Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2156 - Power of darkness

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Chapter 2156: Power of darkness

Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!

Lin Xuan’s head was filled with stars, his whole person completely dumbfounded.

Ling Han was definitely a Dividing Soul Tier, and the aura he exuded was clear proof of that. If he could not even distinguish this face, then Lin Xuan would not deserve the status of a First Secret monarch tier.

But how could a Dividing Soul Tier be so powerful?

Matching a First Secret, and not an ordinary First Secret at that, but rather a First Secret monarch tier! In fact, Ling Han even had the upper hand.

Lin Xuan felt as if the sky was falling down on him, the iron rules of cultivation completely collapsing.

Ling Han, on the other hand, frowned slightly. His physique had not improved alongside his battle prowess, but was merely close to the level of Five Stars Pseudo-Divine Metal. Thus, in a head-on clash of force against a Five Stars Pseudo-Celestial Tool, his skin had still been penetrated.

It was only his skin breaking, so the wound was not to the point of severe injury.

Fine, he already had the upper hand in terms of battle prowess. Moreover, he had not used his true deadly move yet.

…Great Clash of Source Powers.

With a tap of his feet, he charged towards Lin Xuan. Boom, he continuously sped up, and suddenly surpassed his limits.

This was the Source Power of Time, and he sped up the flow of time for himself.

As quick as light, he instantly arrived in front of Lin Xuan, and shot out a punch.

A powerful feeling of danger assaulted Lin Xuan, causing him to temporarily dismiss the shock in his heart, and wield his spear to counter. Otherwise, he would definitely be blasted into smithereens.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The two great monarch tiers clashed. One was a First Secret, while the other was a Dividing Nine Souls, and in terms of cultivation level, that was practically equal. Then, it would depend on who had perfected their cultivation level more.

Obviously, this person would be Ling Han.

He was an overlord of monarch tiers and practically a unique existence in any era. However, there was Ji Wuming in this life, so there was someone who could match Ling Han within his own cultivation level.

…Ji Wuming would probably muse ruefully like this as well. He, too, was a unique monarch of monarchs.

Ling Han rained down punches furiously. His stamina had directly soared to the Ascending Origin Tier, and this could support him in endlessly brandishing his fists, launching attacks at a frequency that was far above a First Secret elite’s.

Lin Xuan stepped back repeatedly, his face both enraged and shocked, both astonished and fearful.

He discovered that Ling Han really had the ability to kill him.

No, he could not die here!

If he could defeat Ling Han, then he would not tell anyone, and kill Ling Han, snatching all the treasures the latter possessed. But if he could not do so, he could only give up on this tempting idea, and seek his master’s help.

He was sure with the precious treasure of a Ninth Heaven Celestial King as a temptation, even the Spiritual Mountain Celestial King would dismiss the reservations he felt towards Shang Zhiwei, and commit murder just to snatch this treasure.

His only thought now was to kill Ling Han.

He was incredibly decisive. He had just finished the thought when he immediately raised his spear in a charge, wanting to grasp a way of survival for himself.

Ling Han smirked coldly, his right hand spreading open. The power of Time activated, and Lin Xuan’s speed was abruptly slowed down endlessly.

Lin Xuan roared, and delivered a palm strike at his own chest, arousing the blood essence in his heart, which took the form of a shield of light. It canceled out the Regulations of Time, and his figure immediately sped up. However, he had only taken a few steps, and couldn’t help but stop in astonishment.

He was actually just taking steps in his original position!

Regulations of Space.

He turned around, and looked at Ling Han as if he was looking at a demon.

How could this be possible? A brat that was only a Heaven Soul had actually grasped the power of Time, and at the same time possessed the Regulations of Space.

How could others live with this?

Ling Han broke into a smile. “I’m really sorry. I have grasped practically all the Regulations there are!” Possessing corresponding Source Powers of heaven and earth was equivalent to his containing the Dao of Heaven and Earth inside his body. This was naturally terrifying.

Lin Xuan took a deep breath. He had a realization that it was impossible for him to flee from Ling Han’s hands.

Then his only option was to battle.

