Astral Pet Store - Chapter 888 - Three Pets Versus the Grand Phoenix

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Chapter 888: Three Pets Versus the Grand Phoenix


Su Jin’er glimpsed at him but didn’t say anything else. Seven extremely rare pets appeared behind her. One of them raised a round of exclamations.

“A Void Fire Grand Phoenix!”

“Oh my god, it’s an Ascendant State breed! This one is still just a child, right?”

“Damn it. Who is she? This is such an extravagant lineup!”

“Ascendants might not even have a full lineup of Ascendant State pets. Are her parents Ascendant State experts?”

Countless people in the audience exclaimed as the phoenix appeared in the middle of the group of pets. The temperature in the arena started rising fast; the heat was even permeating to the deeper spaces; even the tertiary space in that area was getting hot.

“A Void Fire Grand Phoenix!”

Outside of the arena—Linghu Jian, Dragon Emperor and the others showed different expressions. It was unbelievable; the girl actually had pets with Ascendant State bloodlines!

Those pets would have spurred the greed of countless Star Lords if they were found in the wild.


In the temple—the Ascendant State experts including Hai Tuo were also stunned, not expecting her to have such a rare pet.

The Void Fire Grand Phoenix was extremely rare even among Ascendant State species. It would be unimaginably strong once it reached adulthood.

“Who is this girl?” You Ying was surprised and solemn.

He might have snatched that creature if found in the wild, but there were a lot of witnesses present, and the girl definitely had an Ascendant State organization backing her.

“It seems that some people are really generous,” said the mistress of the Black Phoenix Palace with flashing eyes.

Huan Lieshen also became solemn. The young Ascendant State pet seemed to already have the strength of the early Star State, with the potential to crush enemies in that level.

On the far off Blue Planet—

Qin Duhuang, Ji Yuanfeng and the others also changed their expressions. All of them were confident of Su Ping’s power, but his opponent was way off the charts. It was so unfair, for a Fate State to actually have an Ascendant State pet!

“It seems that the championship is out of our hands.”

“Damn it. Boss Su could become a Star Lord soon after the competition is over if he wins the championship and obtains the Time and Space Source!”

“Maybe this is just his destiny. There really are too many hidden geniuses in the universe.”

The others heaved sighs of regret too.

Their planet would rise quickly if Su Ping became a Star Lord. After all, a Star Lord was a powerhouse able to dominate a planetary system.

In the arena—Su Jin’er said with a smile after summoning her beloved pets, “What do you think? Do you want to continue?”

Su Ping was also studying the young phoenix with Ascendant State bloodline. Such a reveal had really surprised him, as Ascendant State beasts were both scarce and strong. He had tried to find their nests to steal some of their young ones in cultivation sites; unfortunately, he hadn’t had any success yet.

Even if he found a nest, it was impossible for him to break into it; sadly, he could only look at it from a distance.

“Not bad. It’ll become a great Ascendant State pet if it’s properly trained,” said Su Ping with mixed feelings. Then he added, “It grows at a very fast rate, can you keep up with it? Its potential will be ruined if it has to wait for you. That would be a huge loss.”

Su Jin’er was stunned to see that Su Ping wasn’t at all scared; he was even making comments about it. With eyebrows raised, she said with a smile, “You seem to know a lot about pets. I can keep up; it doesn’t have to wait. I’ll be able to rise to the Ascendant State smoothly if I win the championship finals.”


Su Ping had the same plan. “That would be most ideal.”

“I’m failing to notice the backgrounds of your pets. Are they all mutants? What are their bloodlines?” Seeing that Su Ping wasn’t itching to start, Su Jin’er wasn’t in a hurry to fight, either.

Su Ping looked at his pets and smiled. “Their bloodlines cannot compare those of your pets for now, but they will grow. I will turn them into the strongest pets in this world!”

“The strongest?”

