Bigshot Gets Loved By All After Transmigrating Into A Book - Chapter 739 - Big Brother Witnessed Us Sleeping Together With His Own Eyes

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Chapter 739 Big Brother Witnessed Us Sleeping Together With His Own Eyes

Jiang Jingnian: “Are you trying to do something dirty?” Jiang Xingyi: “…I’m not the one who’s going to use it.”

Jiang Jingnian: “So if you’re going to use it on a girl, and you’re not going to do anything dirty, are you going to use it on yourself?” Jiang Xingyi flew into a rage out of humiliation. “Be serious!”

Jiang Jingnian: “Then no.”

Jiang Xingyi: “Is it really no?”

Jiang Jingnian: “It’s a no to you.”

Jiang Xingyi: “…” Later on, Jiang Xingyi and Jiang Jingnian had a bit of a tussle before Jiang Jingnian finally spoke, “There’s a relatively strong anti-alcohol medicine that can make people sober up very quickly. However, the effects of this anti-alcohol medicine vary from person to person because everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different. You have to know the person’s physique first.

“If you have the data of that person, I can tell you the results after testing.”

Jiang Xingyi said, “Then there’s no need.”

It was better not to let Second Brother know about it too, right?

“Eh, then do you know any powerful hypnotists?”

Jiang Jingnian paused and asked suspiciously, “Are you sure you’re not going to trick some


Jiang Xingyi said, “I don’t have such a hobby!”

Jiang Jingnian said, “I do know one, but he’s overseas. I don’t think he has any plans to come over in the near future.”

Jiang Xingyi sighed. “Forget it then. I’ll ask someone else. Thank you, Second Brother.”

After Jiang Xingyi thanked Jiang Jingnian, he hung up the phone.

Jiang Jingnian listened to the beeping on the other end of the phone and thought to himself, ‘Find someone else? Who else could be more powerful than me?

‘This kid is really tired of living, isn’t he?’

Jiang Yu woke up.

She massaged her head and felt a headache coming on. Jiang Chenglang probed, “Xiao Yu, last night…” Jiang Yu said in surprise, “Big Brother, why are you here?”

Jiang Chenglang: …all right, I can confirm it now. As expected, she won’t remember what happened last night.

Feng Linbai brought over a glass of warm water. “Yu’er, you’ll feel better after drinking this.”

Jiang Yu was surprised again. “Why are you here?”

She looked at Jiang Chenglang in disbelief, then at Feng Linbai. She was still digesting this fact.


“Big Brother found out?”

Jiang Chenglang: …what did he find out?

Feng Linbai immediately understood what Jiang Yu had thought of. He lowered his eyes and chuckled. He sat down beside Jiang Yu and said softly, “Yes, Big Brother knows.

“He even gave us his blessing.”

Jiang Yu looked at him suspiciously. She did not feel that his words were very convincing. Feng Linbai stretched his voice and said, “After all, last night… Big Brother agreed and witnessed us sleeping together. Isn’t this considered a blessing?”

Jiang Yu: !!!

Jiang Chenglang: ???

Jiang Yu: “R-really?”

Jiang Chenglang: “What nonsense are you talking about?” He reasonably suspected that Feng Linbai had gone off-topic. “I didn’t wish you and Xiao Yu any blessings.”

However, Feng Linbai stood up calmly and said, “Big Brother, let’s go out and talk.”

Later on, Jiang Yu saw Jiang Xingyi walk in. He was not surprised to see Feng Linbai and Jiang Chenglang sitting on her bed. In the end, it turned into three people going out to talk.

She was at a loss. What exactly happened last night? Why was everyone being so strange? Soon, the three of them finished talking and came back. Apart from Feng Linbai, Jiang Chenglang and Jiang Xingyi both had solemn expressions. When their eyes met Jiang Yu’s, their expressions became even more complicated.

However, the two of them did not say anything. After packing their things, they set off for A City.

In fact, they did not even stop Feng Linbai and Jiang Yu from riding in the same car.

In the car, Jiang Yu asked curiously, “What exactly did you say to my brothers to make them treat you so much better?”

Feng Linbai put his finger to his lips and said softly, “It’s a secret.”

Then, he gently put her head on his shoulder and covered her with a thin blanket. He said gently, “It’ll take quite a while to get back. Go to sleep first.”

Feng Linbai brought Feng Tianrui back to the Feng family home.

It was said that the Feng family had a big change over the next few days. All the properties under Feng Le’an had been transferred to Feng Wenshu, and Feng Le’an’s family had been chased out by Feng Zhiyi. It was said that at that time, Feng Le’an’s family of three had carried a bag, a small suitcase, and nothing big. It was as if they had left the house with nothing.

Then, they moved into He Sihui’s small house in the capital. They felt that it was not too bad. Feng Le’an, a rich second generation with a silver spoon in his mouth, was actually able to annoy Feng Zhiyi to the point where the family of three was chased out. The property in his hands was lost and he was rendered a poor man.

However, because everyone was not sure whether Feng Zhiyi would change his mind in the future, they were not in a hurry to step on the high ground and watch Feng Le’an make a fool of himself.

However, some people said that after Feng Le’an moved out of the Feng family, he did not even have a single servant and he did not have a job. He only went out to buy vegetables with a basket hanging in his hand every day, and he would even bargain with the vegetable farmers. He did not have the aura of a rich young master

at all.

Feng Lelan did not look for a job either. Of course, now that the big companies heard the news, it was impossible for them to hire him. However, he had nothing to do every day. He was a full-time house-husband, and he needed He Sihui to go out and earn money to support him?

This was too demeaning!

The Jiang family home.

When Jiang Zeyu saw the news, he snorted coldly.

“After Feng Le’an moved out of the Feng family, he’s disgustingly happy every day. Feng Tianrui complained in front of his parents every day that his parents were being too lovey-dovey. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Let those fools from the Feng family play with mud by themselves!”

Jiang Chenglang came down from upstairs. When he heard Feng Zeyu’s words, he did not comment.

Jiang Zeyu saw that he seemed to be going out. “Eh, Big Brother, isn’t it the weekend today? Where are you going?” “To an auction.”

Jiang Chenglang left the door after saying that. Jiang Zeyu’s eyes rolled and he immediately stood up. “Hey, Big Brother, wait for me. I’ll go with you!”

Big Brother would definitely go to the auction to find a suitable gift for his little sister. He also wanted to go there to see if there were any good things!

If he did not have enough money… he would borrow it from Big Brother!

Jiang Zeyu’s little calculations rang out. Like a plaster, he clung onto Jiang Chenglang and left the house.

At school.

Jiang Yu was looking at Qin Fangfei’s completed examination paper.

After scanning through it, she pointed at a question and said, “There can be an even simpler algorithm for this question.”

Qin Fangfei was delighted. “Is that so? Sister Yu, quickly teach me!”

Jiang Yu picked up a pen and wrote two formulas on the paper before returning the paper to Qin Fangfei. Qin Fangfei took the paper and after some thought, she understood. “I understand. Thank you, Sister Yu!”

She immediately began to perform her calculations on the paper. Jiang Yu held her head and watched as she wrote down the correct calculation process on the draft paper. She knew that she completely understood what she meant.

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