Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1899 - Living on someone, while helping others secretly

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Chapter 1899: Living on someone, while helping others secretly

Ba Yao looked at Ling Han, his voice harsh and severe. His black locks suddenly danced, each strand entwined with blue-coloured lightning, cracking and popping loudly, incredibly powerful.

Boom, the unique pressure belonging to an Ascending Origin Tier elite attacked as if a divine dragon appeared, wherein mortals could only bow in reverence.

Even Alchemist Zi Cheng had not expected that Ba Yao would make a move in public. Though he moved to block the assault with an angry humph, there was really a considerable gap between his strength as compared with Ba Yao, so how could he make it in time?

His heart grew very anxious. If a Holy Son was to kneel to another in public, how would he be able to face others in future?

If this spread out in future, others would not be concerned with whom Ling Han had knelt down to, or why he had knelt. They would only say that Ling Han was as timid as a mouse. He was clearly in Alchemy City, and there were four great alchemists by his side at that, yet he still spinelessly begged for mercy from an outsider.

No matter how prodigious you were, so what? You would be directly besmirched to the bone.

This was too sinister.

Lu Jin!

Alchemist Zi Cheng thought in his heart. If this kind of thing had really happened, then he would guarantee that there was no possibility for Lu Xianming to ascend to the position!

He was sure that Ba Yao must have come through a collusion with Lu Jin. This was a series of moves. Using the stakes of giving his agreement on Ling Han becoming a Holy Son, forcing him to proclaim that the heir would be selected after three years, and then directly forcing Ling Han out of the running. Next, Lu Xianming would practically be sure of victory.

With a master like this, it was clear what his disciple’s nature was like.

If Lu Xianming were to take the seat of chairperson, the atmosphere of Alchemy City would definitely be turned foul by this master and disciple in future.

Boom, an indescribably terrifying Qi rippled out. All Severing Mundane Tiers in the area felt their knees become weak. In fact, some Dividing Soul Tier elites couldn’t bear it, either. Ba Yao was really too powerful. The fact that he was acclaimed as the top elite of the Ascending Origin Tier might be a little exaggerated, but his strength definitely allowed him to claim an imposing position in this cultivation level.

How could Ling Han resist that?

Fu Gaoyun, Fu Xiaoyun, and a few other old acquaintances all showed a hint of worry. They were standing so far, and were not the main target of “attack”, either, but still felt their knees become very weak. How could Ling Han possibly hold up to this?

And Qianzhao Clan, Beiyu Clan, and other such forces all smirked coldly, wanting nothing more than for Ling Han to be utterly shamed.

…Now that Ling Han had ascended to become the Holy Son of a four-star force, and further when Alchemy City was the strongest inheritance beneath the Celestial King Tier, even if the ancestor of a three-star force came, they would have to be polite when they met Ling Han.

Naturally there was no further mention of getting vengeance, but how could enmity and animosity be so easily forgotten?

Now that someone could give Ling Han a little bit of suffering, they were naturally pleased to see it happen.

Amidst a furious roar, Alchemist Zi Cheng finally stood in front of Ling Han, but it was already too late.


Everyone was astonished. Ling Han was still proudly standing erect. His knees had not weakened, and he had not knelt.

‘How is this possible?’

The aura of Ba Yao alone was definitely capable of crushing a mere Severing Mundane Tier with a difference of so many cultivation levels, even if you were a king among kings, or even a monarch tier.

‘You definitely are not human!’

Ling Han was naturally human, but there were two Source Powers of heaven and earth inside his body, and they were essentially existences comparable to Celestial Kings.

You, a mere Ascending Origin Tier, actually wanted to force a Celestial King to kneel. You got to be joking, right?

Of course, this was because of the crucial fact that Ba Yao had only used his aura. If he added a sliver of power of Regulation or force, he would definitely be able to kill Ling Han a considerable number of times with a single thought.

“Ba Yao, you have gone too far!” Grandmaster Chu Ye declared coldly. Though Ling Han was not his disciple, he was the Holy Son of Alchemy City.

For an outsider to make a move on Ling Han, it was no different than making a move on Alchemy City directly. This naturally had exceeded Grandmaster Chu Ye’s limits.

Yet Ba Yao was completely indifferent. He was too powerful. Even if all the Ascending Origin Tiers in Alchemy City joined forces, he could still leave calmly. Furthermore, just with the fact that he was from Thundercloud Palace, what did these people dare to do?

