Being A Shrew to My Ex-Husband After Our Divorce - Chapter 320 - Lucky Day  

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Chapter 320: Lucky Day

Hearing that Su Yan was about to give up, Lan Jian wanted to slap himself. Why did he run his mouth off? He hurriedly explained, “You misunderstood. I’m not regretting it. How could I? I want to see how much interest you have in the copyright of ‘The World.”

Seeing that he was afraid she would run away, Su Yan smiled and said, “Oh really? Then do you want to hear the truth?”

Lan Jian nodded. “Of course. Who would like to hear a lie?”

Su Yan said, “The truth is that I didn’t want the copyright of “The World.” I just didn’t want to help you for nothing.”

Lan Jian was speechless.

Once again, the truth gave him a huge blow. The two went up to Wei Zhou and Jiang Yuan one after another. When he saw that Su Yan was walking over, Wei Zhou froze. He looked at Su Yan in disbelief. He didn’t expect that the person with superb golf skills would be Su Yan, the woman he had been longing for.

“Hi, Mr. Wei, President Jiang, and Miss Jiang. I didn’t expect that all of you would be here.” Looking at everyone’s astonished gazes, Su Yan took the lead to greet them with a smile.

When she saw that the young lady in the pink sportswear was Su Yan, Jiang Ruoruo stood up. With a face full of surprise, she said, “So it’s you!”

Seeing that everyone was shocked, Lan Jian, who was following behind, was secretly pleased. He felt that losing 30% of the copyright was nothing. This feeling was too damn good. He looked at Jiang Yuan proudly and said, “Hehe, you lost. I invited her over. Don’t forget to honor the bet later.”

Jiang Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “You won. Don’t worry. I’m not a sore loser.”

Lan Jian was delighted when he heard Jiang Yuan’s answer. He wanted to say something, but Jiang Yuan pulled him to the side. Seeing Jiang Yuan’s secretive expression, Lan Jian raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Yuan pouted in Wei Zhou’s direction and said, “Are you stupid? Do you want to be a third wheel?”

Hearing this, Lan Jian replied with an “oh” and said, “I can be anyone’s third wheel but his. If I were his third wheel, I would be beaten to death by him.”

Jiang Yuan and Lan Jian hid at the side as they whispered. Although Jiang Ruoruo wanted to hang out with Su Yan, she could only tactfully retreat to the side. After the five of them had split into two groups, they were about five meters apart. Thus, only Su Yan and Wei Zhou were left.

Wei Zhou stared at Su Yan for a long time and asked, “Didn’t you say that you’re not free on Sunday?”

“Uh… Yes, I was pretty busy. I only came over to play for a while after finishing my work.” Su Yan was stunned by the question and could only give a perfunctory answer while hiding her embarassment.

When Wei Zhou looked into her bright almond-shaped eyes, his heart fluttered. This woman was too beautiful that she took his breath away.

“I didn’t expect you to be so good at playing golf.” Wei Zhou said sincerely. He used to play golf often and had seen many girls who liked to play golf, but none of them could play golf as well as Su Yan. It was the first time he had seen someone with such a standard posture.

Hearing the man praise her, Su Yan said modestly, “I’m so-so.”

“Being overly modest is cocky. After seeing you play, I’m itching for a game. Do you dare to play with me?” Wei Zhou asked.

Hearing the man’s words, Su Yan smirked. “I dare to. What’s there to be afraid of? Since Mr. Wei is in such high spirits, let’s have a game.”

“There’s no point in just playing. Why don’t we have a bet?” Wei Zhou stood up and said.

Su Yan was slightly startled, then she almost laughed out loud. She had just taken advantage of Lan Jian, and now, Wei Zhou took the initiative to give her a huge gift? Su Yan wanted to laugh. Today was her lucky day. Who knew she could earn so much just by playing golf? But Su Yan suppressed her laughter because she was afraid that Wei Zhou would be scared away. She had already begun to consider whether she should come once a week in the future.

“Okay. I wonder what bet Mr. Wei wants to place?” Su Yan asked.

“If I win, you will accompany me to dinner tonight. It’s simple, right?” Wei Zhou said.

“What if you lose?” Su Yan asked back.

“If I lose, you can make any request. I will agree to it as long as I can and it doesn’t break the law,” Wei Zhou said confidently.

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