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Chapter 579. Soft and smooth like jade

Deputy Chief Jiang and Xue Mei Li listened and also felt helpless.

"By the way, Second brother is here. Tomorrow I will go around with Second Brother. Godmother instructed to go to have dinner in the evening tomorrow." Jiang Geng mentioned.

"Then remember to tell your godmother and godfather tomorrow morning, don't buy groceries. I'll buy them with your dad." Xue Mei Li ordered.

"Yes." Jiang Geng nodded.

He was exhausted too. He washed up and then went to sleep in his room.

Youngest daughter, Jiang Yu was eating the snack her brother brought back: "It's delicious."

Xue Mei Li grinned. She sat down and ate a piece. She grabbed a piece for her man as she spoke, "Old Zhou Family is really generous."

Of course it wasn't that they were aiming for something, But rather, old Zhou Family was really friendly and straightforward. No one dislike interacting with such people.

It made her to want to keep this relationship with this family.

After all, they had good influence. Take a look at her son. How long had it been. His spirit seem different. Before, he was a bit reckless.

"These relatives are wonderful. Interact more in the future." Deputy Chief Jiang nodded.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai were watching TV at this moment. Lin Qing He leaned on the seat, while Zhou Qing Bai looked at the accounts.

Second brought it over. The income after the reform was indeed higher than before.

"There's basically nothing going on at home. You just need to take good care of yourselves," Zhou Xuan said.

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"Not worry. There's you two brothers. If you two Bei University students can't manage these shops well, then I don't dare to expect to give me old age care." Lin Qing He replied.

Zhou Xuan laughed.

Zhou Qing Bai spoke, "Why did the cigarette shop rise a lot?"

"Third had checked it. He sourced out a batch of imported cigarettes. The business is very good." Zhou Xuan explained.

"After setting up the phone, did your elder brother call over there?" Lin Qing He asked.

"After calling over, that side said they would tell Eldest Brother. Eldest Brother probably on a mission and haven't return." Zhou Xuan said.

Zhou Qing Bai gave his son the gaze. Zhou Xuan realized that he had said something wrong and couldn't help but look at his mom. He saw that his mom's face was a little solemn.

"Mom, you don't have to worry about Eldest Brother. You know how he is. In fact, you don't have to worry about us brothers." Zhou Xuan quickly comforted.

Lin Qing He gave him an eye-roll and said, "As if I need you to say. I just haven't talked to your eldest brother on the phone for a while."

It was true that she missed her eldest son. Of course, she would worry. Still, she knew that this is inevitable. After all, her son was in this profession. That was his responsibility and obligation.

"I told Granny Ma, if she receive a call from my eldest brother, arrange a time with Eldest Brother to call. She will tell Third. I will call Third tomorrow and directly ask. See if he can call over here." Zhou Xuan said.

Although it was a little troublesome, Lin Qing He approved: "Alright."

Zhou Xuan let out a breath.

"Go and rest early. You traveled for a day." Lin Qing He said.

"Okay." Zhou Xuan went to rest first.

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Lin Qing He watched Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain for a while before going to rest with Zhou Qingbai. She spoke, "Eldest's career makes one worry."

"His skill is still higher than that of mine. Don't worry." Zhou Qing Bai soothed.

He knew his own son. The student surpass its teacher. There was basically nothing to worry about. What's more, Eldest knew what he was doing.

Lin Qing He nodded. Not long later, she fell asleep. Zhou Qing Bai slept with her.

Early the next morning, Zhou Xuan woke up for a run. Zhou Qing Bai told him to take care of his mom before driving to buy seafood.

"Dad, this our car?" Zhou Xuan's eyes bulged.

Third was so wicked. He didn't tell him about their family buying a car. He saw it yesterday, but thought it belonged to someone else's!

"En." Zhou Qing Bai answered and drove off to buy seafood.

Zhou Xuan ran around the house. He didn't go far. After all, he didn't know the area well. And he had to take care of his mom.

A young girl from the neighboring old Guo's house opened the door and saw the running Zhou Xuan. First, she froze. Then her face blushed.

Out of the three Zhou brothers, Eldest was the tallest, Third was the best talker, and Second was the most handsome.

The two in front were naturally handsome, but the most handsome was still Second. Especially sinc his temperament was gentle and elegant. Soft and smooth like a jade kind.

Now that he was getting older. He was nineteen. Extremely lethal to young ladies.

The girl from old Guo Family was called Guo Miao Jun. She was also 19 years old. She had reached the age of marrying. When she encountered such a young man, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that her heart was like a deer prancing around.

After running around for a few laps, Zhou Xuan planned to go back. When he passed by old Guo's house, he noticed her. Because they were neighbors and he didn't know the relationship between the neighbors, he didn't say hello.

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Still, Guo Miao Jun couldn't control her blushing face and beating heart. Her eyes kept watching him enter the house.

"Why haven't you gone to buy food? Are you waiting for others' leftover?" When Mother Guo came out, she saw her standing at the door as she looked at something unknown. So she reprimanded in displeasure.

"Mom, I just saw someone. He has entered Zhou's house." Guo Miao Jun blushed.

"Zhou Family's?" Mother Guo disgruntledly uttered.

Her family, her second brother’s family, and her in-laws all lived here. It was very crowded. Originally, they wanted to take advantage of the old Bian Family’s departure and buy the property at a low price. This way, they can divided into two families? No need to squeeze like this anymore.

Who knew, it was snatched away by Zhou Family first. They heard they were from the capital city. When they thought they were floating without roots, they suddenly turned out to be relative of old Jiang Family.

Don't know when old Jiang Family had such relatives. Still, the relationship between the two was really good. In the past few days, old Jiang couple took their grandson to the capital for a trip.

"I wonder if he's from Zhou Family. He's tall and extremely handsome." Guo Miao Jun shyly said.

"Enough you. Our house was snatched by them. I don't have a good impression of their Zhou Family." Mother Guo responded.

"Mom, you haven't seen him yet." Guo Miao Jun said quickly.

"I saw one before. Isn't he the one you're talking about?" Mother Guo replied.

"Not him. I saw that guy, he's tall and certainly not that old. This should be his elder brother." Guo Miao Jun answered.

The mother and daughter was talking about Zhou Gui Lai.

"Wait until I see him first. However, I really don't have a good impression of their family." Mother Guo stated. How clear was old Guo Family's scheme? Since their plan was messed up, it was weird that they'll have a good attitude.

Even when their attitude weren't good, they didn't give old Guo Family attitude. Still, Mother Guo had some of her own plan.

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