Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 428 - Jiaojiao, Are You Happy Today?

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Chapter 428: Jiaojiao, Are You Happy Today?

At this moment, Dongfang Linlin suddenly called out, “Jiaojiao, come here and take a look.”

Chi Jiao immediately returned the bag to the receptionist and walked towards her.

“How about this one? I think it looks very nice.” Dongfang Linlin pointed at a black bag placed in a conspicuous spot in the store.

The moment Gao Fengxia saw the bag, she couldn’t help gasping.

It was the exact same bag she had taken a liking to!

The bag which cost 400,000 yuan that she couldn’t bear to buy!

She seriously suspected that Dongfang Linlin was doing this on purpose!

Dongfang Linlin felt Gao Fengxia’s murderous gaze on her, but she still smiled at Chi Jiao as if nothing had happened. “This is a new model and looks very gracious.”

Chi Jiao nodded and said with a smile, “I will have this one, then.”

Seeing that Chi Jiao really wanted that bag, Gao Fengxia’s heart instantly hit rock bottom.

Dongfang Linlin smiled and turned to look at Gao Fengxia. “Auntie, this bag costs 400,000 yuan. It doesn’t matter if you can’t bear to buy it for Jiaojiao. I can buy it for her. Take it as my welcome gift to her.”

“I can buy it myself,” Chi Jiao said hurriedly. How could she let Dongfang Linlin pay?

“I already said I’ll pay for everything today.” Gao Fengxia endured the pain in her heart and said with a fake smile, “I’ll pay for it.”

Given what Dongfang Linlin just said, how could she say no? If she didn’t foot the bill, wouldn’t it confirm that she couldn’t bear to pay?!

She had already bought a bracelet worth 200,000 yuan. If she didn’t buy this bag, wouldn’t she be offending Chi Jiao?

“Jiaojiao, look at how generous Auntie is.” Dongfang Linlin smiled at her.

Gao Fengxia almost fainted from anger.

Why did she feel like Dongfang Linlin was mocking her?!

After coming out of the mall, Gao Fengxia felt a little lightheaded.

Not only had she spent all of the 500,000 yuan her husband gave her, but she also put in another 100,000 yuan of her own money.

At this moment, Gao Fengxia felt her blood pressure increase.

However, thinking about her goal to butter up Chi Jiao and getting the medicine to curry favor with the Huo family, Gao Fengxia endured the pain in her heart.

It was getting late.

Chi Jiao promised Jun Wanzhi that she would go back for dinner, so she followed Gao Fengxia and Dongfang Linlin back to the Ruan family.

Gao Fengxia was in charge of driving them.

“Jiaojiao, are you happy today?” Gao Fengxia asked as she drove.

Chi Jiao nodded casually. “I’m quite happy.”

Inwardly, Gao Fengxia grumbled that of course, she was happy. She spent so much of her money.

Even so, she continued to smile and say, “It’s good that you’re happy. Actually, your Uncle really dotes on you. Recently, his company hasn’t been doing well, and his finances are quite tight. But when he said that he wanted to buy you a welcome gift, he didn’t hesitate to give me the money. Hahaha…”

When Chi Jiao heard that, a glint flashed across her pitch-black eyes.

They were finally getting down to business now.

“Then, I’m sorry to have made you guys spend so much,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

“We’re just doing what we should do,” Gao Fengxia said as she observed Chi Jiao’s expression through the rearview mirror. “Oh, right. Where did you get the medicine for your grandmother? Why is it so effective?”

“That medicine is from 007 Laboratory,” Chi Jiao said.

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