Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want - Chapter 1090 - : Back to Jiangcheng  

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Chapter 1090: Back to Jiangcheng

Qin Shu had lost her memory, so she should not be familiar with Gu Yan. What could she possibly want with someone she was not supposed to know?

Fu Tingyu walked over with confusion. Qin Shu and Gu Yan happened to bump into him as they rounded the corner.

Fu Tingyu immediately noticed how pale Qin Shu looked. “What were the two of you talking about?”

“We talked about Jun Li’s illness,” Gu Yan said. “Where did you go?”

“I went to look for Jun Li. I told him that we’d be returning to Jiangcheng today.” Fu Tingyu stared intently at Qin Shu as he spoke. Was the news relating to Jun Li’s illness the cause of her paleness?

She had lost her memory, so she should not remember Jun Li.

Qin Shu did not expect to return to Jiangcheng so soon. She wanted to stay a while longer, perhaps for another day or two. Yet, before she could protest, Gu Yan cut her off, albeit unknowingly, “I would have returned to Jiangcheng yesterday, but I heard you guys were coming, so I postponed my departure. I’ll head back today. I was going to pack my luggage when I bumped into Qin Shu.”

Gu Yan bade the couple farewell and returned to his room to get things packed.

“I’ll go get our luggage packed. You should rest.” Fu Tingyu hurried away, almost seeming anxious.

Qin Shu watched the two men zip away to their rooms on the second floor. It confused her. Why were they in such a hurry?

Jiangcheng was not far from the imperial city, and it only took two to three hours by plane.

Instead of resting as suggested, Qin Shu decided to get some fresh air. After everything she heard from Gu Yan regarding Jun Li’s present condition, she needed it.

As soon as she stepped out of the villa and into the courtyard, two miniature race cars flashed past, one red and the other black. Neither car gave quarter to the other.

When she looked up, she saw Xiao Jiu and Lan Qi holding remote controls in their hands, playing very happily.

Xiao Jiu needed companions, whether siblings or friends. She did not want Xiao Jiu to grow up feeling lonely and isolated.

It would be better if he had a younger brother and sister, like Fu Tingyu. At least while they were children, Tingyu had Tingyan as a companion.

Just thinking of the two of them together warmed her heart.

Xiao Jiu saw his mother standing atop the stairs leading to the courtyard. He immediately lost interest in his car race with Lan Qi, running to his mother with his remote control clutched to his chest. Looking up at his mother expectantly, he asked, “Mom, Dad said he’s coming home today. Are you happy?”

Qin Shu bent down, answering Xiao Jiu honestly, “Of course, I’m happy.” Even if she was displeased with her husband, pretending to be an amnesiac, she did not want to disappoint her son.

Xiao Jiu beamed happily, his eyes curving into twin crescents. “I’m happy too. I haven’t been home for a long time. I wonder if Mo Cheng has caught up with Shi Yan.”

“Mo Cheng and Shi Yan?” Qin Shu was confused but curious. These two… She recalled Xiao Jiu investing quite a bit of time setting Mo Cheng up with Shi Yan. Though Xiao Jiu was responsible for lighting the match, Shi Yan did the deed. In the end, Mo Cheng took a liking to Shi Yan.

Her eyes lit up. She felt that this Shi Yan was in luck! Perhaps it would not be long before he discarded his bachelor status.

“It’s alright if you don’t remember them, Mom. Mo Cheng might not succeed without help, but that is where I come in! With me playing matchmaker, I’m sure the two of them will find happiness.” Xiao Jiu heaved an internal sigh. If Shi Yan did not find a match soon, he would pass the prime age for marriage, growing old alone.

Qin Shu smiled. She was so proud of her son, whose EQ matched his IQ, unlike many she knew. He would not be like his father, so two-faced and arrogant that his words did not match his innermost thoughts.

At this moment, Lan Qi approached the mother and son with a pair of toy race cars, remote control in his hands. “Are you leaving?”

Qin Shu faced Lan Qi. From the way he spoke, he seemed reluctant to part so soon. She smiled sadly, nodding, “Yes.”

Xiao Jiu and Lan Qi had fostered a pretty good relationship in their short time together, what with the way they kept each other company.

“We’ve been away from home for far too long, and there are many things we must attend to back home. My apologies for cutting our stay short, Lan Qi. Perhaps you could visit us at Bright Garden sometime; we’ll be sure to host you well.” Though she was reluctant to leave, she did not have much say in the matter.

