Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2171 - Heaven-defying Power

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Chapter 2171: Heaven-defying Power

Ling Han retracted his fist. As if nothing had happened, he continued to walk forward.

At this moment, no one from the Dragon Universe Palace dared to block him.

They were still transfixed with extreme shock and disbelief. They were completely unable to come to their senses.

A Dividing Soul Tier cultivator had killed an Immortal Palace Tier elite? In a single strike, no less? F*ck!

Only when Ling Han had taken almost 20 steps did the members of the Dragon Universe Palace finally come to their senses. Yet again, another elite stepped forward to block Ling Han.

This time, it was a Third Secret elite.

Since a First Secret elite had been killed with a single strike, sending a Second Secret elite out most likely wouldn’t yield a good result, either. Thus, it was safer for a Third Secret elite to step forward. Moreover, the most powerful Dragon Universe Palace elite here was only at the Third Secret.

If he didn’t step forward, who else would?

He was called Zhao Zhen, and he was an experienced Immortal Palace Tier elite. He had already been at this cultivation level for over 700 billion years. He had initially been a lone cultivator before being recruited by Sui Yuanliang, and he was now the third palace leader of the Dragon Universe Palace.

The palace leader was naturally Sui Yuanliang, and the second palace leader was Tang Tao, a Fourth Secret elite.

“Identify yourself!” Zhao Zhen roared. Ling Han’s power was far too heaven-defying, so he had no option but to take this opponent seriously. He didn’t dare to view Ling Han as a Dividing Soul Tier cultivator, even though the latter was indeed a Dividing Soul Tier cultivator.

Ling Han peered at him before throwing another punch.


This punch was just as powerful and domineering as before.

With a roar, Zhao Zhen unsheathed a green broadsword, and slashed down at Ling Han’s punch.


A burst of sword light slammed into the fist.


A brilliant light instantly erupted. Zhao Zhen maintained his slashing posture, yet his body was forcefully pushed back by the domineering force of Ling Han’s punch. His feet carved two deep trenches into the ground.

He was pushed back two and a half kilometers, and he only ground to a halt after almost reaching the other side of the small village. His hands trembled violently, and he could barely maintain his grip on his broadsword.

The members of the Dragon Universe Palace faltered for a moment before erupting into rapturous and deafening cheers.

An elite who could block Ling Han had finally appeared.


They all heaved a sigh of relief. They had almost been convinced that Ling Han could boundlessly defy the heavens and slay anyone at the Immortal Palace Tier.

“Waah!” Zhao Zhen suddenly vomited a large mouthful of blood. At the same time, his hands finally lost grip, causing his broadsword to clatter to the ground. His bloodied hands shook uncontrollably, and this was due to the formidable force of Ling Han’s punch. This wasn’t a great deal. However, the blood that he had vomited was truly terrifying. This was a mouthful of blood that was filled with shattered flesh.

This was shattered flesh from his organs, which had been obliterated by the might of Ling Han’s punch.

Zhao Zhen couldn’t control himself anymore, and he continued to vomit mouthful after mouthful of blood, all of which were filled with his shattered internal organs. It was as if he were about to expel all of his internal organs.

He had only suffered such severe wounds because Ling Han had unleashed the Regulation of Slaughter. Moreover, he had unleashed this using the Source Power of heaven and earth.

A blade of grass which had once been as ordinary as could be had managed to endure the previous generation’s Regulation of Slaughter, thereafter becoming extraordinary. With a single shake, it could astound the heavens, shake the earth, and destroy the stars. Zhao Zhen was only an ordinary Third Severance elite, so how could he hope to rival this devastating might?

After vomiting 100 mouthfuls of blood, Zhao Zhen violently lurched forward, collapsing to the ground. His aura vanished without a trace.

He had died. He had also died…

Even though Zhao Zhen had seemingly blocked Ling Han’s punch, he had ultimately still fallen to this attack.


Killing a Third Secret elite with a single strike? Moreover, to achieve this as a measly Heaven Soul elite? How could they accept this?

However, this was also Ling Han’s limit. He was only able to insta-kill ordinary cultivators up to the Third Secret. If he wanted to insta-kill those at a higher cultivation level, he would need to unleash his trump card—the Great Clash of Source Powers.

