Astral Pet Store - Chapter 1147 - The Fourth World

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Chapter 1147 The Fourth World

“There was once a strange store in the heyday of deities.”

The sutra elder spoke with a complicated expression. “The store trained various sorts of beasts and sold them to experts. None of the people who visited the store were turned down. So, a glorious period arrived; there were countless Deity Emperors back then, and even people who were even stronger…

“An unimaginable being was overseeing the store; nobody had ever dared to cause trouble in the store. There was once an incident where nineteen Deity Emperors attacked the store together, but all of them were suppressed…

“Deities declined because of the incident, and were thus unable to protect themselves in the catastrophe that followed. That was the ending of all deities…”

The old man looked at Su Ping and added, “Maybe the store wasn’t destroyed, but was passed on, and you’re the new heir it has picked…”

Su Ping was stunned for a moment; he didn’t really know that part of the history.

He curiously asked the system, “Is this true? I’m not the first master? His description seems to fit our case very well.”

The system replied casually, “Have I ever told you that you’re the first host? You’re not the first, and you’ll probably won’t be the last. Still, I do hope that you’ll be the last one.”

“How did they perish?” asked Su Ping curiously.

If anything befell them while they had the system’s help, they must have encountered grave dangers. “Just like you, they loved going out of the store for fun,” replied the system casually.

Can you be more serious?

“Some of them died from carelessness, while others died in natural disasters,” said the system indifferently, with more solemnity in his tone.

“What exactly were those natural disasters? Could disasters happen in such powerful ages? Were the crises similar? What about the one that happened to the Archean Divinity?” asked Su Ping curiously. “More or less,” said the system, “You’re too weak to know all the details; it would only be an obstacle for your cultivation. I’ll tell you everything when the moment comes.”

“You’re playing mysterious again,” Su Ping complained in his heart.

“I’m not playing mysterious. It’s just that some beings will notice you by merely knowing of their existence, and you’re too weak right now. To put it simply, you’re not qualified to know about those formidable beings, just like those Celestials aren’t qualified to know of my existence,” said the system casually.

Su Ping was dazed by this. They would notice him when he learned of their existence?

He only knew that some beings would know whenever their names were uttered. He didn’t expect that some of those experts could detect him just by him learning about them. What kind of power was that?

Such a concept was already beyond his comprehension.

It was just like two-dimensional creatures failing to understand a three-dimensional world.

It seems that there’s still a very long road ahead of me… Su Ping felt conflicted and helpless as he thought about it. But then, the feeling changed into a vigorous fighting desire.

I will become your master in the end and take care of everything for you! Su Ping thought.

After a moment of silence, the system finally said, “You’re my host, not my master.”

“Isn’t it the same?”


“You’re being naughty again.”

Su Ping smiled, ending their discussion. He looked at the sutra elder and the cauldron woman to ask, “The store you mentioned has nothing to do with us; it’s all in the past. Now, you have two options. Become a temporary worker, or be imprisoned. Choose.”

“Temporary worker?” The old man’s eyes glittered. “Are there any requirements or restrictions for temporary workers?”.

“The only one is that you must not leave the store without permission.”

“I’m fine with that, then.” The old man nodded and accepted the option without much consideration.

The cauldron woman couldn’t help but look at him, not expecting the sly old fox to give up so quickly. She asked, “Are there other options?”


“I can help you refine pills and items, but…”


“I can…”


The cauldron woman fell silent; there was no room for negotiation. No wonder the sly old fox had given up that quickly; he must have already realized how difficult to trick that young man was.

“Fine.” She stopped struggling. Being a temporary worker was clearly better than being a prisoner; in any case, she would at least be free inside the store.

That was much better than sleeping endlessly while cooped up in a dark dungeon.


Su Ping nodded, and prepared the respective contracts.

Two temporary contracts appeared and flew into their hands. They read the contents carefully while Su Ping watched them, then finally signed them.

The contracts disappeared into their bodies like a streak of light, right after being signed. Both artifacts fell into a daze at the same time, as if their consciousness would have been taken to another space. They finally recovered moments later, with changed expressions. They looked at Su Ping with fear.

The contracts allowed them to vaguely sense the horrifying power of the mysterious being aiding Su Ping. They also learned of the rules they had to follow as temporary workers; they were completely bound to Su Ping’s store, unable to leave without his permission.

Furthermore, they would be fired if Su Ping died.

Being fired meant that they would be destroyed!

So, it was impossible for them to secretly kill him to free themselves. They had to try their best to ensure his safety, help in running the store and improve his strength.

This contract binding is even stronger than the old monster’s curses. That being is undoubtedly beyond the emperor level… the sutra old man thought.

He had once followed a Deity Emperor, while another had made him. He knew Deity Emperors quite well; the mysterious being was much more threatening in comparison.

“You are now temporary workers of this store. Ask Anna and the others if there’s anything you don’t know. Anna, they’re all yours,” said Su Ping.

Joanna nodded. “I’ll teach them well.”

The cauldron woman rolled her eyes. I’m an artifact with emperor-level potential, and yet I have to listen to the teachings of a junior?

The sutra elder’s eyes glittered. He didn’t respond, but his shock was even greater in comparison. He was further convinced that Su Ping’s store was the one he had heard of. Many top experts had been hired in the strange store too, back then; it was said that top Deity Emperors had also been working for the store too.

The shocking story had been told in many places, but most people never thought it was true. However, an emperor-level sutra like him had been bound to that store just then; he realized that the story was actually true.

The being behind this store must be beyond the emperor level. It might not be a bad thing for me to follow them; maybe I’ll have a chance to transcend… thought the old man.

Su Ping then asked what he truly wanted to know, “Senior, you’re in the emperor level, and you also said that you had once met a Deity Emperor who cultivated multiple small worlds. Do you know what the guy’s secondary small world looked like?”

The sutra lapsed for a moment, then quickly replied , “Boss, just call me Dark Demon. The Deity Emperor with double small worlds you just mentioned was once a glowing star, but he perished all too oon. His second small world was called the Spiritual Domain; it was also known as the mini realm of deities, as it was built with the core law from the Realm of Deities.”

“The core law from the Realm of Deities?”

Su Ping was surprised.

It was possible to build a small world with the core law of a realm?

Is the deity aura itself a type of law? The idea then occurred to Su Ping. If it was possible to build a small world with the core of the Realm of Deities, would it then be possible to do the same with the core from the Realm of Gods?

He was inevitably excited. If it was truly possible, that would imply that he would be able to establish multiple more small worlds.

I need to have a try first. Fortunately, the Realm of Deities is one of the cultivation sites available in the system. I should go and check this while I’m still in a weakened status. I’ll aim to cultivate more small worlds and then reach the Ascendant State… Su Ping thought.

It wasn’t difficult for him to become a Star Lord, but the Ascendant State was still a challenge.

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