Astral Pet Store - Chapter 851 - Duel

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Chapter 851: Duel

The space at the center of the arena was a collapsed deeper space!

It was the dark and dangerous tertiary space!

Even those in the Fate State had to tread lightly, since they could perish at any moment. As for the fourth space… It was dangerous even to those in the Star State!

Weirdly enough, the space was incompatible with the environment, and it looked like a black curtain in midair.

To have the courage of entering Goddess Suha’s Arena was already a sign of strength in the Amir Royal Academy; only the most distinguished students had the courage and abilities.

Normal students would have been killed even before setting foot into this real arena!

Two men were currently fighting in the arena located in the tertiary space; all sorts of battle pets, including dragons, were fighting alongside them.

The dragons were popular, and their abilities were comprehensive. It was also easy for them to deal with elements of all classes; they had great defenses and explosive power, being almost immune to deterrence skills. Dragons with rare bloodlines could even subdue enemies with their auras.

In addition, a dragon with a great bloodline could collectively deter all enemy pets.

All those advantages always made dragons the battle pet warrior’s top choice.

Demon pets were better in terms of extreme explosive power! Some of them were used for support, some had massive power, and others were skilled assassins that could end a dragon’s life with a single attack!

Apart from them, the category belonged to the elemental battle pets, which were the largest in number, but they were mostly support pets.

The current battle taking place in the tertiary was almost evenly matched.

Therefore, it was obvious to see their pets lineup; one side had three dragons, two demon pets, and four elemental pets.

The three dragons had been placed in the vanguard. One of the two demon pets imposed fear and mental interference on enemies, and the other one moved unpredictably like a ghost. It was obviously an assassin pet.

The other four pets were casting all kinds of elemental enhancements and shields; the dazzling elemental waves turned the battlefield into a glamorous oil painting.

The opposing lineup included two dragons, three demon pets, three elemental pets, and a combative pet.

Combative pets were the most common pets. They had nothing remarkable except their higher-than-average speed and strength. However, surprisingly enough, such a pet was fighting a dragon without being intimidated. Its scales were as hard as those of a dragon!

“I had long heard that Virgil’s combative pet is a special mutant. I didn’t know it was true!”

“It’s unbelievable! A combative pet is fighting a dragon head-on!”

“Was that combat pet born from a dragon?”

All the students who were watching the battle outside of the arena were surprised. There was a saying among the battle pet warriors: there are no weak pets, only weak battle pet warriors.

However… nobody truly believed that.

Some pets had much more advantages than others. If not, what would the students be learning in the academy? Just the offensive skills?

Most battles happened between equally strong people; it was rare that one party could crush the other, except when the latter pissed off people they shouldn’t have. However, there weren’t that many imbeciles in real life.

Therefore, most people who fought were evenly matched. That was why the features of their pets and how they were arranged would decide the outcome of the battle!

That was what the students had to learn.

Some of the elemental pets, when grouped together, were able to crush dragons on the same level. That was exactly a feature buff!

“Virgil’s dragons are all a bit weird!”

Outside of the arena—Offit’s eyes glittered as she realized that the two dragons hadn’t been developed in a balanced way. Rather, they were extremely inclined to act as tanks!

One of the dragons was of the fire class, while the other was a wind type. They looked like explosive pets in every perspective, but all their skills were defensive. They also had a high resistance to relevant elements and they remained unscathed even when hit.

Most shockingly, all three demon pets were assassins!

They wandered at the edge of the clashes, waiting for opportunities to attack while the dragons and the combative pet resisted the pressure.

One of the elemental pets had almost been killed by the three sordid demon pets!

Three demon pets attacking one elemental pet at the same time was definitely a shameless fighting method!

“Why do I feel that Senior Brother Virgil is winning?” Mia was stunned by the ever-changing battle.

Nobody seemed to be losing, but she had the instincts of a woman.

Offit nodded slightly. “He has better moves. He must have asked a master trainer to do specialized training and adjustments to his pets. There’s also the fact that Virgil is quite strong; it seems that he’s been hiding himself.”

The situation in the arena suddenly changed while they spoke.

The three demon pets quickly took action and surrounded the opponents’ unpredictable demon pet. They were about to slay it, but then it was suddenly recalled.

The three demon pets reacted quickly enough, instantly marching towards the three dragons that had lost an ally and defeated them, crumbling their formation.

In the crowd, someone remarked with a casual smile, “Virgil has won.”

