Ace of the Dragon Division - Chapter 924

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Chapter 924: The Lin family in crisis

When she fell asleep, Lin chuxue looked up at the ceiling. The moonlight shone in through the window, and Xu Cheng flipped over. Through the moonlight, he could see Lin chuxue’s long and slender eyes closed. Through the frequency of her heartbeat, Xu Cheng said,””You can’t sleep?” Lin chuxue finally raised her eyes and opened her bright eyes.”How did you know I wasn’t sleeping?” “Did you forget that I can hear your heartbeat? people who are asleep are usually very calm, but you are nervous.” “Oh?” Xu Cheng curiously looked at her face.”Something on your mind?” Lin chuxue was as quiet as a Virgin, her eyes staring at the moonlight. After a while, she said,””No, I didn ‘t,” Xu Cheng,”thinking about your mom and dad?” Lin chuxue’s eyes flashed, and she closed her eyes.””I’m sleeping. ” Xu Cheng reached out to hold Lin chuxue’s hand and said,””How are they?” Lin chuxue: “I called. The family is in a mess. They’re still in a lawsuit with grandma’s people, fighting over the shares of the family’s jewelry business.” Xu Cheng: “is there anything I can help with?” Lin chuxue shook her head.”No, you’ve already paid for the last crisis. This time, it’s not about the money, and dad didn’t let me tell you about this. It’s okay, go to sleep. We can’t even save ourselves.” Then, she took Xu Cheng’s arm and used it as her pillow and closed her eyes to sleep. Xu Cheng also closed his eyes and went to sleep. But after a few minutes, Lin chuxue said,””Can I help them? Or should I ask them to come over? Father doesn’t want to fight with grandmother and the others, but father doesn’t have any Foundation in England, after all. He can’t win against the shameless grandmother and the others. ” Xu Cheng ruffled her hair and said,””You want them to come here? Have you ever thought that this place is very dangerous?” Lin chuxue: “that’s why I’m so conflicted. But if I let them stay there, I’m afraid I’ll be kidnapped and threatened again.” “This is my responsibility.” Xu Cheng sighed.”Because of me, not only did I get you into trouble, but I also got my parents and Lei into trouble. I’m sorry.” Lin chuxue shook her head.”Dad already said it’s not your fault. We’re all family.” “They can’t stay in United Kingdom anymore. I don’t know what tricks the capital society is up to. I’ll ask Stenson to pick them up personally and bring them to the land of mercenaries. But when they’re here, I’ll let them suffer a little. You’ll make the arrangements. This place is unstable, so you have to be careful.” Lin chuxue nodded.”I will look after them. I’m already very familiar with this place. Thank you, Xu Cheng.” “What are you thanking me for? I’m your husband, how can I not care about my maternal family’s matters? Do you really think I won’t be able to meddle in your family’s Affairs after buying you out with that 3.8 billion USD?” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at her and didn’t give Lin chuxue a chance to speak. He put her head on his arm and said,””Sleep, don’t let your thoughts run wild. Even if the world is ending, I will still give you a way out.” “Just give it to dad, mom, and little Lei. I’ll die with you.” Lin chuxue said. “You jinx.” United Kingdom. At the entrance of the court, there were still about ten minutes before the court session. At the main entrance, Lin Guiren was walking up the stairs with his wife and son, Lin Lei, when they met a bunch of villains from his wife’s side of the family. Yes, they were no different from thugs. This time, they reported Lin Guiren for being suspected of being a spy and sent him to jail for a while. Not only that, but during this time, they actually got 51% of the shares in the company under Lin chuxue’s name (Xu Cheng gave her 3.8 billion Yuan back then) and wanted to bring Lin Guiren out of the shareholders ‘meeting. Because of this, Lin Guiren decided to Sue his mother-in-law and the others in court. At the door, he saw his sister-in-law saying sharply,””You’re such an ingrate. When you first came to England, you only got to where you are today because you joined us. Without our help, how could you, an outsider, have a foothold in England? Now, they want to Sue us in court. ” Lin Guiren couldn’t be bothered to talk to them. “I haven’t said that you colluded with those people to frame me and put me in jail.” Lin Guiren sneered: “after you go in, the judge will naturally make the decision.” From the beginning to the end, mother Lin no longer looked at her family. These people had failed in all kinds of investments over the years, and they were in all kinds of dire straits. In the end, they had their eyes on her husband, who was the last straw that could save their lives, and they would do anything to get him. Lin Lei saw that his uncle was still criticizing his father. He went over and grabbed his collar, warning him,””You’d better stop doing things! If you weren’t family, I could have done even more!” His uncle said,”fight?” Are you going to hit me? Did I say something wrong? “Since you still know that I’m your family and that you have morals, then your family should know how to be grateful, especially your father. Now that everyone is in trouble, we should earn money together. Why did you kick us out of the group? I know that we were traitors, but you shouldn’t be too ruthless.” “Don’t waste your breath on him. ” After his father Lin Guiren called his son Lin Lei over, he walked into the court to appear in court. The judge sat on the stage and began the lawsuit. “I’m suing them for illegal ownership of shares. This 51% of shares originally belonged to my daughter. I don’t know why it was transferred to the defendant’s name.” Lin Guiren said. The one being accused was Lin chuxue’s grandmother, and she incited from the other side,””Why can’t it be transferred to my name? Nicole is my grandson. Why can’t transferring her to my name be considered illegal possession? Show me some evidence. ” At that moment, Lin chuxue’s grandma’s lawyer said,””Plaintiff, please mind your words. Illegal possession is illegal. The defendant’s stock rights are from a normal source. There is nothing illegal about it. I have a document here to prove it.” As he spoke, he handed the information to the judge. After the judge looked through all the information, he said,””The defendant’s shares are indeed valid.” “How is that possible?” Lin Guiren immediately stood up and said,””I need to go through the contents of his letter.” “Are you questioning my fairness?” the judge was mildly angry. Then, he allowed Lin Guiren’s lawyer to come over and take a look. After Lin Guiren’s lawyer looked through the document, his face changed slightly, and he asked Lin Guiren,””Why don’t you say that Miss Nicole committed a crime because of her sensitive identity?” Lin Guiren looked up,”what do you mean?” As her father, don’t I know that she’s been made up out of nothing? If I don’t support her, who will?” “The laws of United Kingdom do not support this.” The lawyer took the document and placed it on Lin Guiren’s table. After Lin Guiren saw it, his face instantly changed. “How can this be!” The entire information was absurd. The reason was that Lin chuxue was using Nicole in England. The Lin family’s account had been written off because of the crime of espionage. In order to protect their independent property rights, the country could only sell the 51% shares to the market as collateral, and the money was naturally confiscated.

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