Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse - Chapter 900: Arriving on Earth but not at the desired location

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Chapter 900: Arriving on Earth but not at the desired location

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Bai Zemin used his skill Gravity Manipulation to considerably slow down his falling speed for just a short moment, because after Kali passed by him, what Bai Zemin did was to slightly increase the gravity around him catching up with her in just an instant and holding her in his arms.

"Don't worry, just leave everything to me." Bai Zemin said as he used Blood Manipulation to create a string that he controlled to catch the magic wheelchair that had moved hundreds of meters away from them.

"I know. Even though I don't know how high up we are, it's not like I can do much anyway." Kali replied in an emotionless voice as she put both arms around Bai Zemin's neck.

"Aren't you scared?" he asked when they were only tens of meters from the ground.

"Scared?" Kali focused on him as she asked in confusion, "Scared of what?"

Bai Zemin looked at her silently for several seconds before activating Gravity Manipulation, gradually increasing the power of the skill so that the reduction in falling speed wasn't too abrupt.

"Sorry, forget what I said." He shook his head and sighed in his heart.

Kali had no memory of her life except for the last eight or nine months, she could not see and could not move at will on her own. Her level was not particularly high, and except for the artifacts she had enchanted using runes she had no self-protection abilities.... For her, every day that passed was probably terrifying, therefore, her heart had surely gone numb at this point and the word scared no longer had any meaning in her dictionary.

After Bai Zemin's feet softly touched solid ground, he carefully controlled the blood string so that the magic wheelchair delicately fell a meter distance away.

However, as Bai Zemin was about to leave Kali in her wheelchair, he stopped.

"What's wrong?" she asked in puzzlement.

Bai Zemin frowned slightly and did not reply immediately but for the first time had a glance at Kali's wheelchair. This was the first time he had paid attention to the chair, and aside from its somewhat crude design, one could tell that it was very elegant thanks to the countless bright gold-colored patterns that covered the pure white frame. However, what caught his attention the most was that on the right armrest, there were five holes, four of them smaller than the one on the top.

All the holes had Soul Stones in them, Bai Zemin had never seen them as Kali always covered them with her arm.

Bai Zemin cleared his throat and asked quietly, "Kali.... These Soul Stones in there.... What Order are they?"

"The four at the bottom are Second Order and the one at the top is Third Order." She replied indifferently.

Bai Zemin felt the corner of his mouth trembling after hearing Kali talking about four Second Order Soul Stones and one Third Order Soul Stone as if they were grains of rice.

"Kali... Why does this chair of yours consume so much energy?" he asked trying to stay calm.

"Why don't you look at the records instead of asking me?" She replied casually.

"... In that case, excuse me." Bai Zemin nodded and proceeded to do as Kali said.

However, what he saw made even his heart filled with sadness and anger grow cold. A flash of disbelief flashed in his blood-red eyes as he reread the records of the magic wheelchair over and over again.

This thing was a wheelchair? It was a damn fortress in miniature size!

Bai Zemin judged and didn't doubt that unless he launched the upgraded version of Crimson Blood Judgment, he wouldn't be able to kill Kali without at least 30 minutes as long as she was sitting in her wheelchair!

"The Soul Stones were traded with the Gales Kingdom. I upgraded the Wind Spirit Spear in King Philip's possession and also drew runes on the shield of the First Princess Ellis." Kali explained as she sensed the disbelief in Bai Zemin's soul. "After your Doom Bringer, we could say that this wheelchair is my best work to date."

After a short pause, she continued: "My level isn't even 40, I can't walk, I have no attack or defense skills, and if it weren't for my ability to see souls I wouldn't even be able to notice if someone with bad intentions approached me.... That's why I worked for a long time on this wheelchair, I drew more than 40 defensive runes and 20 attack runes on it to protect myself. It's a pity though, the energy consumption is just too big."

Bai Zemin nodded silently as he understood Kali's difficulties. With the talent she had in understanding and drawing runes, many would surely try their best to obtain her; Bai Zemin was sure that if not for the relationship between Kali and Seraphina even the King of Gales would not have sat idly by when a treasure was under his nose. Therefore, she needed to protect herself no matter what and that was the reason why she worked hard, and despite the terrifying consumption of energy, she built this magic wheelchair that was actually a Rank 4 item even though it had only reached that Rank by the power of the runes as the smithing was pitiful.

"Kali, do you have confidence in me?" he asked suddenly.

Kali 'looked' at him and said indifferently, "I think it's a bit stupid for you to ask that question now, Bullet. Do you think I would have followed you here if I didn't have confidence in you?"

