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What's not to love about my new life after transmigrating into a Pet-centered world?There are mighty creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They can either be cuddly companions, helpers in your daily life, daring scouts or strong fighters. Or all of the above. Not bad, huh?I have a family, but the fact is completely overshadowed by my younger sister. She thoroughly hates my guts, and she makes sure that I know this. Every. Single. Day.Did I mention that she's disgustingly talented while I am a bottom feeder? A terribly handsome one at that.I have free rein to run the family business on my own. A small and quaint Pet Store. It should have been great if not for the fact that the previous owner of this body was born with ZERO affinity to handle Astral PetsIt wouldn't be a proper transmigration without a gimmick or a system to pave my road to greatness, don't you think? I have one, but I don't know if I would be better off without it

Astral Pet Store