Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1760 - 1760. Buildings

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Chapter 1760 - 1760. Buildings

"That was the moment to attack," Noah laughed as dense waves of his sharp aura flowed out of his figure.

His ambition intensified as his centers of power improved. They quickly grew until they reached the solid stage and upper tier of the eighth rank, which gave even more might to his sharp currents.

The six cultivators remained unfazed in front of the storm, and their hands rose to prepare attacks, but Noah had already acted by then.

The energy gathered by the experts suddenly vanished as a pulling force began to affect their "Breath". Their power literally slipped from their hands and failed to fuel spells.

Multiple sharp feathers also came out of Noah's c.h.e.s.t, and a faint shadow followed them. Snore had discharged its innate ability from inside the separate space, and Night didn't miss that chance to join the offensive.

A messy array of roots even shot out of Noah's right palm and covered his figure while expanding toward the experts. The six solid stage cultivators wanted to take out Noah right away, but they remained speechless in front of four different abilities with power in the upper tier launched in less than an instant.

Noah wasn't holding anything back in that situation. His ambition wasn't sparing any aspect of his existence. It was empowering his centers of power, puppets, and techniques to bring his battle prowess to its very peak.

The cultivators immediately steeled their concentration to counter Duanlong's influence and summon their energy again, but Night arrived before they could complete their abilities. Hands flew as the Pterodactyl severed the most exposed body parts of the experts, but it didn't manage to inflict any serious damage.

However, the sudden injuries managed to disrupt the concentration of two cultivators, which delayed their abilities by a whole second. Only four experts ended up attacking the first wave of Noah's abilities, and the clash filled a large area of the battlefield with destructive energy.

A wave of blue fire that seemed to contain human faces, a series of white spheres, black chains, and an invisible aura with corrosive properties fell on Noah's abilities and tried to reach for their caster.

The feathers exploded as soon as they touched the first enemy ability, and waves of violent dark matter spread between the other attacks and the roots. The higher energy tried to expand forward, so it didn't hurt the parasite with its destructive power. Still, the cultivators' attacks contained too much power to lose against it.

The violent dark matter quickly lost its ground, but the cultivators' abilities found a tight array of black roots after it. Moreover, a dense corrosive aura covered that defense and made their spell lose power before even attempting to reach Noah.

The other two cultivators released their attacks at that point. A massive bird made of scarlet lightning bolts and black ice fell toward Noah and joined the experts' abilities in their offensive.

The parasite's corrosive aura couldn't do much once the attacks of six solid stage cultivators converged on the roots. The dense layer of deadly power crumbled after inflicting some damage, and the rest of the protection followed as the spells advanced.

The entire area fell into chaos as the six abilities crashed in Noah's position, but the cultivators soon noticed that something was off. They didn't sense anything after their spells had pierced the roots. Their energy didn't find anything else to destroy.

"Where is he?!" One of the cultivators asked before a large cut opened on his throat and made him unable to talk normally.

The other experts then recalled the shadow that managed to sever some hands, but they couldn't pinpoint its location. Still, they could sense that countless powerful auras had locked their attention on their figures.

The real separated dimension had materialized on the region, but most of the army was already above it. The various rank 8 experts on Noah's side had turned into invaders as soon as those buildings became visible.

The six cultivators from the Crystal City had tried to use that chance to kill Noah right away, but they had failed in their task. They were in the middle of enemy experts now, and all of them had noticed their gang up on Noah.

"Quite despicable," Steven snorted. "You didn't even bother to look at us."

"Heaven and Earth's followers usually are shortsighted," Robert sighed. "They can only think about taking out the rulers' main issue instead of looking at their situation."

"No one can ignore my sword," Sword Saint said in a low tone while raising his hand to amass his sharpness.

"It's an all-out battle now, you idiots," King Elbas exclaimed. "Do whatever you want, but pay attention to your companions' domains. Try not to kill those on our side."

"Who's up for a challenge?" Divine Demon shouted right after King Elbas' line.

"Where did Noah go?" June asked while joining her palms to generate sparks.

Noah suddenly came out of a crack high in the sky. A wave of bloodl.u.s.t flowed out of his figure and filled the entire region as he pointed his two blades toward the six experts under him.

A black wave that took the shape of a descending blade came out of his weapons and fell toward the experts. The attack's devouring properties were so intense that they generated a pulling force with the shape of a dark trail that followed the main lunge.

The experts didn't even dream about stopping the attack, especially with all the other experts around them. They immediately resorted to evasive maneuvers and escaped toward external areas of the region.

The lunge destroyed a few buildings before crashing on the ground and piercing its surface. The attack continued to descend and destabilize the underground world for a while until it finally depleted its energy and allowed the region to stabilize.

A long cut opened on Noah's c.h.e.s.t, but he casually spat a fireball toward one of the buildings to fix his injury. The structure burnt without even attempting to defend against the fire, and its energy closed the wound in an instant.

Noah and the other experts on his side turned toward the six solid stage cultivators that had moved farther away. They didn't appear scared, but they weren't completely confident in their ability either. Instead, they seemed determined to give up on their lives if needed.

"Why don't you directly take out the trap?" Noah asked. "Spare us some time. I would have to burn everything otherwise."

"As if you could," One of the cultivators said before snapping his fingers.

The buildings suddenly lit up, but Noah and the others didn't feel any danger coming from them. Instead, strange formations that only King Elbas could identify appeared on their surface and illuminated the entire area.

"They are covers for other separate dimensions," King Elbas explained as multiple auras appeared under them.

Each building turned ethereal as a platoon of cultivators replaced them. The same happened above the burnt and destroyed structures. Multiple experts led by a few rank 8 existences materialized on those spots and proceeded to regroup near the six solid stage in the distance.

The separate dimension wasn't a mass of buildings anymore. It had transformed into a massive army that seemed almost able to match Noah's group. Of course, it didn't have the same number of powerful experts, but its sheer size was something that its opponents had to respect.

'Our battle prowess still surpasses theirs,' Noah thought while inspecting the enemy army. 'The cultivation level doesn't matter when it comes to us, but they should know about it. The trap must still be somewhere.'

"What if we have to trigger it like the last time?" King Elbas suddenly asked.

"Can you listen to my thoughts now?" Noah asked while showing honest surprise.

"I don't need that to understand how your mind thinks," King Elbas snorted before going back to the main topic. "My sensors aren't picking anything even after I added the data about these cloaking buildings. There shouldn't be anything else here."

"It might still arrive," Noah sighed while glancing toward the partially covered sky.

His ambition seeped into the environment on its own and darkened everything. The very sky couldn't resist the temptation to mutate, but that feature wouldn't help him during the battle.

The experts in the enemy army came from different organizations. Most of them wore the white robes of the Crystal City now, but Noah believed that they had changed side only recently. Still, none of them had received a law from Heaven and Earth, which gave no advantage to those wielding the Devils' power.

"Just go all-out without forgetting about your surroundings," Noah eventually ordered in an aloof tone. "Leave one of the white leaders to me. I have a debt to settle."

Waging wars against a massive organization that had gathered countless followers during the past years was nothing much for Noah by then. Only Heaven and Earth could force him to stay constantly alert, but it seemed that his army had to work a bit to make the rulers step into the battlefield.

His orders marked the beginning of the war. Every member of both armies shot forward and prepared themselves for the deadly clash.

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