Ace of the Dragon Division - Chapter 923

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Chapter 923: One billion dollars for calling me ‘brother’

After Kush gave up his seat next to Xu Cheng, Mali grinned at Lin chuxue.””Sister-in-law, please.” Lin chuxue rolled her eyes at him and sat down next to Xu Cheng with a smile. Everyone was in a circle, and the atmosphere of the conference immediately changed into a family atmosphere, very harmonious and harmonious. Although Kush didn’t usually come, his personality was also more pleasant, and he was a man anyway, so he didn’t feel restrained. “Is she really your wife?” Kush asked Xu Cheng for no reason. Xu Cheng was too lazy to answer such a question. “It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. It’s fine if you don’t admit it. Anyway, I’ll have a problem with whoever has a problem with my woman. We’re on the same side.” His description made Lin chuxue laugh and hit him. “Hello, sister-in-law,” Kush stood up and symbolically shook hands with Lin chuxue. “Is sister-in-law something you should call?” “Hmph!” Mali snorted.”Sis-in-law, sit down. Ignore him.” Li Wei cut a piece of meat.”That’s right. In our Xia country, what’s the point of not having a gift?” Kush turned around and yelled at the Secretary outside,””Bring me the gift bag that someone gave me today.” The Secretary came out of the car with a small gift bag and handed it to Kush. After Kush took it, he dragged it into Lin chuxue’s hand and laughed.””I’ve always wanted to take advantage of this bastard. I can’t let go of this opportunity to get a sister-in-law today. Take care of her.” “What is it?” Xu Cheng casually asked. “It’s nothing good. ” Kush smiled awkwardly.”A diamond company contractor dug up a large diamond raw material today and offered it to me. I have no use for it, so I might as well give it to my sister-in-law as a gift.” “It doesn’t look shabby?” Xu Cheng said with disdain,”you’re the president of a country. You’re giving this thing to get you to recognize your younger brother? Are you looking down on me or my wife?” Kush was speechless,’what else can I give? If you want land, you can have it. If you want oil fields, you can have it too. ” Xu Cheng: “if I have one, that’s my business. If you want to give it away, that’s your business.” Kush’s heart ached. This gang of bandits. “Mangate,” He couldn’t be distressed in front of so many people, so Kush had to shout to his Secretary outside. The Secretary came in again.””Mister?” “Transfer oil field 3 under my name to this …” Xu Cheng,”Lin chuxue.” Kush: “it’s under Lin chuxue’s name. Tell the people over there to hurry up with the procedures. If anyone has any problems, just say that I’m giving it to my sister.” “Yes.” The Secretary left. Lin chuxue felt a little heavy. Forget it, you’re Xu Cheng’s friend, and you’re older than him, so you should call me that. Forget about the gift.” Lin chuxue quickly said. Kush smacked his lips and looked at Xu Cheng from the corner of his eyes. His eyes were very obvious. Did you see that? your wife has said that she’s the sensible one. Xu Cheng cut a piece of steak as he lowered his head and said,””He’s the president, why would he need an oil field? It’s not like I don’t know about oil field 3, how much is it worth? I’m afraid it’s not bad to mine for 1 billion dollars. ” Kush silently mourned in his heart,’ 1 billion dollars is indeed only a few days of mandala sales for you, but it’s all money for me. “Eh, the gift is only secondary. The most important thing is to be polite.” Kush waved his hand at Lin chuxue and coughed.””The raw material of this diamond really doesn’t suit my identity, and I can’t give it to you. You can keep this oil field, and I’ll get someone to bring the transfer agreement over for you to sign. Don’t be polite with me, that bastard Xu Cheng already showed his attitude by bringing your family here. So, if you ever get wronged here in the future, just tell me, and I’ll get someone to help you settle it in a minute.” “That’s the way. ” Xu Cheng then looked up at Kush, and seeing Kush’s heart-wrenching face, he felt very good. Ever since this bastard became the president, he had been very stingy. And he was being stingy towards Xu Cheng and the others because Kush knew that the