Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2608 - Strange turn of events

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Chapter 2608: Strange turn of events

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Ling Han was just about to speak, yet was slightly taken aback.

At present, Xiao Yingxiong and the others appeared to be a bit strange. Their eyeballs were covered with a layer of black stuff, and there was an indescribably strange Qi emanating from their entire bodies. Ling Han couldn’t help but feel chills.

It was a bit like the black bear-like monster from before. Yes, although the form was completely different, there was something identical in terms of the aura.

“Ling Han, have you come round, are you planning to surrender your life?” Xiao Yingxiong sneered. He stood upright, exuding strong confidence, as if he had the guts to battle even a Ninth Heaven Celestial King if one was to stand in front of him.

“Your life will end by our hands!” Miao Hua also said.


Gu Heyi didn’t spout any nonsense. He had always been cultured and refined, but now there was an indescribable ferocity to him that made one shudder.

The trio spread out into a triangular formation to surround Ling Han.

Naturally, Ling Han wouldn’t let them succeed. He had confirmed his hypothesis that the trio had a special means to track him. With a battle cry, the Divine Demon Sword appeared, and he directly broke through their encirclement.

“You can’t run away!” Xiao Yingxiong laughed loudly. He struck with the spear he gripped in his right hand, while his left hand pressed at the empty air in Ling Han’s direction, and a terrifying pressure immediately enshrouded Ling Han.

Ling Han felt a kind of pain in his head, as if he was being poked by countless needles, which made him want to faint so that he would no longer suffer such pain.

He couldn’t help but feel startled. After all, his spirit had been refined through the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, so how could he be this weak?

“Ling Han, I’ve really overestimated you before!” Xiao Yingxiong instantly struck with murderous intent, stabbing his spear towards Ling Han. “In front of me, you won’t even survive a single blow!”

Ling Han blocked with his sword, and the spear was parried with a ding. However, a terrifying force reverberated, pushing him backwards.

“You’re only in the Fourth Heaven!” Xiao Yingxiong said disdainfully, and swept out with his right hand again. A black seal appeared in the palm of his hand, shaped like a hexagon, and it was pressed towards Ling Han.

Inconceivable! In reality, only half a year had passed. How could Xiao Yingxiong’s battle prowess have increased so much?

This thought crossed Ling Han’s mind.

Xiao Yingxiong’s cultivation level had not changed, and even his power had not changed as well, but he had mastered a method that could cause huge spiritual damage.

It was as Ling Han possessed the advantage of Body Art over others, which directly allowed him to defy the heavens. Although Xiao Yingxiong wasn’t as freakish, he had also raised his battle prowess to a higher level.

Now just he alone boasted the battle prowess of the peak stage of the Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier, completely overwhelming Ling Han.


Ling Han channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, took a blow from Xiao Yingxiong head-on, and then used that impact to speed up to escape the encirclement.

“Humph!” Miao Hua struck with his spear while delivering a palm strike with his right hand. The terrifying pressure assaulted Ling Han, causing him to have a splitting headache.

The trio seemed to have mastered some kind of secret technique which granted them the ability to cause lethal damage against the spirit.

Ling Han gave out a loud roar, and used teleportation. Peng, peng, peng, his body forcibly broke through the space, and instantly arrived a far distance away.

The trio including Xiao Yingying did not pursue, but sneered instead.

“By practicing this secret technique, our battle prowess can still be increased.”

“When we next meet this boy, we can easily take his life.”

“His Body Art is very strong, so he can still help us improve to some extent, although this isn’t very important now compared to the means we currently possess.”

The trio were full of confidence, knowing that they could not catch up to Ling Han, so they simply gave up the chase.

Ling Han ran for a long time before entering the Celestial Guest Residence again.

This time, it only took him half a day to recover. After all, he had not been directly struck by a Celestial Tool.

“What did those three guys encounter? Their spiritual attack is so terrifying.

“Though we have merely exchanged one or two blows, I have a feeling that their personalities seem to have changed as well; they have become incredibly bloodthirsty and sinister.

“What secrets are hidden in this large tomb?”

Ling Han was extremely apprehensive of Desolate Moon having such resolve to spread the amazing technique of a Heavenly Venerate. If the latter wasn’t the number one nicest person in the world, then he had to have an incredibly huge plot.

Would there be any good people in the Celestial King Graveyard?

Maybe there were, but they were definitely limited, otherwise they would be devoured whole by others.

Therefore, Desolate Moon had to be the latter case; he was plotting something extremely big.

Ling Han really couldn’t think of what the other party was plotting that he could be so generous.

Ling Han left the Celestial Guest Residence, and started wandering around, but didn’t enter any large tomb so that it would be easy for him to escape in the event of any unusual circumstances.

After moving about for a while, the trio including Miao Hua did not rush over to kill him. Instead, he encountered two groups of people engaging in battle.

He didn’t know why the two groups of people clashed, but the battle was extremely fierce, and… they all used techniques similar to that of Xiao Yingxiong and company. The changes they had undergone were more obvious than those of Xiao Yingxiong and company, with black Qi emanating from their entire bodies, as if they were demonic killers.


Ling Han was suddenly startled. Wasn’t this somewhat similar to the black bear-like monster?

If they had tentacles growing out of their bodies, then there really wouldn’t be any difference.

Had they… been subtly changed by this place? No one had noticed anything strange, because they were still seeking treasures and engaging in battles.

‘Why am I not affected as well?’

Ling Han checked himself—there wasn’t any black substance covering his eyeballs, and of course he didn’t possess any power to cause spiritual damage.

He thought about it carefully. Was it because he spent a large portion of time in the Celestial Guest Residence? Or that he cultivated the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll, a Body Art created by a Heavenly Venerate, which could greatly increase the strength of one’s spirit?

He felt an alarm go off in his heart. Such a method that could alter the personalities of the trio including Xiao Yingxiong was truly terrifying.

Yi, could this be Desolate Moon’s plot?

Was he intending to turn everyone here into bloodthirsty lunatics?

Although everyone in the Celestial King Graveyard was bloodthirsty, as if they were psychotic, everyone still cherished their own lives after all, with each having their own plans. The formation of the different forces was clear evidence of this, otherwise everyone would just form one single group together.

Still, what benefit would this bring to Desolate Moon?

Why would a Celestial King do something so meaningless, letting everyone here exterminate one another until everyone was wiped out? What good could Desolate Moon gain from this?

Brahman Celestial Flower? Ascending Dragon Pill?

While Ling Han was analyzing it, the battle between the two groups of people had ended, resulting in the complete annihilation of one side.

No one escaped; it was as if everyone had gone mad.

The winning side was only left with three people standing. They turned their gazes towards Ling Han, with black light flashing in their eyes, and exuding a terrifying chill.

Without hesitation, they rushed forward to attack Ling Han.

Ling Han humphed and rushed out, throwing three punches in a row with loud peng noises. The three of them were crushed by him.

Three spiritual attacks were launched by the trio, causing Ling Han to feel a slight stinging sensation.

He was startled. The highest cultivation level of these three people was only Third Heaven at most. Logically, it should be impossible for him to feel anything from their attacks, but they actually made him feel a slight stinging sensation, which didn’t bode well.

“It seems that everyone here has become stronger… Yi!”

Ling Han realized that black Qi was rising from the three people’s bodies and floating towards him.

He flew upwards, swiftly retreating 100 meters, but the black Qi continued to float towards him like a shadow.

‘What the heck is this?’

Ling Han no longer tried to evade it; he was too curious, and wanted to test it on himself.

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