Astral Pet Store - Chapter 1426 - Training (2)

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Chapter 1426 Training (2)

“Didn’t you say you’d feed me great materials? Wouldn’t I improve really quickly if I ate them?” mumbled the young Chaos Beast.

The Chaos Perception Dragon said, “That’s meant to polish your body. Although they can improve you, you have to find a Dao Heart on your own. However, don’t worry. Since you’re a member of the chaos clan, you only have to believe in the path of chaos. Your Dao Heart is hidden in your bloodline and your body; all you need to do is activate it.

“As for becoming an Ancestral God, it’s very simple for us too. All you need to do is to activate all the bloodline patterns in your body in order to establish the undying universe.”

“If it’s so simple, just teach me; I’ll be able to pick it up fairly quickly,” said the young Chaos Beast.

Su Ping also said, “That’s right, senior. I can spend some more time here. Just focus on teaching.”

The Chaos Perception Dragon rolled its eyes so hard that Su Ping almost saw moons in them. “I will impart some chaos secret techniques. You shouldn’t be here.”

“I certainly wouldn’t peep,” said Su Ping in a hurry.


The large dragon instantly fell silent.

The young one further fanned the flames. “Do you want to teach me or not? If not, since you said that all the mysteries are already in my body, I’ll just learn on my own; it’ll only take a while longer. There’s no way you can separate me from my master!”

The dragon’s eyelids seemed to be twitching. It looked at the human and the beast, feeling the urge of stomping them flat.

“If you’re so stubborn, so be it. But let’s be clear: once the cultivation starts, you must not interfere. If you do, I will leave with the little one immediately,” said the Chaos Perception Dragon to Su Ping.

The latter instantly nodded and said, “Do you mind teaching a few more people?”

“I do!”


Su Ping could only drop the idea of asking the Dark Dragon Hound and his other pets to tag along

The young Chaos Beast was furious. “Why mind? I’ll be more focused if I’m training with a partner.”

The Chaos Perception Dragon felt rather helpless. “I’m teaching you the chaos secret techniques. Those who are not from our clan can’t learn them; they can’t even if they want to. It’ll only ruin their foundation.”

“You’re so unfair!” cried the young Chaos Beast.


The Chaos Perception Dragon was utterly speechless. Unfair? It would’ve killed both of them if they weren’t part of the chaos clan.

Su Ping coughed and stopped the young Chaos Beast. Seeing that the senior beast was running out of patience, he said, “I’ll be here often. Feel free to teach it anything; I won’t intervene.”

“Humph.” The Chaos Perception Dragon was too lazy to argue anymore. It simply absorbed the young Chaos Beast into its universe and said, “I’m going to polish its bones. Don’t disturb us.”

Su Ping nodded. Once the Chaos Perception Dragon went to lay down on another plain, Su Ping summoned the Dark Dragon Hound and his other pets to have them train with the local beasts.

While he also trained, Su Ping’s badge vibrated and he detected thoughts embedded on it. After examining them carefully, he realized it was Yan Qing and other elders who were searching for him via the badge.

Su Ping instantly sent a message back, asking them not to worry for him; they only had to keep a lookout for the Rain Clan.


Yan Qing and the other elders felt relieved after learning that Su Ping was safe and sound. They instantly asked where he was at the moment, but he didn’t go into detail, simply saying he was in a safe area.

Elder Chan sent a message to Su Ping’s badge. “The Rain Clan seems to be contacting other clans to pressure all humans.”

Su Ping slightly changed his expression. Imposing pressure on humans? Weren’t they trying to force him to reveal himself?


Su Ping’s face was gloomy. He did say he was responsible for his actions, his opponents obviously didn’t consider it a personal action. They targeted all of his clan.

“Don’t worry. The human clan is now on full alert. Thanks to you, many high-ranked clans expressed their goodwill towards humans. If your fellow humans are diplomatic enough, they can resist the Rain Clan with the high-ranked clans’ help for a while. We will send someone to help them too,” said Elder Chan.