The battle was over in ten seconds. The green-haired young man who only had two dragons won.


“Senior Brother Virgil!”

“You have the best combative pet!”

The crowd cheered for Virgil, who was a famous senior student about to graduate.

Another duel took place right after they left the arena.

The second duel was even fiercer; the abilities that the two contestants demonstrated were able to shock a lot of the students.

“They’ve grasped laws!”

“The man has two Star State dragons! That’s a violation!”

“Which powerful families are they from?”

“I’ve never seen them before. I heard that they came to our academy in order to get the recommendations for the Universe Geniuses’ Contest.”

The tertiary space seemed about to be torn apart as the battle in the deeper space got more and more intense, which further excited the audience. All of them wanted to see what the fourth space looked like; they had heard that the space torrents in such environment could kill dragons instantly!

“Those guys…” Offit narrowed her eyes solemnly.

Mia changed her expression multiple times, then looked at her sister Offit with concern. She was too weak to get a recommendation this time; she had signed up for the screening matches and considered them as a chance to practice. However, she knew that her sister was a genius in her family and the whole academy!

She was supposed to dazzle everyone, even in the Universe Geniuses’ Contest where all geniuses were gathered.

However, the two men who had emerged out of nowhere were already strong enough to be listed on the Royal Rank; they could threaten Offit’s position.

The battle was soon over, rounds of exclamations ongoing. Both of the men had merged with Star State pets and fought with laws, rendering the students shocked and silent.

Even the worst student present would still be a genius in the outside world, and all geniuses were proud.

Those who were proud would only measure themselves with those who were stronger, not those who were weaker.

The two strange men who had fought, however, were eye-openers to them.

A lot of exceptional guys in the crowd were silent, while their eyes glittered.

“They’re something, but that’s it. Do they think they deserve recommendations?” A young man with white long hair chuckled in the crowd. He was as handsome as a god and reflected arrogance in his eyes despite the smile on his lips.

Another young man—who was holding an orange cat—smiled and said, “They’re not bad. Do you think everybody is a monster who has grasped five laws before reaching the Star State like you? Highly unlikely!”

The white-haired young man said casually, “Who told you it’s five? I’ve accidentally grasped another one. I’ll show it to you if there’s a chance.”

“What the heck?”

The young man who held the orange cat shrieked, “Accidentally? Damn! I don’t deserve to have such a monster like you as a friend!”

“Yes, you do,” said the white-haired young man solemnly.

The other young man: “…”

Suddenly, a man flew to the arena. He wore a golden robe and a crown, looking like an ancient emperor. He stood in the tertiary space; his astral power staved off the undercurrents of space with ease.

“I am Yuwen Feng. I heard that all the geniuses on the Royal Rank are unparalleled. I would like to challenge them… Are any of them here?” said the young man gracefully.

All the students seethed with excitement and whispered.

“That guy is so arrogant. He dares to challenge the warriors on the Royal Rank!”

“Where is he from? I don’t know him. He sounds rather confident.”

“Yuwen Feng? I know a Yuwen family. I heard it’s a long standing family; they are masters of three planets.”

“Another competitor for the recommendations. Tsk, tsk. I feel like we’re watching the Universe Geniuses’ Contest in advance.”


A man suddenly stepped out while they whispered, shooting into the deeper space of the arena like a sharp arrow.

He was a brawny young man who had glittering eyes and bulging muscles. Space was torn apart underneath his feet and a bloody lion strode out, roaring aggressively.

“He’s the Blood Lion King, who ranks ninth on the Royal Rank!”

“Tsk, tsk. The ninth of the Royal Rank. The man from the Yuwen family will be beaten blue!”

“Yuwen Feng must be thinking, ‘is there still time for me to quit?'”

“And the Blood Lion King will say, ‘prepare to tremble, mortal!'”

All the students were whispering and cheering. Someone had even roared the Blood Lion King’s name to cheer for him.

“That your classmate…” Outside of the arena, Mia looked at Offit.

Offit put on a smile and said, “He’s always been too impatient. Let’s find out if he’s made any progress.”

The battle began in the arena while the audience laughed and cheered. In the meantime, a couple of men were drawing close unhurriedly. They were none other than Alan, Su Ping and the rest of the group.

“Goddess Suha’s Arena is right there.”

“Everyone seems to be here. Have they already run out of patience?”

Xingyue Shen’er introduced the place to Su Ping and the other members of the alliance. The mentors next to Alan, however, squinted and smiled.

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