Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce - Chapter 554 - Blinded by Concern   

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Chapter 554: 553 Blinded by Concern


Su Xiu and Fu Hang watched as Shen Yan and Fu Xiaoxiao were taken into the van.

Shen Yan was calm and collected, but Fu Xiaoxiao was different. She had been crying the whole time.

Su Xiu tilted her head to look at Fu Hang and said with a serious face, “You go save Shen Yan. I will go find Xiaoxiao!”


“No buts. Don’t worry. Xiaoxiao will be fine,” Su Xiu said with a serious face.

Fu Hang booked a flight to Wuzi Mountain.

On the way to the airport, Fu Hang was expressionless. Although he knew his hands were trembling, it was the first time he was so afraid. He was fearful that Shen Yan would be hurt and that he wouldn’t be able to save her.

“Have you found Lin Tao?” Fu Hang’s gaze fell on Lin Nan, who was in the passenger seat.

“Miss Shen’s secretary said that she found out where Lin Tao used to live, but Lin Tao didn’t go back during this period of time!”

A trace of hatred flashed in Fu Hang’s eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, “Conduct a thorough investigation. Check the woman who brought Shen Yan out of the production team and the surveillance cameras at the port. I think Lin Tao must have been there.”

“Okay, President Fu, I got it!”

Fu Hang’s teeth trembled slightly. He pretended to be calm and asked, “Secretary Lin, have you ever been scared?”

Hearing Fu Hang’s words, Lin Nan looked up at the rearview mirror.

Lin Nan looked at Fu Hang’s serious face and felt a slightly uncomfortable feeling in his chest. He said, “Miss Shen is so smart. She will turn the situation around!”

“Is that so?”

Fu Hang lowered his head slightly, and his brows furrowed tighter and tighter.

He didn’t want anything right now. He only hoped that Shen Yan could come back as soon as possible.

Lin Nan had been working for Fu Hang for many years, but this was the first time he saw Fu Hang so scared. He felt terrible just looking at Fu Hang.

As long as Shen Yan hadn’t been found, it meant that Shen Yan was still alive, and there was still hope for them.

“President Fu, think about it. Last year, you were the one who led us to save Miss Shen from the mountain in the heavy snow,” Lin Nan comforted him.

Perhaps Lin Nan’s words gave Fu Hang hope again, and his eyes regained their calmness. He said, “I can go to Yu City alone this time. You stay here and continue to investigate Lin Tao’s whereabouts. Contact me as soon as you find him.”

Fu Hang was not confident in Miss Na’s ability. Moreover, Shen Yan was missing, so Miss Na couldn’t calmly investigate all of this.

Because Fu Hang knew in his heart that Miss Na didn’t treat Shen Yan as an ordinary boss but as a good friend.

A saying went, “You will be blinded by concern if you’re worried.” That was why Lin Nan had to investigate this matter.

Lin Nan was his man. Although Lin Nan would be anxious, he would be calmer and more rational than the current Miss Na.

The more critical the situation was, the more the details would be tested because even a tiny clue could be the key to finding Shen Yan.

Lin Nan didn’t have any objections and said, “Okay, I’ll send you to the airport now!”

Fu Hang didn’t say anything. He leaned against the back seat and closed his eyes to rest.

It wasn’t far from An city to Yu City, and the plane only took more than an hour.

Fu Hang arrived at Yu City, and Yu City’s police officer, Li Qing, was already waiting for him at the airport.

Lin Nan had already explained this to Li Qing in detail.

“Mr Fu, I’m Li Qing. Our team is in charge of this kidnapping case. I’m the team leader this time!”

“Captain Li, have you found anything on your side?”

Fu Hang felt uneasy in his heart. He didn’t think that Li Qing was just being formalistic.

When Li Qing heard what Fu Hang said, he frowned and said, “After I received orders from my superior today, I’ve already sent people to check the vehicles coming from An City. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything abnormal.”

“Moreover, my colleagues had already entered Wuzi Mountain an hour ago. They didn’t find anything for the time being.”

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