Su Jin’er smiled and said, “You seem to be too obsessed about it. Reaching the Ascendant State is already challenging enough, let alone the Celestial State further above. Never mind; confidence is a good thing. Let’s get this over with. Or maybe, you’re free to admit defeat, so that nobody gets hurt.”


Su Ping nodded.

It was true that they could talk after the battle.

“Come on.”

Su Ping merged with Little White, which was the weakest of his pets and could easily be killed on such an occasion.


Su Ping unleashed his astral power and released a few killing intent boosts. The Little Skeleton, the Inferno Dragon and the Dark Dragon Hound instantly changed; they emitted a horrifying vibe as if they would have emerged from a dark abyss.

On the opposite side, all of Su Jin’er’s pets moaned; they would have flinched if the Void Fire Grand Phoenix hadn’t blocked off most of their auras.


Su Jin’er was stunned; her expression changed somewhat. The pets facing her had turned into ferocious devils. They looked so horrifying that even she felt more or less cold. Such a substantial intent was not the manifestation of mental power; it was the result of countless kills.


Suddenly, the Void Fire Grand Phoenix behind Su Jin’er seemed to be infuriated. It flapped its wings and let out an ear splitting cry. Flames appeared on its body, and the air started to fall apart wherever its wings reached, revealing the deeper spaces. It wasn’t even burning the air on purpose.

Su Jin’er grew solemn. She didn’t overestimate herself, letting her pet attack immediately.


A wave of flames were pushed out; behind the wave was the swooping Void Fire Grand Phoenix.

A thick and magnificent law of flames was melted into its skin. There was only one law, but it had absorbed a dozen sub laws of flames.

Once all the laws in the fire class were grasped and combined, it would be possible to create an ultimate path of flames and reach the Ascendant State!

But obviously, such a goal was far in the distance; there were thousands of laws on each path.


The Inferno Dragon bellowed in an intimidating manner, like an ancient whale. Its scales shook violently as if they were melting, but its eyes were filled with even more brutality and aggressiveness.

The Dark Dragon Hound roared and cast defensive skills on the former as it charged the enemy. Each protection contained the power of laws; all the laws were transformed into defensive skills. Even laws like Annihilation were being used for defense purposes.

After a boom, the wave of flames collided with the Inferno Dragon. The blast made the sky shake, even revealing the boundaries of the battleground.

Flames propagated like a nuclear explosion; a giant mushroom cloud rose to the sky.

Right after the explosion, the Inferno Dragon waved its claws and stepped forward while covered in lightning and fire. It unleashed a violent divine power as it tore into the fifth space, to later reappear before the Void Fire Grand Phoenix.

The phoenix stood its ground. Just like a queen of all phoenixes, it looked down at the target with cold and furious eyes, then fought with its own claws.

The air shook; spatial torrents that were splashing from the fifth space were then torn apart.

The defensive skills covering the Inferno Dragon began to explode layer by layer; the power of laws infused in them was thawed quickly. The Dark Dragon Hound roared and swiftly formed new skills at the same rate.

The Inferno Dragon spouted out a mouthful of flames, and so did the Void Fire Grand Phoenix. Their flames collided again, unleashing scorching energies. Both pets belonged to the fire class; they were going all out. The Void Fire Grand Phoenix soon started to beat the other; its law of flames was so powerful it could have evolved into a Star Lord if its level wouldn’t have been held back.

Suddenly, a white shadow flashed out of the fifth space. The Void Fire Grand Phoenix sensed something and turned its head, quickly letting go of its target.

After a boom, a horrifying saber aura was swept out, tearing all the way into the fifth space in a radius spanning for dozens of kilometers. The sword aura got out of the fifth space and cut a mountain apart, slashing hundred kilometers in the continent!

The Void Fire Grand Phoenix rose to the sky and flapped its wings before it shrieked furiously.

The audience watching the stream were stunned. The battle was far beyond their imagination.

“Those three pets…”

Outside of the arena—Dragon Emperor, Linghu Jian and Hayalim were visibly shocked. The three Fate State pets are able to resist the attacks of a Star State Void Fire Grand Phoenix?

