Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2340 - Powerful Physique

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Chapter 2340 Powerful Physique

Upon witnessing this, everyone felt numb with shock.

Was this not astounding?

To rival an Eleventh Leaf monarch star without using the power of Regulations? Was this a joke?!

Regulations were the foundation of one’s battle prowess. Even if one were an Eighteenth Lotus Ancestral King, if they didn’t wield Regulations, their battle prowess would only be equivalent to that of Sixth Lotus cultivators.

This was one of the main reasons why the Foreign Realm still hadn’t been able to conquer the Celestial Realm after so long. Every single elite had to face the issue of exhausting the power of Regulations. If they couldn’t achieve speedy victory, they would have no option but to retreat. Otherwise, they would be seeking death.

Now, however, Ling Han was relying on his physical power alone to rival Sen Ping. If this could be promoted, the Foreign Realm would no longer have any worries when fighting the Celestial Realm. Not only could they venture deep into the Celestial Realm, but after conquering the latter, they could even gain an advantage when invading other realms. They could transform enemy grounds into home grounds.

At this moment, everyone forgot Ling Han’s past arrogance and rebellious behavior. He was a profound treasure.

Only the Ancestral King shook his head. He had already understood the situation.

It was most likely Ling Han who had triggered the Heavenly Venerate Tribulation just then. This was because he had somehow grasped a wisp of power of heaven and earth, resulting in him being targeted by a tribulation. However, he clearly hadn’t succeeded. In fact, it was impossible for him to succeed. After all, a measly Eighth Lotus cultivator had no right to grasp the power of heaven and earth.

In the view of this Ancestral King, Ling Han had most likely ingested some kind of mystical matter of heaven and earth, accidentally absorbing some power of heaven and earth. This had then triggered the heavenly tribulation. Meanwhile, Ling Han was tempered by the power of heaven and earth, allowing him to gain a wisp of the might of heaven and earth.

The power of heaven and earth was the foundation of all matter. It was naturally transcendent above Regulations, so was it strange that it could rival the power of Regulations?

Of course, if Ling Han’s physique hadn’t already advanced to the Ascending Origin Tier, the tempering of the Void Particle Energy wouldn’t have had such great effect.

This was a miraculous event that couldn’t be replicated.

The longer Sen Ping fought, the more flustered he became. His opponent clearly wasn’t using the power of Regulations. However, he could easily block all of his attacks, and he wasn’t falling into a disadvantage, either. That being the case, just how terrifying would he be if he unleashed his true strength?

This thought was not unique to him. Everyone else was thinking the same thing.

For example, Huai Jian, Xu Xing, Jing Zhongyue, and Xue Ge all wore solemn expressions as they looked at Ling Han. This was especially the case with Jing Zhongyue. She had fought against Ling Han before, and neither of them had unleashed their most powerful attacks at that time. However, they had still been able to sense each other’s power. It was because of this that they had eagerly anticipated a rematch during the ranking battles for the Elite Leaderboard.

Now, however, she suddenly realized that Ling Han had only revealed a sliver of his power.

This demon… Just what was his extreme?

After exchanging a further 100 or so strikes, Ling Han shook his head, and finally came to his senses.

He truly couldn’t recall how he had achieved that. Perhaps he was better off teaching those formulas and models to Hu Niu and the others. At that time, they could wrack their brains together. Moreover, once they succeeded, their battle prowess would soar in leaps and bounds. In fact, they might even forge a new and powerful path of cultivation, allowing one to avoid Regulations and directly draw on the power of heaven and earth.

As he mulled over this, he didn’t forget to throw a punch.


He struck Sen Ping square in the face.

Sen Ping involuntarily stumbled back.


After taking two steps, he couldn’t help but collapse to the ground. It was as if his soul had been beaten from his body. He couldn’t control his body at all. “Victory to Ba!” the judge loudly announced.

Sen Ping was dispirited as he left the arena. He had lost to You Yuan in the previous tournament, and he had lost to Ling Han now. Perhaps the Hundred Battles Academy was his nemesis? Moreover, You Yuan had only been slightly more powerful than him. With a bit of hard work, he could have still surpassed You Yuan. However, Ling Han’s power was unfathomable and unreachable.

