Bone Painting Coroner - Chapter 758 - A Tan-Colored Stone

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Chapter 758 - A Tan-Colored Stone

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“Have you heard of how a cat’s eyes can see in the dark? Do you know that… A human can do that as well?”

Eh? “About that… I don’t think I have.”

“Well, it’s only normal for you to have not heard of something like that. It is a rare trait that not many have.”

The Capital Magistrate was shocked. Someone like that exists?

Ji Yunshu walked back to Idiot Si’s corpse. She sighed involuntarily and sadness welled in her heart when she saw his miserable state and the bloodied scratch marks that covered his entire body. A shiny, tan-colored rock landed on the floor with a dull thud when she pulled the man’s clothes back up to cover his body.

She picked up the stone and weighed it on her hand before storing it in her sleeve. It did not take long for the village chief to arrive with a white sheet to cover the body of Idiot Si. “How pitiful!” He sighed.

Wen Shisan, who had been observing Ji Yunshu silently as she worked on the case, was reminded of his life many years ago. He had been an earnest and eager apprentice of hers back then, and she had taught him many things without holding anything back from him.

She had patiently taught him anything he didn’t know and would often solve problems that he found himself not able to crack. Every single mystery and every single problem that impeded his progress in a case could be overcome as long as she was with him.

Just as Wen Shisan had once said, he would not be who he was without Ji Yunshu. He who teaches me for one day is my teacher for life. Guilt gripped his heart. He could feel a strange, unsettling sensation in his chest. Was I wrong? He even begun questioning himself.

Nobody was able to sleep that night.

Perhaps due to the grace of a higher power, the rain stopped early the next morning, and the flood had finally receded as well.

In order not to waste time, Jing Rong and Jing Yi headed to the ruined temple with their men to investigate the dried well. Chief Zhang followed the princes to the temple while the Capital Magistrate stayed behind. Orders were sent to the Supreme Court so that more men could be sent to the village to investigate the murder that had occurred in the ancestral hall.


While the flood had receded, the well was still filled with water. “It seems that the well is sealed up, or some of the water would have flowed out. It seems that it’s impossible to find anything down there.” Certainly!

So… Does it mean that the large Buddha statue was moved? The thought immediately surfaced in Ji Yunshu’s mind. But if it was, the statue would’ve left some scratch marks on the mouth of the well. There is none!

She redirected her attention to the statue of Buddha on the ground. It was made of stone, but it now resembled a pile of loose rubble. It had been smashed into pieces. However… one of the rocks caught her attention.

That rock was as tall as a human, and was roughly rectangular. One of its sides showed traces of being sawed as the edges looked rather regular while the edges of three of its other sides were jagged. Then again, it’s not unusual for the rocks to have such weird shapes when the statue fell onto the ground.

“Are you trying to figure out how the killer was able to move the statue?” asked Wen Shisan as he observed her.

He did not get a response.

“I’m curious about it too. This could be the key in solving this case.”


“We might not be on the same side, but in order to figure this mystery out, we might have to…” he left the sentence hanging.

Ji Yunshu cast a sideway glance at him, “You wish for us to work together?”

“Yes. But just on this point.” He was careful to emphasize that.

“You know that’s impossible.” She sneered at him and moved to the other side of the statue.

Wen Shisan did not feel the slightest bit of embarrassment. It was something that was well within his expectations. He took in a deep breath, and pretended that the exchange had never occurred. But no matter how hard they both tried, no clues could be found. Have all the evidence really been washed away by the flood?

The dark skies above suggested that rain would once again fall soon.

Jing Rong was cautious and told Ji Yunshu, “Perhaps Lu Jiang has already found clues about the dagger, and the Ministry of Justice could have found something based on the portrait. I think we should head back. It’s going to rain soon, and there’s nothing else we can accomplish by staying here.”

And he was correct. There could already be good news already waiting for them in the capital while they were bumbling around like headless chickens here in the village.

Jing Yi apparently shared the same opinion as Jing Rong, and the two princes left along with their retainers.

Ji Yunshu’s attention was focused on the tan rock on the way back to the capital.

“Is there anything strange about this rock?” asked Jing Rong.

“I took it from Idiot Si.”

That’s right. It belongs to the deceased. “I’m curious. Why is he so obsessed with rocks?”

“Maybe it’s just a hobby.”

“Do you believe this?”

“What is it?”

Ji Yunshu turned the rock over in her hands and said, “If a person had something that they treasured when they were alive, their soul will reside in their favourite item after death. This item will then lead us to that person’s murderer if they had died an unjust death. In other words, if the killer also has something that they treasure, it might lead me to a clue that can help us crack this case.”

“I’m not doubting your words, but isn’t what you just said merely superstition? Didn’t you tell me yourself that ghosts do not exist?”

“Your Highness, do you still remember the case of Zhou Family’s young miss and the murder in the Zhang mansion?”

“I do!”

“Miss Zhou loved her crystal lamp when she was alive, and we were able to find her killer through that thing. And in the Zhang family’s case, we were able to crack the case thanks to the madam’s favourite cat.”

That was indeed the case.

“This might be superstition. Perhaps I’ve thought too much into it.” She then shook her head with a wry smile.

“Since you’re the one who said it, I’m willing to believe in it just this once. Who knows, this stone might really help us find the true murderer” Jing Rong said. “But… Since the Capital Magistrate has taken over the case and is reporting it to the Supreme Court, the investigation will be in capable hands. However, I will not stop you from joining the investigation if you’re worried about it. While the mystery of the dried well is important, both cases involve human lives. Neither one should have priority over the other.” He had always been very reasonable.

But Ji Yunshu was silent. There seemed to be a strange glow emanating from the tan stone…

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