Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 856 - Nitpicking

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Chapter 856: Nitpicking

Regardless of whether she liked Sheng Yang or not, for some reason, Kang Sinuo wanted to establish her authority as her elder cousin.

Sheng Yang glanced at her. “Thank you.”

“Actually…” She was suddenly so kind that Kang Sinuo wasn’t used to it. “There’s no need to say thank you. It’s a small thing.”

“Then I’ll take it back.”


Kang Sinuo stared at her back as she led the way in.

Indeed, she didn’t like that about Sheng Yang at all!

As soon as Sheng Yang entered the lab, people doing lab work stopped and stared at her, wondering who the hell this was.

This place was filled with top talents who had passed the test like Kang Sinuo.

Usually, outsiders were not allowed to enter. After all, they were dealing with confidential matters. However, since it was such a beautiful girl, they immediately paused in their actions.

Sheng Yang was the kind of girl who was the dream lover of boys. Girls would like her looks as well, so some girls said kindly, “Hey, are you in the wrong place?”

Kang Sinuo jogged over a step later and put on a dignified expression again. “Sheng Yang, you can run around here. This is the most advanced laboratory. If any secret is leaked, you’ll be fired by Shengrui.”

Sheng Yang glanced at her calmly. She would fire herself? Probably not.

“By the way, aren’t you looking for someone?” Kang Sinuo lowered her voice. “Hurry up and go look for them, then get out.”

“Ah, Sinuo. So you brought this little sister in.”

“She’s really good-looking.”

Kang Sinuo chuckled. “Actually, she’s not an outsider. She’s also an employee of Shengrui.”

“Ah? You entered Shengrui at such a young age? Your future is bright,” the oldest person in the laboratory suddenly said earnestly. His name was Wan Xian, and he was 39 years old.

Sheng Yang suddenly frowned and stared at his operation. Suddenly, she said, “That’s not how you hold this instrument, Wan Xian. You’ve already made this mistake time and again. Why are you still making the same mistake?”

Wan Xian felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He could not wait to fight with her. At the very least, she should call him Brother Wan Xian. She just called him Wan Xian? What the hell? And she even spoke in such a harsh tone.

Seeing that Sheng Yang was about to go over, Kang Sinuo quickly grabbed her and tried her best to smile at Wan Xian’s cracked face. She said to Sheng Yang, “Stop fooling around.”

Why was her cousin causing trouble everywhere?

However, Sheng Yang was really strong. She immediately broke free from Kang Sinuo’s grip and strode over.

Sheng Yang looked at the situation up close and then at the data on the screen. Her frown deepened. “This resistivity is too high.”

Wan Xian laughed in anger at her.

This was the first time he had been spoken to like this by a young girl in front of so many people. And even his colleague, who was also a member of K9 Laboratory, did not dare to say that to him.

“If you can do it, why don’t you?” He immediately looked at Sheng Yang provocatively.

Someone couldn’t stand it anymore. “Aren’t you making things difficult for this little girl? She’s from the lower-level laboratory, while this is your specialty. No one in our laboratory can do it better than you. Only the boss is always picking on you.”

“Hehe…” Wan Xian sneered. “It’s only right that the boss nitpicks. But what right does this girl have to nitpick? It’s probably because she’s still too young. She doesn’t know that all of this looks simple but they’re actually difficult to do.”

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