Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2025 - Reappearance of Xiao Gu

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Chapter 2025: Reappearance of Xiao Gu

A figure directly charged down from the sky above the island. They smashed through the thick earth, and they appeared at the bottom of this cave like a god. Along with them, they also brought the dazzling light of the starry sky.

This was a spectacular sight. Moreover, to Ling Han’s surprise, he actually recognized this person.

It was Xiao Gu, who should have been in the Ancient Realm!

Ling Han’s mouth was slightly agape. It was clear that he was struck with shock.

When he had needed to open the gates to the Celestial Realm, he had once invited Xiao Gu to come along with him. However, Xiao Gu had insisted on remaining in the Ancient Realm. It was seemingly because he had some unfinished business there. Now, however, he had actually appeared here so suddenly. This was completely beyond Ling Han’s imagination.

Moreover, Xiao Gu was so powerful now that even Ling Han couldn’t determine his exact cultivation!

“Yiyaya!” Xiao Gu exclaimed. After so many years, he still hadn’t changed much. His speech was still like that of an infant, yet his power was simply heaven-defying. His descending fist was filled with power and dominance.

Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang were astonished by his sudden arrival. It was clear that they hadn’t expected a person to suddenly descend from the sky. They hurriedly launched attacks to block Xiao Gu.


Xiao Gu was sent flying up by this exchange. Meanwhile, Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang were pushed down into the ground. In fact, their feet had already sunk into the ground.

One had to realize that the earth here had been transformed into metal by the Firm Essence Green Gold, so it was as tough as could be. Yet, the attack of Xiao Gu had actually caused them to sink into the ground. This was a perfect reflection of the overwhelming nature of Xiao Gu’s punch.

“Yiyaya! Die! Die! Die!” Xiao Gu exclaimed. His appearance was no different from before, and he hadn’t undergone any changes after becoming more powerful.

He charged down from the sky again, launching another punch. Several symbols of the great dao bloomed around him.

Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang exchanged a glance. They could see the shock and confusion in each other’s eyes.

This island was being protected by a formation, and it was as concealed as could be. As long as they didn’t actively deactivate this formation, even low-level Celestial Kings wouldn’t be able to discover it. This was the major reason why this island remained so mysterious; it was not because of its small size.

Powerful elites couldn’t discover this island at all. Meanwhile, weaker cultivators… wouldn’t need to think about leaving if they arrived on this island. Even if they could leave, they would have already become a member of this island.

Yet, this mysterious elite was clearly only at the Ascending Origin Tier. That being the case, how had he discovered Ascent Route Island?

“We can’t let him escape!” Lan Tianyang said.

“Mm-hm!” Che Yuanhua nodded in agreement. Their sect couldn’t be exposed, so they had to dispose of all people who weren’t part of them.

The two elites didn’t simply defend this time. Instead, they unleashed all kinds of secret techniques to attack Xiao Gu.

It was clear that they were part of the same cultivation system. Even though there were slight differences, their foundation was still ultimately the same. The lotus petals on their foreheads blossomed, with each blossoming petal causing their battle prowess to rise by another level.

Xiao Gu was facing two elites by himself, yet he wasn’t being pushed onto his back foot at all. One of his bones was glowing, and it summoned a dazzling symbol of the great dao that bestowed him with boundless power.

‘F*ck! How is Xiao Gu’s strength advancing so quickly?’

Ling Han was already very proud of his quick advance in cultivation level. Compared to Xiao Gu, however, he was still lagging very far behind.

That glowing bone of Xiao Gu… was definitely the bone of a Celestial King. Otherwise, how could it be so vicious and powerful? Right now, it could even rival the power of Ascending Origin Tier elites!

In any case, he could seize this opportunity to obtain the Firm Essence Green Gold.

Ling Han silently exited the Black Tower. He then channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, and it was as if he were a blooming flower trying to attract the attention of a pollinating bee.

Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang were both deeply astonished by the sudden appearance of another person. With their strength, they surprisingly hadn’t discovered that Ling Han had been hiding near them the entire time. Moreover, this person was only a measly Dividing Soul Tier cultivator.

