Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2524 - Drinking party

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Chapter 2524: Drinking party

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“Your master is very busy, so it would be better for you to send me to the destination first.” Ling Han laughed, and boarded the carriage.

Though the great dragon had not taken human form, its intelligence was not the slightest bit low, so it naturally knew that Ling Han’s strength had already surpassed its imagination.

It made no move to resist, all obedient. With it releasing a dragon roar, its claws stepped onto air as it immediately sped forth like lightning.

Ling Han lifted the curtain of the carriage window, and looked at the constantly changing scenery around him. He nodded internally. As expected, dragons were beings that were naturally born to rule the skies. The speed was truly astonishing.


Ling Han looked closely at the few unique metal plates on the dragon’s body. There were seals flickering and flashing light engraved on them.

Instantly, he understood. Dragons were indeed fast, but their speed had not reached an extent that would shock him. Instead, those few metal plates, which were definitely precious tools, boosted the speed of the great dragon, which allowed it to be so fast.

This was almost the speed of a full-out sprint from Ling Han. After more than an hour, Xuan Ying’s abode was already within sight.

It was no problem even if Ling Han had never come here before, because there were too many carriages that were stationed outside this abode. The steeds that pulled these carriages varied greatly, but they were all at the Celestial King Tier. There were peacocks, pheasants, giants, and of course, there were also pure humans.

As long as one had enough strength, even an ant could be mighty and paramount, and when faced with an even stronger being, even a human Celestial King would fall to the level of a steed.

With this thought, it was nothing too strange for a great Celestial King Tier dragon to play the part of a steed.

The large dragon stopped, and withdrew its aura. Though it was a dragon, and a Celestial King Tier one at that, it did not have the slightest feeling of superiority here. If it dared to be arrogant, any single person here could easily slay a dragon.

Cautiously, it sprawled out on the ground.

It had been a servant for so long that it had forgotten the pride of a Celestial King.

“Yi, isn’t this Zhuo Kai’s dragon carriage?”

“Hehe, this profligate young master is here as well. With his personality, he would definitely offend those few female Celestial Kings today, right?”

“He would only be pummeled at most. After all, he has a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate ancestor, and anyone would have to give his ancestor some face.”

“Lord Zhuo Bing is a top-tier prodigy of our martial academy, and has also battled countless years in the Realm Battlefield, finally advancing to the ranks of Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier. He is only but half a step away from true transcendence. This lord is so heroic and mighty, but why would he have such an unworthy descendant?”

“Hehe, if a great son could be born every generation, then wouldn’t the Flaming Frost Realm belong to the Zhuo Clan by then?”

Many people recognized Zhuo Kai’s dragon carriage. Clearly, this guy was extremely showy in the martial academy. His person had not even arrived yet, but he had already caused spirited discussions to rise up among the masses. Of course, all this discussion was negative.

Two young men walked out and approached. They were Zhuo Kai’s friends, and both of them had a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate ancestor in their clans. One was named Wu Jue, and the other was Xu Shan.

“Kai, why are you so late?”

“Come out and take a look at the beauties!”

The two men called out from outside the carriage.

Ling Han opened the carriage door and came out, causing the two men to exclaim in surprise. Because they did not spot Zhuo Kai, they couldn’t help but ask, “Where is Kai?”

It was not that they were curious why there was another person sitting in Zhuo Kai’s carriage, because Zhuo Kai loved to show off—he would often befriend some prodigies so that he could boast everywhere in future.

But where was Zhuo Kai himself?

Ling Han smiled, and replied, “Zhuo Kai found something fun on our way here, and told me to inform you guys on his behalf so you could hurry and play there.”

Both Wu Jue and Xu Shan were surprised. They knew Zhuo Kai liked to play, but with how high the standard of the drinking party was, all the prodigies in the last 10 billion years had been invited, yet Zhuo Kai had actually found somewhere even more enjoyable?

Wu Jue couldn’t help but ask, “What is it?” Though he was also a Celestial King, he had been forcefully pulled up to this level by the incredible might of a great elite. In the future, there would be practically no further room for him to improve.

Thus, having fun was his primary mission.

Ling Han put on an air of mystery, and made a hushing gesture. Then, placing his hand next to his mouth, he whispered, “It is extremely fun. That’s why Zhuo Kai asked you guys to go over.”

Seeing how mysterious Ling Han was acting, Wu Jue and Xu Shan could not hold themselves back any longer, and hurriedly asked, “Where is it?”

Ling Han related the detailed location, causing the dragon next to him to bare its teeth involuntarily. Ling Han was clearly trying to cause trouble. If others witnessed how Zhuo Kai was looking now, would he still have any face to see others in the future?

Despicable; this was really too despicable!

Yet the great dragon did not dare make a sound in the slightest. It pretended that it knew nothing. Having been on the receiving end of a punch from Ling Han, it was fully and completely intimidated.

Wu Jue and the other man were both very intrigued. They knew very well what kind of person Zhuo Kai was. If that other activity was not incredibly fun, how could he bear to miss out on this kind of excitement, but rather play around elsewhere?

They immediately summoned a carriage, and shot out according to where Ling Han had told them to go. They feared that Zhuo Kai would finish playing that fun thing, and nothing would be left for them.

Ling Han chuckled, and jumped down from the carriage. Then, he walked towards the abode.

He was only a Third Heaven Celestial King. This kind of cultivation level was not very high. Furthermore, he had not shown his face much, so it was natural that no one knew how freakishly strong he was, and no one paid any special attention to him at all.

After entering into the abode, he found himself in a completely different world.

For a Celestial King, creating a separate dimension was really too easy. Hence, this abode was also shockingly huge. The place they entered was a colossal plaza, and there were rows of tables set out in this plaza.

Every row of tables was made up of over 100 separate tables joined together. White cloth was laid out on these tables, with meat dishes in one row, fruits in another, and the intervals were continuous. A great many people were walking around between the tables, taking some here and taking some there.

It was just nice; anyone could pick up some meat and fruit anywhere they liked, which was very convenient.

As they roamed around, they ate and socialized with others. Then, there would be servants passing to and fro between them to pour wine, which had a kind of unique charm.

Though there were already several hundred people here, Ling Han only had to sweep a glance over the gathered masses, and he could confirm that the Empress, Hu Niu, and Bewitching Maiden Rou were not among them. Hence, he grabbed a plate, and roamed around himself.

Very soon, he had accumulated a pile of food, and then walked to the side where he began to eat.

There was no seating in the middle of the plaza, but there was all around. There were also tables available for them to place some things.

However, there were not many people here, because this was a drinking party, which was meant as an opportunity for socializing. What do you mean by just eating at the side like this?

Ling Han naturally would not be concerned. The food here was really quite good. Some meat jerky of great Celestial King Tier beasts was already delicious enough with just simple cooking, and if the skill of the chef was even better, it would be even more delectable.

He was very engrossed in eating, and was completely unconcerned about the looks others were throwing at him.

However, after wolfing down the food for some time, he still drew the attention of others.

A young girl walked over, her arms crossed over her chest. Then, bending down, she had practically shoved her face right in front of Ling Han. “Yi, why are you eating here all by yourself?”

“Because I like it,” Ling Han answered nonchalantly. The taste of the food here was really quite good. Hu Niu would like it.

The young girl pouted. “Glutton!” she uttered disdainfully, then her keen interest returned once more, and she additionally asked, “Why are you not socializing with the others?”

“Why should I?” Ling Han countered.

The young girl was surprised. “Could it be that you don’t know that this is a social gathering?”

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh. “Then why don’t you join them, either?”

“Yi, there’s no one good to socialize with!” she sighed, looking very regretful.

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