Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 1073 Second Order Vs. Eighth Order

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Bai Zemin turned a blind eye to both the dragon’s roar and his murderous intent. His expression was like that of a non-sentient being; it was as if he was fighting with a small ant as he watched a great torrent of toxic mist shoot towards him from the green head.

Truth be told, the damage that the poisonous mist released by the green head could cause was much lower than the damage that the now severed red head could cause.  The toxin fog could also not trap and freeze enemies like the blue head severed along with the red one.

However, destructive power and control capability aside, the green head was the most dangerous of all.

A single breath was enough for the blood to become contaminated and the lungs to begin to rot. Two breaths was all it took for all the organs of the body to decompose.

As for the outer body… it probably depended on how tough the target was, the level difference, magical power, and other factors; however, Bai Zemin knew for sure that he wouldn’t be able to stand for more than 2 seconds before his skin would peel off, 3 seconds for his flesh to melt, and 4 seconds for his muscles to fall off.

Probably 5 seconds was the most he could survive inside the fog, and considering that the entire area several kilometers around was covered in green, escaping from there could take a long time.

However, Bai Zemin was not worried about this at all.

“Ruler of All Matter.”


The atmosphere around him suddenly trembled as he activated Ruler of All Matter, the second activation of his skill Gravity Manipulation. 

The green mist seemed to encounter some kind of invisible obstacle and was immediately pushed backwards, back towards the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon and the surrounding area. Seeing this, the beast immediately reacted, enraged.


Directly spending all of his remaining mana, over 6000 points, and pushing his magical power to the limit, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon managed to make the toxic fog become even more terrifying and once again surrounded Bai Zemin in the center.

‘One last attack, uh…’ Bai Zemin calmly analyzed as the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon’s threats and insults entered his left ear and went out through his right ear, not affecting him at all.

With all his attack-type heads except the green one out and the white head annihilated, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon knew perfectly well that he could only take this last chance to kill his opponent and survive. If he missed this chance and let Bai Zemin use his monstrously higher Agility to break beyond the toxic fog, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon knew that his death would be sealed in stone.

“Frost Apocalypse.”

These words put an end to any hope the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon still held in his heart.

Starting from the small silver snowflake in the center and quickly spreading through the veins running over Bai Zemin’s armor, a strong silver-colored radiance enveloped his figure partially and after directly expending 10.000 Mana points he released all the frost-like energy Shangguan Bing Xue had stored in it.


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Like an ice blast, the frost spread out in all directions at high speeds with Bai Zemin as its core.

Thanks to Overlap Regeneration, Bai Zemin’s magical power and Magic were not much lower than that of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon. Moreover, since he had spent twice as much Mana to strengthen all the frost-like energy that Shangguan Bing Xue had stored up for days the green mist was immediately suppressed.

All the green mist that was not pushed away was frozen into small particles that soon rained down from the sky, and before the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon could say or do anything his body was wiped by the fierce frost rush.

In the sky, Salazar looked up at the frozen giant dragon and said in shock, “… Ice Maker?” 

“It’s not Ice Maker.” Lethar said in a harsh voice. His beastly eyes looked at the small snowflake on the chest of the young human’s armor and pointed, “That armor is the problem.”


This time Long Tian roared so loudly that everyone turned to look at him.

The eyes of the Dragon God were bloodshot as he watched the young human who despite having done nothing directly to him had come to hate to the marrow of his bones raise his two heavy swords in preparation to end it all.

He couldn’t lose the Firmament Fragment of the Goddess of Rebirth, he shouldn’t!

Long Tian no longer cared about acquiring Darkness Manipulation; he just didn’t want to lose one of the most powerful Firmament Fragments in existence!

The leader of the faction of Higher Existences Bloodlust, Nikolay, couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he saw the terrified expression and panic in the eyes of the Dragon Monarch. Even if he didn’t know regarding the bet between Lucifer and Long Tian, anything that would make the murderer of his commander suffer was something Nikolay would willingly embrace!

Bai Zemin, again, ignored the words of the Dragon Monarch.

There was no hesitation in his movements as he raised both of his heavy swords high. The muscles in his arms swelled to practically double in size as he gritted his teeth, and with a low roar he slashed downward using over 20.000 Strength points directly by sacrificing almost all of his Magic.

