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Chapter 578. Cheerful and open-minded

Old Mister Jiang and old Madam Jiang took Jiang Geng with them and followed Third back to the capital to explore.

Third brought them to Father Zhou and Mother Zhou's side. Naturally, he introduced them.

Mother Zhou was quite delighted and said, "Thanks to your help and care since Fourth's wife gone over to there."

"It's nothing. We weren't much help." Aunt Jiang smiled.

"I wonder if they can get used to it over there?" Mother Zhou asked.

"They became used to it. Don't worry." Old Madam Jiang nodded without annoyance.

Zhou Gui Lai showed his grandmother the pictures he brought back: "Look, Grandmother. My parents and the other. They have gained a lot of weight over there."

Mother Zhou held the photos and looked at it. She was overjoyed when she saw the photo. She grinned, "The two of them have gone so far. And got no acquaintance. My heart is full of worry."

Zhou Gui Lai didn't say anything. There was basically nothing to worry about.

His dad can drive all the way to the seafood market to buy seafood back every three to five days. Those big prawns and fresh fish were exceptionally refreshing when stewed as soup. His mom was well care for by his dad.

Father Zhou played chess with old Mister Jiang as they chatted. It was almost dinner time. As expected, Zhou Xuan and Si Ni came over not long later.

Gang Zi and Hu Zi were hawking together. So they will be back later. Since they won't come back so quickly, their meal were set aside.

Zhou Gui Lai introduced old Mister Jiang couple and god-brother Jiang Geng. Zhou Xuan greeted them. Then he said “Tomorrow, you will take care of the shop, Third. I will take Grandpa Jiang and the others around.”

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"Okay." Zhou Gui Lai responded.

Second became the tour guide. Old Mister Jiang, old Madam Jiang, and Jiang Geng took a trip around the capital.

As for accommodation, they stayed in the apartment. No need to go to the guest house.

Three days later, Zhou Xuan took old Mister Jiang, old Madam Jiang, and Jiang Geng back on the road to Hai City.

Although it was a little tiring, old Mister Jiang and old Madam Jiang were satisfied. Even more so for Jiang Geng.

Hai City was a big city. Still, this was the first time they went to the capital. They got to see the Heavenly Gate that were drawn on the book. The great city of thousands of miles.

Second Brother asked people to help take a lot of photos. All for commemoration.

Coming here, he had old Mister Jiang and the other lead the way. He can just follow. Once arrived, he can see that his parents' little life wasn't bad at all.

When he came, his mother was eating shrimp dumplings. Sea shrimp dumplings. They were all big and fresh. Zhou Qing Bai drove to buy them early this morning.

"Dad, Mom." After stepping in, Zhou Xuan merrily greeted.

Lin Qing He was surprised: "Here so soon? Your grandfather Jiang and other didn't play for a few more days?"

Jiang Geng came in with him. As for his grandparents, they went back first. Hearing this, he said, "Godmother, we had played for three days. We have seen the sights and took many photos."

"Alright then." Lin Qing He smiled.

"Call your grandparents to come over and have a meal." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

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"I'll go call." Jiang Geng nodded. He went. Zhou Qing Bai went into the kitchen to work away. Zhou Xuan sat next to his mom and stared his mother's belly.

Them brothers were already this big. Back when they were small, they were young. They were born relatively close. Basically hadn't seen their mother when she was pregnant. This time he saw.

"Is your old mom fat and ugly now?" Lin Qing He fed a shrimp dumpling to her second son and sighed lightly.

"I heard from Third say that Mom's belly is a lot bigger and is extraordinarily beautiful when he got back. I didn't believe it at first. But now I see, I really believed it. There's some people who are specially beautiful when pregnant." Zhou Xuan said sensibly while eating shrimp dumplings.

Lin Qing He amusedly barked: "Both brothers have the same virtue, not a word of truth."

Third was same. Although he often went out to play, he praised her whenever he was free. Saying that she was pretty and she was beautiful. Saying she still looked good while pregnant.

Although it sounded so flowery, it was still pleasing to the ear, right?

"It's all the truth," Zhou Xuan smilingly maintained.

Lin Qing He urged, "Go take a wash first. In a bit, it'll be dinner."

Zhou Xuan went in with his bag. He took a change of clothes and then scooped water to take a wash. Lin Qing He continued to eat shrimp dumplings with great appetite.

These days, if she wasn't eating, she was sleeping. She was really depraved.

However, the weather was sultry. She was only interested in going out in the evening and in the morning every day. Otherwise, she really don't want to go out.

Old Mister Jiang, old Madam Jiang, and Jiang Geng took a bath before coming over.

Zhou Qing Bai cooked noodles. One large bowl for each person. It was cooked with tomatoes and eggs, shrimp and pork.

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"I thought you would have to play for a few more days but unexpectedly you're back already." Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai had eaten. They watched them eating now.

"Second had wanted us to take to other places, but the weather is too hot. We just explored the most interesting place. We'll go later when we have time." Old Mister Jiang responded.

"Old Sister was really friendly. We went over and she killed chickens for us to eat." Old Madam Jiang jollily said.

She was younger than Mother Zhou. That was to why she calling her old (elder) sister.

Lin Qing He knew who she was talking about, nodded and said, "Should kill the chickens and treat you."

Then she asked Jiang Geng: "Did you ask your second brother to take you to Bei University and Qing University for a walk?"

"Yes. I had took photos at the gate to commemorate." Jiang Geng slurped the noodles and smiled.

After eating here, Jiang Geng was able to go back. Still, Jiang Geng told Zhou Xuan that he would come over for breakfast tomorrow and take him around after eating.

Deputy Chief Jiang, Xue Mei Li and the youngest daughter were all at home. They didn't expect him to come back so soon. When they opened the door and saw their son, they were shocked.

"Why back so soon? Did your grandparent come back?" Xue Mei Li asked.

"All back. Grandfather and Grandmother are tired, so they didn't come over." Jiang Geng took off his backpack as he spoke. His hand was carrying a bag of specialties from the capital. His second brother bought it and told him to bring it. .

"Go and make him something to eat." Deputy Chief Jiang said.

"I have eaten it. Godfather made me noodles. A big bowl full of shrimps, meat and eggs. I'm stuffed." Jiang Geng spoke. Then he took out the money from his backpack: "Over there, Second Brother and Third Brother were rushing to pay the bill. I didn’t spend any money. Mom, I return it to you.”

"This having fun, eating, and bringing gifts back. That can't do, no?" Xue Mei Li was really embarrassed, uttered.

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"I also felt like that. But Second Brother and Third Brother said that there is no reason for me to pay when I go to the capital." Jiang Geng told as he scratched his head.

He really liked his godparents' family. The god-brothers were also cheerful and open-minded.

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