mandala lab was very profitable. “Just keep it. I’ve said it before. No matter where I go, I won’t let my wife suffer.” Xu Cheng said to Lin chuxue. “Sister-in-law, you don’t have to be so polite with him. We usually don’t even set up a banquet to serve this bird-feather fellow. It’s rare for him to make a move, so you have to give him a way out.” Mali snorted. “That’s right. In the future, no matter who you are polite with, you don’t have to be polite with him. This bastard keeps asking for benefits from us. You can just accept it. ” Luo Yi also echoed. Kush, who was obviously in pain but still had to pretend to be curious, felt like he had beef on his face. “That’s right. If sister-in-law doesn’t accept me, it means that you’re looking down on me. Although I can’t beat your man, I’m still the president of a country!” This guy’s second best option was to act tough. Xu Cheng spat out a piece of meat between his teeth and added,””Wait for the United Nations to change the country’s name first. What kind of President is this? they’re not admitting that they’re right in front of your eyes. Because of this incident, I suffered a lot of anger from the neighboring country. ” Xu Cheng got angry when he thought about how they didn’t even sign the land of mercenaries ‘id. Kush glared at Xu Cheng, feeling like this guy didn’t know how to chat. Lin chuxue saw that Kush was about to cry, and she quickly tried to smooth things over.””Then I’ll respectfully accept it.” Kush was really crying on the inside now, but he had to pretend that nothing had happened and nod.””I’m Kush. ” “Brother Kush, don’t just stand there. Sit down and eat this wild boar meat. It’s fresh today.” Lin chuxue quickly told him to sit down and eat instead of just standing there. Kush picked up the knife and fork and looked at the wild boar meat on the plate. No, he should be looking at dragon meat now! F * ck, just for this plate of meat, plus the word ‘brother’, his 1 billion US dollar small oil field was gone. At night, Lin chuxue was washing her face, and Xu Cheng looked around at the simple and crude house and said to her,””If you’re tired, I’ll find you a good nanny.” “Forget it. You have to live your own life. In this kind of environment, you have to learn to adapt to it, not let the environment adapt to you. I’m not so pampered. I’ve gotten used to it during the month you weren’t here. It’s been quite fulfilling.” Lin chuxue smiled and said,”by the way, are you really going to give me that oil field?” You didn’t see Kush’s expression. I’m an actor, and I can see that he’s in pain. Actually, it’s enough for them to just give me a stone. ” “Would he want something that he doesn’t feel the pinch?” Xu Cheng snorted.”We have a mine at the back of the mountain to buy that broken stone. What’s the point of taking it?” In this place, you might not even be able to exchange diamonds for a car or a gun. It’s so cheap. ” Lin chuxue glared at him.”Come on, that’s a diamond, okay? what kind of broken stone is that? do you believe that all the women in the world would beat you to death if they heard you say that?” As she said that, Lin chuxue took out the slightly bigger raw material that Kush gave her and looked at it. “”Orange is good, but it lacks post-production technology.” “What do you think about me opening a diamond and jewelry company?” Lin chuxue asked Xu Cheng for no reason. “If you like it, you can. Many families in the land of mercenaries have raw materials, but they don’t have any channels to sell them. You can go and buy them. The mine behind your family is the group’s property, but you can also act as an agent to sell them.” “Then that’s fine. Leave it to me. In less than a year, I can start a world-class jewelry business.” Lin chuxue thought to herself that her parents ‘business in England probably couldn’t continue to operate because of their relatives’ framing, so she planned to let her parents take over the company here to help manage it. First, he could take care of all the wasted raw materials in the land of mercenaries, and second, he could be responsible for selling the raw materials for the team worldwide. (It’s already Chapter 12. I don’t know if I can continue writing today. My fingers are hurting.)

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