Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 1658

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Chapter 1658: Chapter 1656-very sullen

However, Lin Yi didn’t have the conditions to do so, and he had to rely on himself to level up bit by bit. Xiaoxiao was worried that Lin Yi would be unhappy if she was too much stronger than him, and so her heart was in her throat the whole time!

If Lin Yi didn’t want her to become an inheritor, then she would listen to him without hesitation and give up the chance to pass on the inheritance. She would wait for Lin Yi to make the ice heart Jade bone pill for Bing Tang and let her be the inheritor.

“I didn’t expect you to figure it out so quickly!” Lin Yi didn’t think much of it, but Xiaoxiao was overthinking it. On one hand, Lin Yi wanted his woman to be stronger, but on the other hand, he had confidence in himself. Wasn’t it just Sky Class? He had the Jade as a trump card, and the art of Dragon mastery as a powerful ancient art. How could he lose to the Ice Palace?

So Lin Yi wasn’t worried that he’d be left behind by Xiaoxiao. He was very supportive,”The pursuit of a higher realm of martial arts is the ultimate goal of every cultivator. Now that you have embarked on the path of cultivation, it is natural for you to have this idea. However, I will not let you become the inheritor alone. I will refine an ice heart Jade bone pill for the rock Candy Girl and let her accompany you in the inheritance. This way, you will be in less danger. If anything happens, let her take the blame!”

Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but laugh,””Lin Yi honey, you’re so mean-I’m going to die from anger if I heard you …”

But even though she said that, she was very happy inside-Lin Yi cared about her, cared about her, and not only did he respect her choice, he even guaranteed her safety as much as possible in the future.

“She can’t die from anger, she’s more than happy.” “It’s her dream to have the icy heart Jadestone pill,”Lin Yi said faintly.” Why would she be angry?”

“That’s true, but Senior Sister is very good to me. Even if you don’t say it, she won’t let me be in danger!” Xiaoxiao said.

Lin Yi nodded. He could tell that Bing Tang was very protective of Feng Xiaoxiao.

The two walked out of the room, and Tang Yin quickly walked up to him, asking about his well-being. The Sky Class girl, on the other hand, turned her face away from Lin Yi, a slight blush on her face.

“This Qi gathering pill actually blew up my clothes when I was breaking through. It’s really scary.” Lin Yi looked like he was talking to himself, but he was actually explaining the awkwardness to Rock Candy. This kind of sudden incident wasn’t Lin Yi’s intention, it was an accident.

“This Qi gathering pill actually blew up my clothes when I was breaking through. It’s really scary.” Lin Yi looked like he was talking to himself, but he was actually explaining the awkwardness to Rock Candy. This kind of sudden incident wasn’t Lin Yi’s intention, it was an accident.

Bing Tang hmphed softly, but his expression softened after hearing Lin Yi’s explanation …

The news of Lin Yi losing all his strength from the five step strength scattering powder spread like a gust of wind across the noble houses and hidden houses, and with the Hidden House Zhao’s intentional push, almost everyone knew about it!

However, even though everyone knew about it, no one dared to cause trouble for Lin Yi!

When house Xiao heard that Lin Yi was poisoned, they immediately told the Hidden House Pi, but the Hidden House Pi only said “got it,” and there was no more news!

The Hidden House Pi wasn’t stupid-if house Xiao knew about it, how could they not? They’d even found out about it on purpose, and after the family meeting, they’d come to the conclusion that Lin Yi couldn’t be measured with common sense-they’d even said that he’d lost his strength last time, and now uncle Pi was dead!

The second time was even worse-Yangyang and Mister Pi were even more unlucky, killed by goudan with one punch! So, even if Lin Yi lost his strength, there was still er goudan, whose situation was still unknown. It wasn’t a wise choice to mess with him at this time!

And so, with Zhishan’s suggestion, house Pi decided to wait and see. Of course, Zhishan didn’t know that this Lin Yi was the Ling Yi He saw in the test!

The only houses that had grudges against Lin Yi were the Hidden House Zhao, the common house Yu, and the common house Xiao. As for the others, the golden clock sect’s head and disciples were either dead or crippled, so they naturally wouldn’t come looking for trouble with Lin Yi.

If the Hidden House Pi didn’t show up, who would have the guts to go after Lin Yi? The common house Yu, on the other hand, hated Lin Yi to the core, but they had to prepare for the noble House meeting-they didn’t have the time to deal with him!

The main problem was that house Yu didn’t have anyone left-only Yu shuixing and Yu Feng were able to stand up and walk normally, and house Yu was the host of the noble House meeting. They couldn’t even afford to go to Songshan to cause trouble for Lin Yi!

Plus, Yu Feng just beat up Chen Yutian, and it was time to avoid suspicion-there was no way he’d go to Songshan.

And so, Lin Yi’s loss of strength was left unsettled.

Pinliang and naipao weren’t practitioners, so they were fine after getting bitten and poisoned with the five step strength scattering powder. They went to the hospital to get it cleaned. Chen Xi, on the other hand, had been hit by the five step strength scattering powder, but she wasn’t a practitioner, either, so elder Zhu didn’t have to worry about her getting into trouble.

Chen Xi was raised as a cultivation furnace by the Hidden House Zhao. The so-called furnace was a tool for others to absorb Qi. The Hidden House Zhao heard that a powerful person was cultivating an evil heart technique and needed a lot of furnaces. Chen Xi’s body was perfect for the most powerful fire element furnace. So, in order to get on this powerful person’s good side, the Hidden House Zhao had planned this long ago. Chen Xi would be a chess piece of the Hidden House Zhao, and elder Zhu would train her.

In fact, every hidden house was plotting to get close to the ancient sects and families in order to get help. They wanted to help them stabilize their status and also improve their status to get some benefits. This was something that these people dreamed of!

As a furnace, Chen Xi naturally didn’t have to worry about losing her strength, because what she cultivated in her body wasn’t the true Qi of a cultivator, but she had to find a way to refine her fire-type furnace body to be purer!

Otherwise, Lin Yi would’ve known that Chen Xi was a practitioner the moment he saw her. It was impossible for him to not notice the problem until now.

The incident was over just like that, and the Hidden House Zhao was very disappointed, especially boss Zhu-he felt like he’d wasted his time poisoning Lin Yi, and he couldn’t do anything to him!

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