

Archangel Tyrael’s target was Abel. He wanted to capture him and ask him some questions before the Hell Demon arrived.

Without hesitation, he directly slammed into the Warding Wall’s energy shield. Light energy shot out from his body, and the energy shield was helpless.

Even with its special Magic Circles, the Barrier was no match for the Light energy. The long years of effort by the Wizard Union were just a joke.

After he penetrated the energy shield like a needle going through a piece of paper, Tyrael was only five hundred meters from the God Ranks!

The Wizards quickly Flashed away, and the dragons, as well. The only one who remained calm was Abel.

The Dragon God immediately transformed into a giant dragon with a great roar. He knew Abel was high in rank, but he didn’t believe Abel could stop Archangel Tyrael with his battle experience.

A hundred-meter-long gold dragon appeared in mid-air, his golden scales glistening under the sun.

A wave of suppressive energy lashed out from Archangel Tyrael and pressed the Wizards to the ground. They knew their struggles were trivial, but they still tried.

The four Dragons Headmasters transformed and blocked for Abel. They could withstand the force, but only for a small amount of time.

“Headmaster Abel, run!” Headmaster Eugene roared, his eyes all bloodshot.The other Dragon Headmasters stayed silent, their eyes fixed on Archangel Tyrael.

Abel was the future of the dragons; he needed to live even if they all died!

Wizard Basham felt a moment of disappointment after seeing the unity of the dragons and how pitiful his wizards were. Still, he quickly chased after Archangel Tyrael.

But no matter what, Archangel Tyrael was fixated on capturing Abel and was planning to kill those God Ranks while doing so.

But as he approached Abel and the God Ranks, he only saw a smile on Abel’s face. It was a fearless smile, almost like he was looking at his prey.

Abel had no intention of running. Instead, he was wondering if he should fight Archangel Tyrael himself, or let Little Bro do the job.

His Power of The Will scanned his Monster Ring and Little Bro jumped out in front of the dragons with a cold gaze.

Immediately, a deep sense of Evil lashed at Archangel Tyrael.

Little Bro did not have the golden dragon scale on him, but he still had his Divine Body!

The archangel quickly came to a halt. He knew it was not a wise move to be around a Hell Demon at such a distance!

At the same time, Little Bro’s Aura counteracted Archangel Tyrael’s suppression and the eighteen God Rank Wizards could stand back up again. They knew there was only one thing they could do at that point, and they Flashed behind the Dragon God.

“Abel, do you want to fight alongside me?” the Dragon God asked him.

No one understood why, but Abel did. The Dragon God was already treating Abel as a Rank 45 Dragon, so he had to show respect whenever he asked Abel to do anything!

“My Dragon God, let’s just let Little Bro have a go first!” Abel replied calmly.

“Ok!” The Dragon God did not question him.

The Dragon Headmasters were staring blankly as they listened to the conversation. If they were not in the middle of a battle, Headmaster Eugene would definitely have asked Abel what was happening.

As for the wizards, they also realized the Dragon God was treating Abel as an equal!

By that point Wizard Basham had also returned and he gazed at Little Bro, his jaw dropping.

It was the evil Dark Energy!

He turned to the Dragon God and asked, “Who is that?!”

“He is Abel’s Summon. His name is Little Bro, and Abel wants to let him fight for a bit!” the Dragon God smiled.

Of course he sounded happy. With Abel and Little Bro on the dragons’ side, they were far more powerful than the Wizard Union!

“Abel….” Wizard Basham mumbled as he gazed ahead.

Both Little Bro and Archangel Tyrael stood still as they waited for each other to make a move.

“It’s best for us to step back. Little Bro is a little violent!” Abel warned everyone.

“Retreat as far as you can!” the Dragon God called out.

Since those eighteen God Rank Wizards wanted to leave anyway, they were more than willing to create some distance!

Abel and the four Dragon Headmasters stood behind the Dragon God as the wizards moved two kilometers away. They all kept a Flashing spell pattern on hand.

With the Dragon God and Wizard Basham stopping Archangel Tyrael, they might have a chance to escape, even if things went south.

Wizard Basham no longer cared what his wizards did. Those wizards basically had no guts, and he could only blame his own Wizard Union for it!

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