Lan Qi regarded the pair with pursed lips and eventually said, “Okay.”

Fu Tingyu packed their things in record time and had Ye Qing carry the luggage to the car.

Ji Fei carried Gu Yan’s suitcase.

Just as they were about to leave, Jun Li appeared to send them off, with Su Ying supporting him.

Before Xiao Jiu got into the car, he held Jun Li’s hand and said, “Uncle Jun, if you have time, come visit us in Jiangcheng. Bring Lan Qi along too!”

Jun Li chuckled and readily agreed, “Alright, I’ll visit as soon as I feel better.”

“Mommy and I’ll wait for you guys in Jiangcheng. Bye!”

Xiao Jiu waved at them as he clambered into the car on his short legs.

Qin Shu sat in the car and looked at Jun Li. She stared at those violet eyes for a long time until Xiao Jiu came up.

“Let’s go home!” Xiao Jiu bounced in his seat happily. Their small family of three was finally heading home together.

Fu Tingyu snuck a glance at Qin Shu. He was glad she had not kicked up a fuss this time, refusing to go home with him.

Sometimes more is said when less is spoken, and, as adults, it was a very important skill to have.

The car rolled out of the villa, slowly vanishing in the distance.

Lan Qi was the first to break the silence. “She’s gone.”

Jun Li replied with an “Mm”, a response neither salty nor bland.


Lan Qi: “Don’t you have anything to say?”

“What should I say?” Jun Li asked in puzzlement,

Lan Qi felt an unbearable urge to roll his eyes. “Are you dying?”

“Everyone dies; it’s only a question of when,” Jun Li answered easily.

Was this supposed to be a conversation between two human beings?

Was It?!

“Well, at least I won’t die so easily.” Lan Qi felt that he and Jun Li were not on the same page.

Jun Li chuckled. “Even if I don’t die, I’ll still live to be a cripple.”

Su Ying helped his Young Master back into the villa.

Lan Qi rolled his eyes. He walked up to him unhappily and said, “Can you not rub salt into a wound?”

Jun Li: “It’s the truth.”

Lan Qi: “I don’t want to be a cripple either, but what can I do if I don’t grow stronger?”

Jun Li: “Being a cripple isn’t so bad.”

Lan Qi: “…”

Bright Garden…

The Lunar New Year was still a ways away, yet a festive spirit already suffused the villa’s air. Bright red lanterns and streamers adorned the archways and footpaths, bearing its celebratory mood. Perhaps one who did not know better might think a traditional Chinese wedding was underway.

The Old Madam and Fu Tingyan rushed over when they heard the news, their worry-filled hearts sagging in relief.

Shi Yan had not been idle in their absence. He had been so busy many would have mistaken him for a headless chicken the way he rushed from one thing to another, but he did not regret holding the fort. He knew it would be worth it.

When he saw the Young Master, the Young Madam, and their son, he was so excited he nearly forgot himself for a second.

Fu Tingyu saw the Old Madam hunched by the door, waiting. He held his wife’s hand and walked over.

“Grandmother, I’ve made you worry,” His voice was apologetic.

The Old Madam wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. “It’s good that you’ve returned safely. Let me see if you’ve lost weight.”

Fu Tingyan looked at Fu Tingyu and Qin Shu. He looked at his brother and was equally excited. “Brother, you’re finally back. Do you know how much trouble you’ve given my sister-in-law while you were away? She had to spend so many sleepless nights keeping the situation under control.”

“Little Yan is right. If it weren’t for Little Shu and Yan’s efforts, something big would have happened during the previous family meeting.” The Old Madam was not being an alarmist. She was merely speaking the truth.

Fu Tingyu knew, more than anyone else, how dangerous the situation had been with his sudden disappearance. He stared at Qin Shu with a belly full of guilt. “I know how strong and smart my wife is, but because of me, she has suffered tremendously…”

Qin Shu arched a delicate brow. How else could she stand by him if she did not possess this most basic strength and mental fortitude?

She had already fulfilled the promise she had made to herself upon experiencing her rebirth.

At this moment, Fu Tingyan suddenly received a call from Jiang Yu. He excused himself to avoid ruining the atmosphere, stepping aside to answer the call.

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