They wanted to stop Ling Han, yet Xiao Gu was far too vicious and powerful. He blocked their path, disallowing them from approaching Ling Han.

However, they immediately calmed down. Even they had to rely on the power of the deity if they wanted to “obtain” the Source Power of heaven and earth, so how could a measly Dividing Soul Tier cultivator succeed? Meanwhile, Xiao Gu was definitely a formidable foe who they had to treat with utmost care. They had to dispose of Xiao Gu first.

“Ling… Han!” Xiao Gu stammered. His voice was filled with delight.

Ling Han simply nodded in acknowledgment. Right now, he didn’t have the time to greet Xiao Gu. There were few opportunities to obtain Source Powers of heaven and earth, so he definitely had to remain completely focused.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Numerous symbols of the great dao started to light up on Ling Han’s body, glowing at times and appearing dim at others. This was already beyond the power of the Dividing Soul Tier. In fact, its appearance was not because Ling Han had summoned it, but rather because the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll was resonating with heaven and earth.

The Firm Essence Green Gold also started to glow. Moreover, it was shuddering slightly, and symbols of the great dao also lit up on its surface.

The two of them were performing some kind of communication.

Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang were shocked upon seeing this. This measly Dividing Soul Tier cultivator actually possessed the ability to obtain the Firm Essence Green Gold! This was far too unfathomable!

“Brother Che, go and kill that brat,” Lan Tianyang said. “I’ll hold this person back.”

Obtaining this Source Power of heaven and earth was a critical matter for the sect. Otherwise, Lan Tianyang wouldn’t have guarded this place for several million years. Thus, he definitely couldn’t allow Ling Han to obtain the Firm Essence Green Gold. If he failed, he would suffer severe punishment from the sect.

“I’m on it!” Che Yuanhua replied. He turned around to charge at Ling Han.

He only needed to unleash a single strike.

“Yiyaya!” Xiao Gu exclaimed as he reached over to block Che Yuanhua.

“Damn it!” Lan Tianyang cursed. Xiao Gu was more powerful than him, and his defenses were also incredible. In fact, he would seem unscathed even after suffering an attack head-on. Lan Tianyang hurriedly composed himself and launched another ferocious attack at Xiao Gu. He had to hold Xiao Gu back no matter what.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three elites were engaged in an intense battle. One of them wanted to break free to dispose of Ling Han, while another was attempting to stop Xiao Gu. Meanwhile, Xiao Gu was trying to stop the person who was trying to attack Ling Han. This was indeed a vicious and complicated battle.

Elsewhere, Ling Han remained completely focused on trying to obtain the Firm Essence Green Gold. He trusted Xiao Gu, and he believed that Xiao Gu could definitely hold the two people back.

However, was obtaining a Source Power of heaven and earth an easy matter?

One day, two days, three days…

Sure enough, Xiao Gu didn’t betray Ling Han’s trust. He successfully held Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang back, preventing them from launching even a single attack at Ling Han.

Weng, weng, weng!

The vibration of the Firm Essence Green Gold became increasingly intense. Countless symbols materialized on its surface, intertwining at an indescribable speed. These were clearly displays of the most valuable Dao of Metal, yet none of them could manage to comprehend or capture it.

At some point in time, the Firm Essence Green Gold suddenly shot toward Ling Han.

“Damn it!” Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang were shocked upon seeing this. The Firm Essence Green Gold was about to be obtained by Ling Han!

“Humph!” Che Yuanhua roared in anger, facing an attack of Xiao Gu head-on as he finally found an opportunity to break free. He immediately launched a palm strike at Ling Han.

This strike was slightly astray as Che Yuanhua had been affected by Xiao Gu. However, it could still scrape Ling Han.

This attack was equivalent to that of an Ascending Origin Tier elite, so just how devastating was it? Even if one were only scraped by this attack, they might still be killed by its vast and terrifying power.


Ling Han was instantly obliterated into a cloud of blood.


A burst of flames erupted, and the Firm Essence Green Gold immediately disappeared into this ball of blazing flames.

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