However, the members of the Dragon Universe Palace naturally didn’t know this. Thus, they were filled with extreme shock and fear. Where was the limit of this Heaven Soul elite? Or perhaps he had no limit?

Ling Han finally stopped, saying, “Shuangshuang, where did you two hide before?”

“In a cellar in the Heart Willow Estate,” Chen Shuangshuang hurriedly replied.

“Bring me over.”


The members of the Dragon Universe Palace could only watch on as Ling Han and the others left. They didn’t dare to block them at all. Even Zhao Zhen had been insta-killed, so what difference would it make even if they all charged over? That would simply be seeking death.

The Heart Willow Estate was the largest structure in the entire village. It belonged to the Wenren Clan, which was a rich and powerful clan of the village. Of course, the most powerful member of this “powerful clan” was only at the Genesis Tier.

After entering the Heart Willow Estate, they were immediately met with resistance from members of the Heart Willow Estate. However, their resistance was futile. Ling Han wasn’t heavy-handed toward them, and he simply unleashed his aura, causing them to all collapse to the ground.

“We hid inside the cellar the entire time, and no one discovered us,” Chen Shuangshuang said with a proud expression.

This was only natural. They were both at the Fourth Severance, so if they were intent on concealing themselves, how could the people in the Heart Willow Estate discover them?

They arrived at the hiding location, yet the door to the cellar was already open. There was no one inside.

Ling Han had already anticipated this. The Dragon Universe Palace had been searching the entire village, so Ling Jianxue naturally had had to change his hiding location. Otherwise, he would have been found sooner or later.

Ling Han planned to use the Regulations of Time to replay the events of the past. It would be helpful to receive even the slightest bit of information.

He channeled the Source Power of Time, replaying the scenes from the past.

A young man materialized before them, and it was as if he were genuinely standing before them.

This was none other than Ling Jianxue.

Ling Han involuntarily reached forward, yet his hand directly passed through Ling Jianxue’s body. This was only natural as this was no more than a projection of the past.

This young man’s appearance was slightly similar to Ling Han’s, but it was even more similar to Helian Xunxue’s. He was lying on the ground, and it was clear that he was in a sorry state.

The image didn’t change much until a young man suddenly entered the cellar. A solemn expression spread across Ling Jianxue’s face, and he immediately leaped up to attack. The young man retreated, yet he was no match for Ling Jianxue, being captured in a single exchange.

Ling Jianxue turned around and dashed out of the cellar, disappearing into the distance.

‘Huh? Who is this person?’

Ling Han’s divine sense was all-encompassing, and with a single wave of his hand, his Origin Power transformed into a hand that dragged all members of the Wenren Clan over.

“Who’s going to tell me? Who is this person?” Ling Han paused the image, leaving it at the moment that the young man appeared.

“L-Lord, this is Wenren Yue, a disciple of the main branch,” a middle-aged man replied.

“Lord, hasn’t the palace leader of your esteemed sect already gone to pursue that wretched brat with our senior elder?” an elder said as he looked at Ling Han.

Ling Han frowned upon hearing this. ‘What’s going on?’

“Explain more clearly.”


Elsewhere, in a dense forest outside the small village.

Ling Jianxue and Wenren Yue hid behind a tree that had already withered long ago. They held their breaths as there were people scouring around not far away.

“Why are you helping me?” Ling Jianxue asked using his divine sense. If it weren’t for Wenren Yue’s warning, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to escape in time. He would have been trapped in the Wenren Clan, and at this moment, he would have already been captured or killed.

“Because I need your help,” Wenren Yue replied with his divine sense. He was at the Mountain River Tier, so communicating with his divine sense was naturally not a problem.

Ling Jianxue was slightly astonished, and he asked, “In my current state, what can I possibly help you with?”

“I need your support so I can help my younger brother become the clan leader,” Wenren Yue replied.

Ling Jianxue faltered upon hearing this. However, he immediately came to a realization, and he said, “You know my true identity!”

“Indeed, I eavesdropped on a conversation between members of the Dragon Universe Palace, and I discovered that you’re a disciple of the Heavenly Saint Palace,” Wenren Yue said. He didn’t keep this a secret.

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