“Ling Han, you forced me to do this!” he said as his hands gripped his spear. Boom, a black Qi actually burst from his body, and his entire aura immediately changed, becoming incredibly cold and evil.

This was…

Ling Han’s killing intent immediately blazed. “Damn you, you have actually cultivated the cultivation of the Foreign Realm!”

A monarch tier like him should not be unaware that cultivating the alternate system of cultivation would cause harm to this heaven and earth, yet he had still learned it.

“Wrong!” Lin Xuan declared proudly, a dark image that could not be named appearing in the pupils of his eyes, exuding endless evil. “From the very beginning, I have been cultivating the techniques of the Foreign Realm, and it was afterwards that I joined the Four Seas Palace!”

Ling Han’s fingers involuntarily twitched. Going by that explanation, Lin Xuan was actually a spy of the force of darkness then.

Since the Four Seas Palace contained someone like Lin Xuan, then what about the other forces?

Unknowingly, the force of darkness had actually permeated so deep into the Celestial Realm. Not only were there people promoting belief of the “Deity” on a large scale among the lower ranks, there were also beings like Lin Xuan in the high-end force of darkness, and it was highly possible that he could become a higher-up in the future.

In the future, when the Foreign Realm invaded once more, these infiltrators would take advantage of the opportunity to bewitch the others, and greatly hold their forces back. In the first place, the strength of the Celestial Realm was already lower. Then, wouldn’t that result in complete defeat?

It looked like after they had experienced the setbacks of the previous time, the Foreign Realm had also adjusted their strategy, and they were no longer just attacking with brute force.

“You are a member of the Celestial Realm, yet have done something that would harm the entire Celestial Realm. You deserve death!” Ling Han declared balefully, his killing intent boiling over.

There was black Qi endlessly gushing out of Lin Xuan’s body. This was an alternate power, and was incredibly strong. However, it was also because of this power that he had been abandoned by the heaven and earth, and could no longer draw on the Regulations of heaven and earth.

“I am a true prodigy, and the power of darkness has been sealed in me since childhood… oh, this is the name that people of your realm call it. Whilst cultivating celestial techniques, I, too, have not forgotten to cultivate the power of darkness.

“If it was not because of the seal, and that I have used power that I should not, how could I possibly lose to anyone?”

Hearing his declarations, Ling Han was inwardly shocked. Since Lin Xuan had managed to become the disciple of the Spiritual Mountain Celestial King, he naturally had to have gone through strict inspections, yet the Spiritual Mountain Celestial King actually had not managed to tell there was something off about him. Who was the one who had placed this seal? It was so powerful.

However, whatever, he would just beat him until he burst!

Ling Han summoned the Divine Demon Sword, and as the sword swiped out, it swept towards Lin Xuan’s head.

“How are you capable of matching me when I have activated the power of darkness?” Lin Xuan laughed loudly. He commenced a direct sweep of his spear, using it like he would use a rod. He had given up the power of a Celestial Tool, and was merely using the overbearing nature of the Pseudo-Divine Metal itself.

It was because he could no longer activate the Pseudo-Celestial Tool—the cultivation of the other realm was naturally incompatible with this realm.

However, not only was the force of this strike no weaker than his original battle prowess, it had instead risen considerably. If An Ran was here, she would definitely experience a great shock. The other party’s battle prowess was just about equal to her own.


The sword and spear clashed, creating a round of brilliant sparks. A shock wave also spread out from the clash. Peng, peng, peng, a layer of the ground had been scraped off from the pure impact.

The smile on Lin Xuan’s face immediately vanished, and he once again showed an expression of disbelief. That was because even if he had activated the power of darkness, he was actually still no match for Ling Han!

Why was it like this?

Shouldn’t the power of darkness be at a higher level than the overall level of cultivation of this realm? And his cultivation level was also higher than Ling Han’s, so why was he still no match for Ling Han?

It was completely unreasonable!

His expression was completely vacant. The confidence that he had just established crumbled once more, and it collapsed completely this time, both inside and out.

“Ignorant!” Ling Han exclaimed lightly. The Divine Demon Sword moved, its Sword Qi filling the skies. Facing someone like Lin Xuan, there was no need for him to feel any pity.


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