Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 451 - Counter Invasion: Attacking Another World (Part 1)

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Bai Zemin had been fighting for more than 30 minutes and added to this the time he rested before, right after fighting to resist the suction force of the space crack that formed after the destruction of the Earth's defensive barrier, therefore his Mana had recovered to over 80% since during the entire battle he had not used any active skills and had only relied on his passive skills and his monstrously high stats.

After sending out a wave of around 200 Mana points and using his powerful Magic stat to spread it everywhere, the mist of blood that surrounded the area began to move strangely.

Just then, a figure emerged from the spatial rift.

This figure was an extremely handsome man just like the rest. The difference, however, was that the aura exuded from his body was noticeably more powerful.

He was a Second Order existence.

"Sir Elmis!"

"Finally the Generals began to arrive!"


The now 400,000+ enemies who had stopped outside the rift as none could advance became noisy as this figure emerged from the crack. They all began to exclaim and cheer in such a way that it seemed as if god had descended into the world. But in fact, to these otherworldly existences, the arrival of the first Second Order existence was not much different from the arrival of god so all those who were charging forward to attack actually stopped in mid-charge to make way for the newcomer.

It had already become clear to them that it was practically impossible to defeat Bai Zemin. Therefore, they could only rely on someone more powerful.

"What the hell is going on here? Why aren't they moving forward? Because of you, no one else can get through!" The Second Order existence named Elmis frowned and with a demonic gleam in his eyes caught one of his allies by the neck.

"Sir... Elmis..."

That existence was no different than a chicken being caught by the neck and about to be slaughtered at the hands of Elmis. His breathing became increasingly labored and although he struggled, a First Order existence did not have the ability to deal with Elmis' level 63 so all his attempts were unsuccessful.

Elmis, being an existence even more dangerous than all those present, was even more arrogant and cruel than all of them even though he seemed to be someone with whom one could have a conversation having a nice cup of tea.

Therefore, in an instant, the neck of that First Order existence cracked and Elmis crushed his head. 

"Tsk." Discovering that there was no Soul Stone there, Elmis casually threw the corpse aside.

Then, ignoring everything, he swiftly made his way through and arrived at the front of the battlefield. His eyes widened as he took in the scene before him, but when he saw the man standing on top of the mountain of corpses looking at them all with arrogance and disdain, his instincts immediately flared.

"So it was you who has been holding back the advance of our Asura race, human!" Elmis bellowed and without waiting for a response turned into a bloody flash.

"Bai Zemin! Watch out!" Shangguan Bing Xue exclaimed worriedly as she barely managed to keep up with Elmis' movements. 

She was worried because the current Bai Zemin didn't seem to be his usual self. Instead of being careful, he was being rather careless; it was as if he believed that there was nothing and no one capable of stopping him. Shangguan Bing Xue feared that he would underestimate the existence of Second Order and suffer consequences that she did not even wish to imagine.

But in fact, the current Bai Zemin completely disdained all enemy existences before him. Therefore, even when Elmis arrived in front of him with explosive speed, the disdainful look on his face did not change at all.

Elmis, just like Bai Zemin, wore a pair of gloves on both hands. He, like 99% of the Asura race, was a close combat warrior and his weapon of choice was always his fists.

Elmis' fist caused space to shake continuously as he punched forward. His eyes flashed viciously and the intention to completely crush his enemy was reflected in his pupils matter-of-factly.

Bai Zemin's lips curved slightly upwards and with a movement that seemed neither too fast nor too slow, he leaned his body slightly forward and his right fist back before striking with the full power of his Strength stat and the weight of his body along all the objects he was carrying at the same time.


The explosion resulting from the collision of the two fists caused small cracks similar to black lightning to appear around the two fighters, proof that the world's spatial barrier could barely withstand the clash of two such great powerhouses.

The shockwave spread out in the shape of a giant circle and the nearby corpses were turned into a pile of bloody mist; mist which strangely did not disperse even though the resulting shockwave had enough power to sweep away everything in its path.

Elmis' fierce eyes met during the clash of both fists with the mocking gaze of his opponent and for an instant, he was shocked as he could not believe that the First Order existence in front of him actually had enough power to meet him face to face.

However, Elmis' fierce expression soon became more and more horrified.

"And who the hell are you to dare speak to me in that tone?" 

Despite his mocking expression and the disdain in his gaze, Bai Zemin's voice was as cold as ice glaciers that had remained frozen for millennia, sending chills down the spine of all those who heard it.

But Elmis had no time to worry about this.

First, he felt the bones in his right fist turning into dust, then, the same thing happened to the bones in his arm and a few thousandths of a second later all the bones in his body broke into pieces.