Boom!!! Boom!!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!! Boom! Boom!!!! Boom! Boom!!!! …

Both slashes seemed to be slow as purple flames burned brightly on the blade of both greatswords. The sky rumbled louder and louder for every inch that both weapons advanced, and each explosion was enough to create a hole in the ground even though Bai Zemin was over 700 meters above the ground.


The weakened 9-Headed Immortal Dragon finally managed to break through the thick layer of ice that had imprisoned him and roared furiously skyward. It was then that he noticed the great purple flash that covered the entire world, and when he looked further down he noticed the two huge oceans of fire pushed by two terrifying shockwaves charging towards him.

Out of pure instinct rooted in his soul, the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon moved his two remaining yellow heads to protect the green head as it was the only attack-type head he had left.


The beast wailed and his giant body sank to the ground after being directly hit by two extremely powerful physical-magical attacks.

The sea of purple flames spread out from the half-destroyed body and penetrated into the split scales of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon, tormenting him and burning his flesh while incinerating his existence from the inside.

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The entire area was covered with small spatial cracks, and even after several seconds the sky was still rumbling as if it was about to collapse.

Bai Zemin with his two weapons firmly gripped on both sides of his body calmly looked at the green head still attached to his neck but unable to move resting on the ground. 

As for the other two heads left on the beast… both had been partially destroyed, and although they were still there they didn’t seem to be able to move any time soon.


Bai Zemin stored Blood Dragon Bringer of Doom in his storage ring to avoid further damage and Health loss. A moment later and with a gentle flap of his wings, his body began to slowly descend as the dust slowly settled.

The green head’s eyes were closed, but when he felt the faint sound of something landing just above his mouth the beast forced himself to open them slowly.

There, the huge pair of tired green eyes saw the figure of the small human staring at him with composed serenity in his bright golden eyes.

With Annihilation of the Falling Sky in his left hand, Bai Zemin calmly walked towards the beast’s forehead while waving his right hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! …

A soft, weak grunt of pain escaped from the tightly closed mouth of the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon.

p His body, from his feet to his jaw, was enclosed by thousands of thick blood-red chains with golden highlights and other ash-gray chains.

Blood Chains and Shadow Chains.

The 9-Headed Immortal Dragon could feel how all the Mana his body was trying to recover was slowly being consumed by the red chains, weakening him even more.

Just as Bai Zemin was one step away from reaching the beast’s forehead, a tall and firm mountain-like figure appeared like a ghost obstructing his path.

“I told you to stop, you disgusting Lower Existence.” 

Long Tian’s golden eyes showed rarely visible fury while Bai Zemin’s golden eyes showed nothing but indifferent calm as he looked at him in the same manner he looked at his fallen enemy.

“Dragon Monarch, you dare?!” Fire Sorrow shouted from the sky, but just as she was about to dash towards the ground she was stopped by Lucifer.

Lucifer’s eyes flashed with a mysterious light as he watched the events unfold. No one knew what he was thinking.

Bai Zemin said nothing, and silently raised his right hand as if he was showing it to the Dragon Monarch. In fact, the God Mode was so terrifying that his heart did not even waver even though he now knew that the man in front of him was one of the 8 most powerful soul evolvers in the universe.

Long Tian looked at the young human’s right hand and a glint of disdain shone in his eyes. He really hoped that the ignorant creature in front of him would attack him so that he could give him a death worthy of a stray dog.

And just the way Long Tian wanted, Bai Zemin thrust with lightning speed his outstretched hand like an eagle’s claw straight towards his heart. However, when the Dragon Monarch saw the blood-red radiance enveloping the entire hand and arm up to shoulder height his pupils contracted fiercely and his deepest records screamed in fear.

Bai Zemin’s movement was incredibly agile and fast, but it still had no way to compare to the Dragon God’s Agility. He didn’t even notice when Long Tian’s body had disappeared, but he didn’t care either.

His entire right hand, as well as more than half of his arm, sank deep into the 9-Headed Immortal Dragon’s forehead, and while the world was silent he raised his head and looked up at a certain point in the sky while saying in a composed voice: “… Looks like a Lower Existence can scare Higher Existences after all.”

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