Somehow, Kali's words served to lighten Bai Zemin's heavy mood a bit. He smiled gently and murmured, "True... You are my powder after all."

She said nothing, and he continued, "In that case and because of the power consumption, how about we keep your wheelchair for now?"

Kali was silent for a moment before asking in a low voice, "You'll carry me?"

"Of course." Bai Zemin nodded, and even though she couldn't see him, he smiled, "My back will be your chariot in the meantime, that way we can save the energy of your traveling artifact. I will die before letting you get hurt, so you can rest assured and leave your life to me."

As he said those words, Bai Zemin had no choice but to take out the corpse of a Second Order mutant beast to store the magic wheelchair in his storage ring. After that, he proceeded to replace First Order blood with the blood of the Second Order beast.

Kali focused on him and said in an emotionless voice, "Bullet, even though I'm only 15 years old I can tell that if you say those words to another girl you'll probably make her heart flutter for you... You should be careful what you say if you don't want more girls like Seraphina to end up falling for you, okay?"

Bai Zemin still hadn't mentally processed what he had just heard when a tired voice sounded next to both of them.

"I know, right? I've said similar words to what you just said to him several times in the past, but this little scoundrel simply forgets as the days go by."

Kali turned her face gently to 'look' at the one who had just shown herself and said indifferently, "I see, so the person who was following Bai Zemin all this time was you."

"Nice to finally be able to talk to you, Kali." Lilith smiled brightly even though Kali's eyes couldn't see her and said in an honest voice, "This is the first time the three of us are really alone, so it's only now that we can chat."

"Mm, there's actually something I'd like to discuss with you." Kali nodded.

"Oh?" Lilith raised a curious eyebrow and asked calmly, "What could it be?"

"It's about your soul," Kali said, surprising Lilith. However, before Lilith or Bai Zemin could say anything, she added, "Although it would be good to do it in a quiet place as it will probably take some time."

Hearing Kali's words, Bai Zemin surveyed his surroundings and couldn't help but nod in agreement with her.

He had no idea where they were at the moment. Bai Zemin could only see giant trees everywhere and grass growing so tall that it almost covered his knees.

It was definitely a forest, and judging from what Bai Zemin had seen earlier while they fell from the sky, it was quite a large forest; one that even he could take two or three days to get out of.

Fortunately, Bai Zemin had special titles for such occasions.

"Let's go to Changping first, I want to see my family." He said as he focused on his Ruler of Beijing title and focused on the Changping District base.

However, even after several seconds passed, Bai Zemin did not notice any change; his body was not teleported nor was any portal opened for him to travel long distances to the desired location.

The expression on Bai Zemin's face changed very subtly but he did not stop trying and tried with all the titles that allowed him to teleport to a district, city, or province within his faction's control.

"Bullet, is something wrong?" Kali asked as she felt Bai Zemin's hands grip slightly tighter on her.

Bai Zemin's expression was slightly ugly as he calmly said, "It looks like the place where the portal bring us is not inside China."

"China? That's the name of the kingdom you live in? Weird name." Kali casually commented.

"To me, the names of the kingdoms in your world are weird in my ears too." Bai Zemin muttered under his breath as he looked around trying to find something to help him to orient himself. "Besides, China is the country I was born and raised in but it still can't be considered a kingdom. We humans are still fighting each other and other races to gain territory and stability."

"... For a moment I had forgotten that this world has only been evolving for a few months." Kali nodded slowly. "The mana density is lower than Eventide World but it's clearly not the amount of mana that a world that has been evolving for less than a year should have.... That's not to mention that you were born and raised in this world."

After thinking about it for a moment, Bai Zemin remembered something that had always been with him but because he was in another world he had gradually begun to forget.

He moved Kali to his back carefully and she cooperated by wrapping her slender arms around his neck from behind.

The jet black ring with golden runes that could only be used by the highest leader of the greatest weapon of mass destruction in the possession of the Transcendent faction glowed as it detected Bai Zemin's intention.

"This is Bai Zemin addressing to the Sky Destroyer. I repeat, this is Bai Zemin addressing to the Sky Destroyer."

Bai Zemin waited a few seconds, but to his confusion and surprise, he received no response at all even after a full minute.

... What was going on? Even if he was at the opposite end of China it should be easy for Bai Zemin to communicate with the control room of the huge space warship.

"Why isn't anyone responding?" Bai Zemin muttered in perplexity.

What Bai Zemin did not know was that, as surprising as it seemed, he was in a country in which there was a powerful faction that, like the Transcendent faction, had also unearthed part of some ancient ruins; obtaining technology from past eras and for which there were no written records.

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