Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 1902 - Yan Xianlu's invitation

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Chapter 1902: Yan Xianlu’s invitation

This messenger… came from the Eternal Prosperity Sect!

When he came, it just happened to be the time that Ling Han would come out of seclusion after three days, which could be considered very coincidental.

Because the name of the Eternal Prosperity Sect was too famous, this messenger was allocated to stay three days on the fourth level. The moment Ling Han came out of seclusion, someone immediately went to inform him, and Ling Han temporarily had no plans of beginning the next step of seclusion, though he really couldn’t be bothered to meet anyone at this time.

After a while, a young man appeared.

He was dressed in black robes, and was in the fourth severance, possessing a forceful heroic spirit.

He was just a messenger, yet had the bearing of a king tier, which was proof of what kind of talent was under the command of Yan Xianlu.

“You really are putting on airs, actually making me wait for three days!” When this black-robed young man spotted Ling Han, he immediately showed an expression of displeasure.


Ling Han mocked in his heart, and pointed at the doors as he said, “The doors are there. You can get lost now.”

The young man faltered involuntarily. He had not thought that Ling Han would be so direct and domineering. His face flushed red, and turned green in the next instant. After a while, he finally said, “Ling Han, I have come under the command of the Lord Holy Son.”

“Oh, which Holy Son?” Ling Han asked indifferently.

“Of course it is Holy Son Yan Xianlu!” the young man declared proudly. “Aside from my lord, who else in the Eternal Prosperity Sect is worthy of the title of Holy Son?”

This boast was quite exaggerated, but it was also proof of how powerful Yan Xianlu was as he actually didn’t even have a single rival.

“What is Yan Xianlu looking for me for?” Ling Han crossed his legs, as if he had not heard clearly the words “Yan Xianlu”.

The young man inhaled sharply, and stared fixedly at Ling Han, looking stunned. ‘How outrageously bold are you to actually dare call Yan Xianlu’s name directly.’ He couldn’t help but rebuke, “How dare you, how can the Holy Son’s name be called out directly by someone like you?”

Ling Han sneered, and said, “You came to my territory, and are planning to teach me how to behave?”

The young man had a slight desire to make a move, but when he thought of Ling Han’s grand feats in the past, he immediately dispensed with the thought.

He was indeed a king tier, but compared to Zhao Qingfeng, he was inferior by who knew how much, and even Zhao Qingfeng had been killed by Ling Han, so what was he worth then?

If he made a move, that would only be delivering his head up on a silver platter.

“Humph, when you see my lord, you will know just how big the gap is between you and Lord Holy Son!” the young man said proudly. He took out a letter, and flicked it over to Ling Han. “My lord invites you for a meeting.”

Ling Han took the letter, but did not immediately open it.

“A year later, the Gathering of Prodigies at Broken Clouds Mountain,” the young man said, his expression filled with arrogance. “Ling Han, do you know that all those that could be invited by my lord are Holy Sons of Celestial King Tier-level sects? You are the only exception.

“The details of the time and venue are all written in the letter, but first you have to be able to see it!”

He paused, and then continued, “This is written personally by my lord!”

Written personally by Yan Xianlu?

At first, Ling Han was unconcerned, but now he was interested, and began to open the letter.

There was a seal on top, representing that the envelope was untouched. When this seal was broken open, a frighteningly sharp Qi was transmitted from within the envelope, as if it was capable of slicing the heavens apart.

‘So powerful!’

Ling Han’s heart clenched. When Yan Xianlu wrote, he had to have left his martial intent on the letter, and now the details of the time and venue were all in the letter. Only those who could see it could set out there.

This was a test. I, Yan Xianlu, had already invited you, but were you worthy of coming?

Weng, a boundless majestic light surged out, and the house was immediately filled with patterns of great dao, as if a supreme elite was about to charge out of the letter, and give Ling Han a fatal strike.

A solemn expression spread across Ling Han’s face, but the movements of his hands did not stop in the slightest as he continued to open the letter.

That young man, though, could no longer bear it. He retreated continuously, and a sliver of admiration spread across his expression.

Ling Han, who was bearing the brunt of it, looked completely fine, while he retreated continuously. It was clear how wide the gap was between the two of them.

No wonder he could kill Zhao Qingfeng, and managed to be personally invited by the Holy Son.

‘However, you have only opened the envelope, and have not yet unfolded the letter. That is the true test.’

He watched quietly from the sidelines, and saw that Ling Han had already drawn out the letter that was inside.

It had been folded four times over, and was quite thin.

Ling Han continued to open the letter. Weng, a golden light surged out, turning into a golden Divine Sword that struck out at Ling Han, and Ling Han casually extinguished it with a squeeze of his hand. He opened it again, and a green-colored precious saber slashed out.

He lowered his hand again, and the precious saber dispersed from his strike.

At this time, the letter was completely unfolded. Weng, an endless black halo surged out, turning into a fist filled with disdain for the whole world that struck out at Ling Han.

One punch could shatter the heavens, suppress eternity, and dictate over the universe.

Domineering and extremely proud!

This was Yan Xianlu’s Dao, exuding endlessly with his conviction.

Ling Han also shot out a punch. This was an unusual contest between the two of them. He could not depend on treasures like the Divine Demon Sword, or he would fall into a disadvantage, and it would also cause his ambition for invincibility to waver.


The two fists clashed. Ling Han’s figure trembled slightly. He took three steps back, stopped, and then took another seven steps back before he finally steadied his footing. And there were 10 footprints as deep as half a foot left clearly on the tiles beneath his feet.

That black fist also shattered abruptly, and turned back into a black halo, which then formed words, “Three Yang Peak, when the three stars align”.

These words only appeared for an instant before shattering abruptly, and turning into nothing.

“Ling Han, the letter was already delivered, I will take my leave now!” the young man said, a hint of admiration in his expression.

To be able to sustain a strike from Lord Holy Son, this strength was truly powerful. Of course, compared with Lord Holy Son, he wasn’t even worthy of picking up his shoes. It should be known that when the Holy Son wrote the letter, it had only been done carelessly, and Ling Han had still taken 10 steps back, using his full effort.

The comparison in strength could not be any clearer.

Ling Han ignored him. He looked at that letter. Because Yan Xianlu’s martial intent had already seeped out completely, the letter had also become completely blank.

If he could not sustain that punch, he would only see a blank letter.

This was also where Yan Xianlu was domineering. I would invite you, but were you worthy?

A calm smile appeared on Ling Han’s face, while the fighting spirit in his eyes blazed.

To be honest, he was indeed no match for Yan Xianlu at present. Merely from that punch previously, he already knew that Yan Xianlu had definitely advanced into the fifth severance. Otherwise, he could not have that kind of power that could crush everything.

If this was not just a letter that just bore a sliver of Yan Xianlu’s martial intent, but was rather a direct punch, then Ling Han would at least be throwing up a mouthful of blood.

“There is another year… I must break through to fifth severance!” Ling Han mumbled. He had already decided that he would go.

“Perhaps Yan Xianlu can give me enough pressure, allowing me to gain an opportunity to push open the doors to the fifth severance.”

The Heavenly Dao Jade was not all-purpose. It only increased that slight sliver of hope for him. The crux of the matter was still on him.

“However, the priority now is to attain Second Refinement. Half a year later, I will really be put to the test. Yan Xianlu’s matter should be set aside first.”

Ling Han rubbed his chin, feeling that his time had really been filled to the brim, and there was not enough to use at all.

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