At worst, they could only banish him from the city.

“Brat, there seems to be something in your body!” He fixed his gaze on Ling Han, his eyes growing slightly brighter.

When one had reached the cultivation level he had reached, there were practically not many secrets that could be hidden from him.

If it was claimed that Ling Han could resist his aura with his own effort, there was no way he would believe that. And what object could block his pressure? It was definitely a precious treasure that was at least Celestial King Tier-level.

“What business is it of yours!” Ling Han declared coldly. This person actually dared to make a move on him, being extremely shameless. He naturally couldn’t be bothered to address the other party as senior again.

“Humph, to be so rude even to an Ascending Origin Tier elite. With your character, how can you become a Holy Son of Alchemy City?” Lu Jin suddenly spoke up, his expression filled with disdain.

‘You old bastard, have you gone blind?’

Didn’t he see that it was Ba Yao who made the first move so completely shamelessly? And now he actually said he was being rude!

Ling Han felt rage fill his heart, and couldn’t help but mockingly say, “Grandmaster Lu, could it be that you share the same pants with this demon? The two of you are a truly loving couple, with such good marital harmony!”

Pu, hearing these words, a considerable number of people spluttered into laughter, and felt this was completely unimaginable.

Ling Han was really awesome.

In terms of cultivation, he was only a mere fourth severance, yet had offended a king tier of the Ascending Origin Tier. In alchemy, he had just become a One-Star Alchemist, yet dared to insult a Four-Star Alchemist right to his face.

They had never seen someone as wilful as he!

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was worried to death, while the Empress was proud. This was what her husband should be like, mighty and bowing to no one!

Bewitching Maiden Rou also felt very captivated, her eyes glowing. No matter how strong a woman was, she would have heroic dreams, hoping to encounter a man with a mettle that rose above the heavens.

At least in this moment, Ling Han had deeply touched her heart.

Ba Yao actually was not angered. He only looked at Ling Han smilingly, the light in his eyes slightly frightening, yet Lu Jin was almost half dead with fury.

He had just become a Four-Star Alchemist, filled with high spirits, yet a minor alchemist had actually rained down insults on him. Th-th-th-this, how could he not be furious?

“You are courting death!” he yelled, even his voice a little high-pitched.

“What is it? Can’t you be insulted?” Alchemist Zi Cheng’s face was filled with thunderous fury. “Who do you think you are? Think you can fly just because others give you some face? So what if you are a Four-Star Alchemist? You aren’t even worthy of picking up my shoes! If It was not for taking the big picture into consideration, you wouldn’t be even worthy of acting proud in front of me! And you actually dared to threaten me?”

‘This bastard, I have tolerated you for very long!’

“I, I, I…” Lu Jin couldn’t speak coherently with how furious he was. Though Ling Han’s words were hurtful, he was only a Holy Son, after all, and did not have much weight to his words, but it was a different case for Alchemist Zi Cheng.

However, he had not exaggerated. The three disciples of Grandmaster Zi Cheng that had been cast out were all Four-Star Alchemists. Who could compare to that accomplishment?

Previously, Lu Jin could use the matter of Ling Han ascending to become a Holy Son to restrain Alchemist Zi Cheng, and force him to compromise, but he could not do so now.

To establish a Holy Son, the agreement of all the Four-Star Alchemists had to be attained, but to depose a Holy Son… that was similarly the case!

He no longer had the stakes to threaten Alchemist Zi Cheng.

“As an alchemist of Alchemy City, you live in the city, yet help outsiders in secret, being even less than a dog!” Grandmaster Zi Cheng berated to his heart’s content, making Lu Jin’s face pale as well.

The damage caused by these words was extraordinarily serious. If Lu Jin could not wash this blight from his name, then the label of a traitor would be forever stuck on him.

“I make the suggestion for this person to be banished!” Grandmaster Zi Cheng pointed at Lu Jin, his expression sinister.

Previously, he had born with it, all because he was taking the big picture of Alchemy City into consideration. A Four-Star Alchemist indeed had strong influence, but for his own selfish desires, he actually colluded with an outsider to bully one of his own? That had surpassed Grandmaster Zi Cheng’s limits of toleration.

‘You think I do not dare to make a move on you, or I can’t?’

How naïve!

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