Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce - Chapter 482 - 482 Irreconcilable  

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Chapter 482: 482 Irreconcilable

This time, Song Yan remained silent since he agreed with what Song Xia had said.

Fu Hang’s actions indicated he was irreconcilable with the Song family.

This time, Song Yan refrained from contradicting Song Xia because he, too, believed that Fu Hang was going too far.

“He did it intentionally this time. He caused us to disgrace ourselves in front of so many people on purpose. Why didn’t you let me go against him?”

This was the first time someone had bullied Song Xia. She was so upset that she was unable to defend herself.

This was a new experience for Song Yan as well. Simply put, the tables had turned. His position and Fu Hang’s were now fully flipped. If Fu Hang had resentment in his heart, he could simply withdraw a small amount of money and purchase the Song Corporation.

The Song Corporation appeared to be thriving over the past two years, but he knew in his heart that it was because he had spent a great deal of money and reputation on it.

Song Yan was fully aware that the Song Corporation’s current endeavor was an exploratory endeavor. Nevertheless, given Fu Hang’s existing standing, if he joined forces with the Shen family, it could obstruct the Song Corporation’s future.

Song Yan turned his head to look at Song Xia and added, “In the future, do not provoke the two of them. We cannot afford to anger either the Shen family or the current Fu Hang.”

Song Xia was not a mindless individual. Even though she was aware of this fact, she nevertheless felt mistreated by what had just occurred. Actually, I did not consider messing with them today.

Song Yan sighed hopelessly, “Your grandparents bequeathed you the Song corporation.During that time, your aunt sacrificed her life for the Song Corporation. If you cannot accept this, the Song Corporation will perish with you!”

This time, Song Xia bit her lips tightly and remained silent.

Song Yan recalled something as they exited the hotel and entered the car.

Did Fu Hang know what he had done to MK?

Considering this, Song Yan recalled what Fu Hang had just stated, and his face immediately grew pale.

It appeared that Fu Hang was already aware.

Song Yan’s back broke out in cold perspiration.

Obviously, Fu Hang was aware of what Song Yan was doing behind the scenes, and he also knew that Xie Ran was involved in this situation, so he dispatched Song Yan and Song Xia first.

Now only Xie Ran remained in the banquet.

Fu Hang’s gaze rested on Xie Ran.

The phoenix-like eyes of Fu Hang were as icy as ice, and his thin lips were slightly parted. The chilliness of his voice was unsettling. “Did I advise you not to provoke me, Xie Ran?”

Upon hearing Fu Hang’s words, Xie Ran’s face immediately became pale, and he refrained from speaking.

After Fu Hang finished speaking, he averted his attention and turned to face Shen Yan who was standing next to him. “I believe Mom is so upset that she wants to teach me a lesson right away.”

After hearing Fu Hang’s words, Shen Yan could not help but laugh. She moved her attention toward Su Xiu, who was nearby. Su Xiu regarded them carefully and remarked, “Auntie has been observing you.”

“I really can’t escape.” After Fu Hang said that, he took Shen Yan and walked toward Su Xiu.

Shen Yan took two steps forward before turning around to face Xie Ran. She slightly lifted her eyebrows.

She did not know why, but she sensed that Fu Hang and Xie Ran were up to no good.

“Darling, who are you staring at?”

Shen Yan had just withdrawn her eyes when she noticed that Fu Hang was also observing her.

“I was only observing my surroundings,” Shen Yan stated with a grin.

“Is that right?”

“You should consider how to deal with Auntie now,” Shen Yan stated as she released Fu Hang’s hand, adding, “I believe she has many questions for you now.”

Fu Hang regarded Shen Yan with bewilderment. “Baby, are you not going to join me? If Darling were with me, my mother would be extremely kind to me.”

“There are certain circumstances that you must confront alone, such as now. Moreover, you deserve to be punished.” Shen Yan smirked sneakily and moved to the side before walking away.

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