Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 855 - What A Coincidence   

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Chapter 855: What A Coincidence


Sheng Yang only replied with three words. [I came early.]

Kang Sinuo suddenly held her phone, but she was still looking at Sheng Yang from the corners of her eyes. Sheng Yang didn’t put down her phone, and Kang Sinuo received a reply.

[I came early.]

The boss was as concise as ever.

Kang Sinuo let out a long sigh of relief. At least it wasn’t what she had suspected.

After Sheng Yang replied to Kang Sinuo, she saw Yi Juncheng’s message, so she replied: [I’ll go over tonight.]

As soon as Yi Juncheng saw this message, he couldn’t help but think of the night before.

Actually, if Yangyang had persisted for a few more minutes yesterday, his defense would’ve broken. Fortunately, Yangyang didn’t know this.

“Master, it’s time to go.”

“Yes.” Yi Juncheng composed himself and rose from the car.

The wind from the helicopter lifted the corner of his shirt. “I have to be back at eight tonight,” he told Gao Feng.

“Master…” Gao Feng looked troubled.

Yi Juncheng smiled and said, “I must.”

Although he did not seem very reliable, he had to keep his word to the little girl.

What if the future wife he finally got ran away?

If she really wanted to run, he wouldn’t be able to catch her.

Gao Feng could only reply, “Yes, Master.”

On the other hand, Sheng Yang had put away her phone. Kang Sinuo gestured to Sheng Yang. “Which laboratory are you from? Why don’t we go together?”

She thought that since Sheng Yang was a talent, it would be good for her to introduce her to the boss.

She had many considerations. This was a win-win situation.

Firstly, she could show off that she was familiar with the boss. That would be much more honorable than being familiar with Lemon.

Secondly, Sheng Yang was indeed capable. If she was put in an important position, it would be beneficial to the company and the boss.

Shengrui Corporation was large and had many laboratories. Kang Sinuo thought that since she hadn’t seen Sheng Yang before, she probably wasn’t in the same laboratory as her.

“K9,” Sheng Yang replied calmly. Her cold face contained a clear and pure beauty.

Kang Sinuo winced. ‘K9? What a coincidence. Isn’t this my lab?’

That bad feeling lingered again. Her heart was racing. She couldn’t help herself. “You work in K9?”

“No.” Sheng Yang’s voice was soft and light, but her words could not be ignored. “I’m going there to see some people.”

It turned out she was looking for someone…

Kang Sinuo’s heart felt like it was on a roller coaster that went up and down. But when she heard Sheng Yang say that, she heaved a sigh of relief again.

What was wrong with her today? She seemed to be possessed.

Hence, the two of them walked toward K9 together. They attracted a lot of attention along the way.

Kang Sinuo bit her lip. She had to admit that although she was good-looking too, there had never been so many people turning their heads to look at her before.

She stole a glance at Sheng Yang. She was indeed beautiful. Even her profile was excellent.

Even her aunt wasn’t as good-looking when she was at her peak. Sheng Yang had perfectly inherited her aunt and uncle’s greatest strengths. Moreover, she had some unique characteristics and was even better-looking than her cousins.

Although she was good-looking, she seemed to be calm and did not know that she was beautiful. Or rather, she did not care at all.

It was as if her beauty was nothing to her. What she wanted was not beauty at all.

When they reached K9, Kang Sinuo quickly took out her card and swiped it. There was a ding. She looked proud of herself. “It’s all thanks to me today. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have been able to come in and look for the person you want to see.”

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