Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce - Chapter 553 - Fainted   

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Chapter 553: 552 Fainted


Seeing that Shen Yan could run so well, the woman was so tired that she sat on the ground and shook her hand. She said, “I’m so tired that I can’t run anymore. I can’t catch up to her. She has already run up the mountain. The mountain is so big. Who knows where she is running to? It’s not easy to catch up to her.”

When the man heard the woman’s words, he frowned and could only stare at the mountain.

The mountain was overgrown with weeds and nothing could be seen.

The man sat next to the woman and frowned.

The two of them sat on the ground. The woman looked at the man with disgust and started mumbling.

The man sat on the side and did not say anything. The young and beautiful woman had run away. If his wife ran away again, he would really be alone in the future.

“You’re really incompetent. You can’t even catch up with a woman. You deserve to have no children!” The woman became angrier as she spoke. Not only was she angry that Shen Yan had run away, she was also angry that her husband had actually agreed to her previous request.

If that young woman really had a relationship with her husband and she gave birth to another child, it would not be long before her husband would kick her out.

The man listened to the woman’s increasingly unpleasant words and could not help but retort, “If you really want to do that, that’s against the law!”

“Then, why did you still agree?” The woman asked back, unwilling to be outdone.

The two of them argued as they walked out. When they returned to the village, someone asked them what they were doing up the mountain. The two of them felt extremely guilty and did not dare to say anything more.

Shen Yan climbed up the mountainside with great difficulty. When she heard that there were no footsteps coming from behind, she found a place to hide.

All her strength was used up. Shen Yan could not hold on any longer and fainted. When she opened her eyes again, she found that the sun had risen.

The weather was extremely hot.

Shen Yan supported herself against a tree and slowly stood up. Her high heels were basically broken from running down the mountain.

Seeing that the two people did not catch up, Shen Yan wanted to go down the mountain. However, she heard the sound of running water not far away. She licked her dry lips and walked towards the sound of running water.

Shen Yan walked to the side of the small stream. Just as she drank some water and was about to go down the mountain, she accidentally fell into the stream.

She climbed to the shore with great difficulty, but in the end, she fainted.


Fu Hang and Su Xiu had been investigating the whereabouts of Shen Yan and Fu Xiaoxiao, but in the end, they found nothing.

On the other side, Lin Tao impatiently called the two people who were escorting Shen Yan, but no one answered.

Lin Tao’s brows furrowed tighter and tighter. At this moment, she realized that Shen Yan might have run away. As for the two men, they were probably afraid that she would take back the deposit, so they had already hidden it.

When she realized this, Lin Tao’s face instantly contorted in anger.

She wanted to smash her phone, but she still held it in.

Although Shen Yan had run away, she still had the video of Shen Yan’s imprisonment. As long as Shen Yan had not returned, she could still use these videos to torture Fu Hang.

In the afternoon, Fu Hang received another text message.

“Fu Hang, I’m giving you two choices now. The first is to save Shen Yan, and the second is to save Fu Xiaoxiao. You can only save one of these two people. Fu Xiaoxiao is at Dufeng Mountain in An City, and Shen Yan is at Wuzi Mountain in Yu City! “Moreover, you can only save one person. If the person who appears is not you, I will personally send the other person to the afterlife. Oh right, I have sent you some very interesting videos. I hope you will like them. They are all in your mailbox!”

Fu Hang frowned more and more as he looked at these things. These two places were thousands of miles apart. Even if Fu Hang took a plane, he wouldn’t have enough time.

It was obvious that Lin Tao did it on purpose.

Moreover, from the words, he could tell that Lin Tao didn’t intend to let Shen Yan live.

But it wasn’t certain about Fu Xiaoxiao. If he didn’t save Fu Xiaoxiao, then she really wouldn’t be able to live.

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