Everything happened so fast and so suddenly that Elmis couldn't even adjust to feel pain properly.

But then, Bai Zemin made his final move. Without another word, he swung his fist fiercely sending out strange vibrations invisible to the naked eye.

Then, under everyone's disbelieving eyes, Elmis' body exploded into a bloody mess.


The hot blood seemed to take the rest of the impact as the resulting heat turned the red liquid into a mass of crimson gas that soon took on a strange unnatural glow and joined the great cloud of blood that by this point had surrounded everything 4 kilometers in front of Bai Zemin.

"This... This..."

Wu Yijun took several steps back, and had it not been for Shangguan Bing Xue's support, she would have fallen to the ground. She could not believe what she had just witnessed.

Although she had already seen how fierce Bai Zemin's fists were from the forest when he attacked the enemy camp, Wu Yijun felt her soul freeze and her body tremble with fear when the existence called Elmis appeared.

She only felt that kind of fear and terror once in her life; when the Archaic Bear appeared in the forest and started slaughtering them all. She clearly remembered how several weeks ago, Bai Zemin had been severely injured after engaging in combat with that terrifying creature.

But now, right before her, Bai Zemin had not only defeated an existence whose power was similar to that of the Archaic Bear but had also overwhelmed him to the point where the other party did not even leave his corpse behind!

How could she not be shocked then?! She was so incredulous that her words did not come out with any clarity!

Even Shangguan Bing Xue was surprised, although it was to a lesser extent than Wu Yijun since she knew that Bai Zemin had already reached a level where he could kill Second Order existences. However, she did not expect that he had reached such a frightening level of Strength!

The Second Order goblins that attacked them back then were also slaughtered just like that? Such a question flashed in Shangguan Bing Xue's heart as she let out a sigh of relief. Her eyes as they looked at the back of that man who seemed to be facing the entire world became extremely complicated and even she did not know what she was feeling at this moment.

The other Asuras also froze.

"Sir Elmis was..."

"How could this be possible... One single strike?"

"This human... Could he have the strength of a Commander?"

When someone muttered those last words in shock, the face of the army that came from another world turned pale, and as if by prior agreement, everyone began to back away.

"We must report this!"

"We need a Commander to come or else we will be slowly wiped out!"


They had previously come with the intention of taking over a new world, slaughtering its inhabitants and consuming their Soul Stones to become stronger. This was a process the Asura race had been doing for at least seventy millennia and nothing new to them. 

But little did they expect to meet an anomaly that despite having the aura of a First Order being actually seemed to be capable of unleashing the power of a Third Order one!

After all, none of them believed that someone of Second Order would have the ability to turn the body of another Second Order existence into blood mist with a single punch, let alone a First Order existence achieving such a thing!

'This man fooled us all!' was the thought they all had and suddenly they no longer had the desire to fight anymore despite being lovers and fanatics of battle and death.

But... Even though they wanted to leave, Bai Zemin would let them come and go as they pleased?

"Since you came, why don't you stay?"

His voice echoed just like the roar of a dragon and as if these words were some kind of command, the movement of the 400,000+ enemies froze.

It wasn't that they didn't want to move, it was that they couldn't! Their bodies would not obey!

"The blood mist..." Wu Yijun looked around in disbelief and could not finish her words.

"... It disappeared." Shanggua Bing Xue muttered as the rays of sunlight now tinged with red once again shone into the area.

Then, the most terrifying thing happened.

The bodies of the more than 400,000 Asuras, regardless of gender or age, began to swell rapidly and in just a few breaths turned into air balloons.

The pain of feeling the skin being torn from their bodies and their muscles being ripped to shreds as a result of the sudden expansion formed a tune of terrifying screams and cries that was capable of scaring the ghosts themselves.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!....


One after another and without much space between each one, the bodies of the 400,000+ otherworldly existences began to blast uncontrollably.

Blood and flesh rained down like a deluge and in a matter of seconds over 400,000 lives were extinguished.

No enemies could be seen before the space rift; there was only a huge mountain of flesh and rivers of blood flowing between the mountains.

The smile on Bai Zemin's face disappeared and his eyes flashed with never-before-seen cruelty as he muttered to himself:

"You came to my world with the intention of causing disasters.... Wouldn't it be rude of me not to thank you in the place of all mankind?"


[Your comprehension of the blood element increases exponentially.]

[Blood Manipulation (Second Order active skill) level 1 evolution forced.]

[Second Order Blood Manipulation level 1 -------- >Level 2.]

[Second Order Blood Manipulation level 2 -------- > Level 3.]


Of course, Bai Zemin was in no mood to pay attention to such things.

"Should I go to the world on the other side of the rift?" Bai Zemin wondered.

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