Just like Huai Jian, he was lofty and paramount. Sen Ping could only gaze up in reverence.

Ling Han fought another battle, and he naturally advanced to the top 32 with two victories to his name.

He was allowed to rest for another five days. When he returned, he immediately called all of his wives and partners over, detailing his experience.

They were all delighted by what they heard. Because of their aptitude, the cultivation speed of Liu Yutong, Li Sichan, and the others was extremely slow. Even after using Ancestral King Blood, their cultivation speed was only slightly quicker than that of emperor tiers. However, if there were another avenue to increase their cultivation, perhaps they could even become Heavenly Venerates in the future. Thus, this was naturally terrific


Of course, only a single mysterious scroll remained. How long it could be used for was still an unknown matter.

They started to comprehend the formulas and models day and night. However, Wally’s formulas were complex and difficult to understand, so even the progress of monarch stars such as the Empress and Hu Niu was extremely slow. It was very likely that they wouldn’t make any discoveries in the short term.

Anyhow, the Empress and Hu Niu both had extremely clear goals. They would advance to the Eleventh Secret before they focused their attention on investigating the Void Particle Energy. Meanwhile, Bewitching Maiden Rou was also intent on advancing to the Ascending Origin Tier. She wanted to become the first Ascending Origin Tier elite among them. Thus, her focus wasn’t on investigating the Void Particle Energy, either.


Ling Han was extremely happy about the three women’s persistence. Cultivators needed to have their own goals. Only then could they soar to greater heights. In the following five days, Ling Han was still unable to make any progress. Meanwhile, the ranking battles had already entered the round of 32. Just like before, the member of the group who won twice would advance, while the member who lost twice would be eliminated. With Ling Han’s strength, he naturally won his two battles with ease, advancing to the round of 16. Of the 16 initial seeds, only one had failed to advance.

This was because he had come across a powerful opponent in the round of 64. He had suffered severe wounds even though he had achieved victory. As such, five days hadn’t been enough time for him to recover. During the round of 32, he had thus been eliminated by another powerful opponent.

Starting from the round of 16, the competition format would become single elimination battles. Each person would only have a single chance.

Ling Han’s first opponent was Mo, the monarch star ranking second in the previous tournament.

He was a Holy Beast, a member of the Wolf Tribe, and was covered in long silver fur, with his tail in the shape of a powerful dragon. This tail was sturdy and ferocious, and as it whipped around, it could even shatter the surrounding space, creating a void. He had shot to fame long ago, and he had already topped the Elite Leaderboard before Huai Jian’s arrival. Moreover, it was clear that he didn’t intend to advance to the Ascending Origin Tier. It was as if he wanted to remain at this cultivation level forever, becoming the person to top the Elite Leaderboard the most times in history.

Of course, this was only the speculation of other people. In reality, he was only delaying his advance because he was unsatisfied with his foundation. He wanted to temper it even further.

He stood straight before Ling Han, and it was as if he were a notched and ready arrow.

“Ba, I finally have the opportunity to battle you,” he said. His voice boomed like raging thunder.

However, Ling Han couldn’t help but find this to be a shame. This Holy Beast was definitely a nutritious delicacy, but how could he kill this wolf and draw him into the Black Tower under the watchful gazes of so many people?

“Niu wants to eat meat!” Hu Niu shouted from the sidelines. She was giving Ling Han a reminder.

Ling Han couldn’t help but sigh. He glanced at Mo’s leg, and said, “How about we make a deal? Can you sell me a leg? I promise I won’t eat it. I’ll only use it for research.”

Mo was instantly enraged. ‘You won’t eat it? Your eyes are almost gleaming as you stare at me! Drool is almost dripping from your mouth! Whom are you trying to kid?!’

“You dare to belittle me? You’re taking things too far!” The wolf lashed out in rage, with an ancient symbol materializing on his forehead. An astonishing aura swept forth, as devastating as could be.

“According to rumors, Mo once received guidance from a Heavenly Venerate.”

“That’s right. The symbol on his forehead was bestowed by that Heavenly Venerate.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Receiving guidance from a Heavenly Venerate… No wonder he was able to come second on the Elite Leaderboard.”

“Anyone can win this battle!”

The spectators were all engaged in spirited discussions.

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