It’s unbelievable!

“The laws in that attack…”

Linghu Jian, however, looked at the mountain that had just been cut apart and narrowed his eyes. While swords and sabers were different, they had a lot of similarities. Just then, the saber attack contained as much power of laws as his own!

Was it launched by that skeleton?

“What kind of skeleton is that? Even Skeleton Kings can’t be that crazy! I don’t remember ever seeing such a horrifying skeleton!”

“This is so unbelievable! Are both of those guys monsters?”

Dragon Emperor and Oasis Gray were also frightened. They had never fought against either of them, but they inwardly admitted that they couldn’t win. They would have been heavily wounded had they been there.

“Your pets…”

Su Jin’er truly shocked; disbelief was displayed on her pretty face too. She hadn’t even thought that those three Fate State pets would have resisted the phoenix’s first wave of attack.

That dog is applying all its laws to defense. Without it, the dragon would have been liquefied in the first clash! Su Jin’er looked at the dog and the unpredictable skeleton. The latter’s attack was so powerful that it could have injured the phoenix if it hadn’t dodged in time.

She finally had to admit that Su Ping’s pets deserved to be called trump cards.

Shedding all the previous disrespect, Su Jin’er quickly commanded her pets.


Illusory flames arose over the Void Fire Grand Phoenix, surrounding its skin and making it look transparent. Once the energy was gathered, its eyes shot two beams of red light.

Su Ping had noticed this in time. He asked the Dark Dragon Hound to defend, while telling the Little Skeleton to thwart the attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One defensive skill after the other was activated, but all of them were destroyed by the red light. The ultimate path of flames they carried had the power to ruin anything; the combination of a dozen fire laws was extremely powerful.

On the other side, the Little Skeleton flashed into the fifth space and attempted to approach the target, but the Void Fire Grand Phoenix fanned out flames and forced it to retreat.

Su Ping realized that the phoenix had been well trained, as it had mastered many abilities. It was difficult for his pets to defeat it on their own; they might even get wounded.


Astral power surged from Su Ping as he used the enhancement skills. The three pets were much faster and stronger than ever before as the power of laws was transmitted, enshrouding them with lightning, fire and wind. They also unleashed the law of darkness, creating a Field of Darkness.

All senses were blocked in that field, also obscuring the exterior.

Like fish in the water, the Little Skeleton quickly approached the Void Fire Grand Phoenix.

The latter, however, quickly turned around and shot a ray of red light to attack it.

Having no time to dodge, the Little Skeleton was hit in the chest. Its ribs were instantly broken, but soon after, black air surrounded the fractures and gathered to make new ribs.

It has special senses? Pets with Ascendant State bloodlines are truly powerful, Su Ping thought. His pets would have been able to defeat it already if the phoenix didn’t have a good aptitude. Still, it had obviously been well trained and was very strong. The Little Skeleton was no match for it; not until it also reached the Star State.


Without hesitation, Su Ping joined the battle too.

The Inferno Dragon’s roar wasn’t as intimidating when facing such a gifted beast. It was the strongest pet that he had ever seen.

Suddenly, Su Jin’er appeared in his way and said with a smile, “Let them have fun with my Little Fire. Don’t get involved.”


Without a word, Su Ping tried to punch her in the face.

Su Jin’er didn’t expect Su Ping to attack that quickly, but she reacted in time. She clenched her fist and fended off Su Ping’s.


Su Ping unleashed his strength and thirty laws. He could smash a mountain into smithereens when paired with the astral power inside his arm.

However—just as Su Ping was exerting his strength—Su Jin’er’s shoulder seemed to shake a bit, and a gentle but sticky power of law appeared in her palm. The law contained complex traits which had obviously absorbed many other laws, blocking Su Ping’s outburst.

Su Ping’s expression changed a little bit. He attacked again before she could open her mouth.

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