Su Ping felt slightly relieved. He asked, “Any updates about the Ancestral God of the Rain Clan?”

“The Ancestral God? Speaking of which, how did you escape from the Rain Clan’s Ancestral God?” asked Elder Chan curiously.

“It’s a long story.” Su Ping briefly talked about the Chaos Perception Dragon’s help, which baffled the minds of Elder Chan and the others. A ferocious beast helped him?

Everybody started guessing about Su Ping’s identity.

Elder Chan was quick to give a warning, “The Chaos Perception Dragon is one of the greatest disasters from the world of chaos. It once slaughtered a high-ranked clan, causing a living hell. It is a common enemy of all gods. Don’t get too involved with it.”

“But the creature did me a favor, and I must return it,” said Su Ping.

“But that’s a ferocious beast,” said Elder Chan right after, “Are you related to it by blood?”

“Not exactly,” said Su Ping, “But a ferocious beast’s favor is still a favor.”

Elder Chan was relieved. He then fell silent.

“In that case, there might be trouble…” Elder Chan heaved a sigh.

Su Ping was suspicious. “Trouble?”

“The Rain Ancestor was defeated by the ferocious beast and failed to kill you, and it is almost certain that you’ll grow to become an Ancestral God. You’re such a great threat that the Rain Clan will surely try their best to kill you. If the ferocious beast is protecting you, they’ll aim to kill it first. That Chaos Perception Dragon trespassed the Rain Clan’s territory. It is very possible that they could rally other clans to help them kill the beast,” said Elder Chan.

Su Ping felt dazed. So, the Chaos Perception Dragon could be in danger.

“If my guess is correct, you must be at the borderlands, the place the Chaos Perception Dragon calls home. I don’t know your exact position, but the Rain Ancestor will probably join forces with other Ancestral Gods and search for you,” said Elder Chan.

Su Ping’s face changed a bit. It was easy for him to escape, but the Chaos Perception Dragon couldn’t resurrect. If it was surrounded and executed…

Su Ping looked at the enormous, hill-like creature teaching the young Chaos Beast.

After a moment of silence, Su Ping flew over.


“Didn’t I say that I was not to be disturbed?” The Chaos Perception Dragon suddenly opened his eyes, almost piercing Su Ping with its coldness.

Su Ping quickly repeated Elder Chan’s message. “Senior, you wouldn’t have been caught in this mess if you hadn’t helped me. I have a proposal, which may hopefully make up for it.”

“Speak.” The Chaos Perception Dragon remained expressionless.

“Sign a contract with me and become my pet. That way I can offer you things that you can’t imagine,” said Su Ping.

The Chaos Perception Dragon gazed at Su Ping. Obviously, it was thinking that something was wrong with Su Ping’s head!

“F*ck off.”

The Chaos Perception Dragon’s reply was short and simple.

Su Ping smiled bitterly, knowing that it would be a hard sale. Besides, he wasn’t sure whether or not he would explode if he signed a contract with such a powerhouse with his current level.

After all, he wasn’t even a God Emperor yet.

Fortunately, he could make a breakthrough at any time. If the Chaos Perception Dragon accepted, he could induce the conditions for the breakthrough and sign a contract with the beast senior right then.

“Senior, I’m not kidding. Just think about it,” said Su Ping.

“F*ck off. I’m not kidding, either!” The Chaos Perception Dragon’s voice was gloomy. “I forbid you to talk to my master like this!” cried the young Chaos Beast with its childish voice.

The Chaos Perception Dragon was rather angry. He roared at Su Ping, “Hurry up and leave. It’s absorbing the Original Fluid of Chaos. It can’t get distracted at this time!”

“You’re still being mean!” roared the young Chaos Beast.

Su Ping smiled bitterly and quickly appeased the young beast. He then turned around and left. After all, if the worst outcome came to pass and the Chaos Perception Dragon was almost beaten to death, he could force a contract by then.

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