Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO - Chapter 1732 - An Unrivalled Hero

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Chapter 1732: An Unrivalled Hero

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Gu Mengmeng nodded to indicate her consent, then she watched as Gregory jumped down the tree and positioned himself.

She was a little confused and did not understand what he was up to.

But this position was undeniably quite good-looking.

After spitting, he started to throw his punches, some kicks, jumped and flipped his body…

He originally already bore the aura of asceticism and gave off a feeling that made Gu Mengmeng want to call him master even when he was standing. Now his moves made him look even more like an immortal master who was highly skilled.

He shrugged his shoulders, stood still on the spot, then slowly kept his fists.

Gu Mengmeng was completely immersed when watching it. While still in shock, she still could not help but automatically clap for him.

And this applause naturally meant that she loosened her grip.


Her body was no longer balanced and she fell from the tree.

Gregory had been looking at her the whole time and would naturally not allow her to fall, so he opened his wings and flew in front of her. When he reached her, he transformed his wings into arms and hugged her tightly, then slowly landed.

Gu Mengmeng was actually not that afraid of falling, or maybe as the Messenger of the Beast Deity, she had experienced fall too many times and had become used to it.

But now, her heart was still skipping rapidly, causing her face to heat up and burn.

“Are you frightened?” Gregory asked out of concern.

Gu Mengmeng shook her head and did not say anything.

Gregory placed Gu Mengmeng on the ground and let her sit on a jutting tree branch. Then, he meticulously checked her body for any injuries.

“What were the moves you did just now? It looks really nice.”

Gregory was on one knee when he checked her wrist. He looked up when he heard her question and his eyes were filled with warmth.

“This question should be directed at you.”

Gu Mengmeng tilted her head, not understanding it.

“These moves were created by you, but you never gave them a name.”

“Me?” Gu Mengmeng was lost the whole time and did not understand.

Gregory placed her wrist down and still on one knee, he placed his hands on the side of her body to support her, as he leaned his upper body slightly forward and closer to her, then saying, “When you were preparing to retrieve the Love of the Sky, we had spent seven days together in the cave on Motou Mountain peak. That time, you drew a portrait of me, do you still remember?”

Gu Mengmeng smiled awkwardly. She could not believe that Gregory would openly claim that illustration of ‘Crayon Shinchan in deep thoughts’ to be his self-portrait…

It was definitely a dark past of hers and she felt that there was no need to remember it so clearly.

But seeing Gregory’s expectant gaze, she still replied honestly, “I remember.”

“Before you drew a portrait of me, you also drew other things on the wall, do you recall?”

Gu Mengmeng thought about it and was slightly lost.

Gregory picked up a tree branch from the side, then started to draw on the ground.

Gu Mengmeng looked at it seriously for a long time, then thought about how she had once drawn some stickmen fighting on the wall. She had even told him solemnly that this was the martial arts esoterica that she was leaving behind. If there was a fated person who jumped from the mountain peak in the future, and landed in this cave after surviving death, he would be able to use this esoterica and train to become an unrivaled hero.

At that time… she was just spouting nonsense.

“After Snake revived, Motou Mountains were completely destroyed. That cave probably would not be able to wait until the day that a fated person arrives. I don’t want you to be disappointed, so… this unrivaled hero, let me be him.”

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