Birth of the Demonic Sword - Chapter 1984 1984. Taunts

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Chapter 1984 1984. Taunts

Noah and King Elbas had reached their destination quickly, but they had remained stunned in front of the sheer size of the tree. The existence was a magical plant in the middle tier that had naturally gained Heaven and Earth's aura after absorbing their chaotic laws for many years. Its power even seemed off compared to its actual level.

Noah's instincts had immediately told him that the tree was unique. It had a vast dark-brown trunk that stretched for entire regions, and its branches grew until the end of the storms. They didn't have leaves, but they still created multiple pulling forces that dragged the chaotic laws into their tough fabric.

The tree wasn't made of wood. King Elbas and Noah struggled to understand the actual nature of the plant's fabric. They didn't even know if its peculiar aura was a natural occurrence or a consequence of the hidden meanings left by Heaven and Earth in their chaotic laws.

Their failure to study the magical plant from their position gave birth to an intense curiosity hindered only by the two liquid stage cultivators who had stepped off the tree to meet them.

"A few victories don't mean anything," The old-looking cultivator stated, but Noah and King Elbas didn't miss the faint hesitation that tried to come out of his cold expression.

The enchanting woman was experiencing the same emotions. It was clear that the two cultivators had learnt about the recent feats performed by Noah's group. A bunch of rank 8 experts had defeated a group of liquid stage existences, and they had come for more victims now.

Heaven and Earth were in a dormant state, but their followers could still access the network in the sky. They could learn and study what had happened in the regions around the floating lake, and those scenes inevitably left them worried.

Noah's team had members capable of unleashing an unreasonable power that didn't follow any label. The cultivators defending the tree had even ended up meeting two of the most troublesome experts in that group. One of them was Noah himself, while the other was the inscription master who had won a bet against Divine Architect.

It was normal to feel worried in that situation. Noah wouldn't even blame them too much if it weren't for the intense anger that his existence generated in front of Heaven and Earth's followers. Those experts had failed to remain true to their journey, so they had ended up unable to understand the superior power wielded by his group.

Noah's statement about the tree's toughness wasn't a random comment meant to enrage his two opponents. The magical plant truly appeared stronger than the two experts. He was even planning to push the Cursed Sword past its limits, and that dark-brown trunk seemed a good opponent.

Obviously, the two cultivators took his words as an insult, but they didn't dare to act recklessly. They could experience real death in that situation, so they decided to wait until Noah and King Elbas' intentions became clear. Unluckily for them, their opponents had more sharp remarks under their sleeves.

"To think that we would make Heaven and Earth's followers tremble in fear with our sole presence," King Elbas commented. "The rulers have really stopped caring about that part of their power."

"They never really cared," Noah explained. "They only needed someone to handle problems that they deemed unworthy of their attention. Everything became a mess as the time of their breakthrough drew close."

"I wonder when we'll see the upgrade in action," King Elbas wondered before turning toward the two liquid stage cultivators. "When are your new bodies coming? I thought the first batch was ready for testing."

The two cultivators widened their eyes but remained silent. They couldn't believe how calm Noah and King Elbas appeared in that situation. Two experts near the end of the cultivation journey were standing before them, but they barely saw that as a danger.

"They probably need Heaven and Earth to transfer the actual laws," Noah guessed.

"You are right," King Elbas sighed. "Those laws don't even belong to them anymore."

King Elbas ended his comment with a chuckle that enraged the two experts even more. His gesture didn't have any hidden meaning. He was conversing as if he were inside his training area.

The same went for Noah, who struggled to take the situation seriously. His destination was the sky, and everything before that was mere preparation for that incredible event. Two liquid stage cultivators couldn't claim the entirety of his attention now that he had Night's new power at his side.

"So," Noah eventually said after the silence remained in its place for a few seconds, "We have a lot to do and not enough time. Can you just move away? We might even let you go afterward."

"We should say that!" The old-looking cultivator complained, but his words didn't have the intended effects since Noah and King Elbas started to ignore him to focus on the tree.

"We can't let you touch the tree," The woman announced and finally claimed her opponents' attention. "It's our role to protect this unique magical plant. You'll have to defeat us to get to it."

Noah and King Elbas exchanged a meaningful glance before focusing on the cultivators again. The two then voiced a request at the same time. "Do you mind splitting?"

"Not a chance," The old-looking cultivator snorted, and a faint smirk appeared on his face when he saw that his opponents' eyes sharpened at his firm refusal.

Noah and King Elbas had very different existences. They weren't in the ninth rank yet, but they would still end up weakening each other on a small battlefield. Instead, Heaven and Earth's followers carried the same power source, even if it took different forms.

"I need to make this annoying guy reach the ninth rank," Noah revealed as he drew the Cursed Sword from the center of his chest.

The bloodlust that accompanied the appearance of the Cursed Sword made the world tremble. The fabric of space threatened to shatter, but it appeared strangely tough in that area. It seemed that the tree had rooted its existence into the very world, which enhanced its stability.

Noah and King Elbas noticed that feature and experienced a newfound curiosity toward the magical plant. Their desire to uncover the secrets behind the tree intensified and made them unfold the entirety of their auras.

The Demonic Sword appeared in Noah's left hand, and his many empowerments began to flow throughout his body and weapons. King Elbas' crown brightened, a spear materialized at his side, and golden runes started to shine on his skin.

Noah and King Elbas were mere rank 8 cultivators, but their auras ended up opening cracks into the fabric of the world after they unfolded completely. The empowerments of the tree didn't matter anymore at that point, and the two cultivators could only remain speechless.

The enchanting woman and the old-looking expert had studied the battles near the floating lake, but Noah and King Elbas appeared completely different from those scenes.. They radiated the same pressure as rank 9 existences even if their level remained in the eighth rank. The effects that their auras spread throughout the world told the two cultivators that their opponents were no different from liquid stage beings.

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