Boss Mo’s Predestined Love Brought by Surrogacy - Chapter 588 - Settle Down

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Chapter 588 Settle Down

Seeing that Mo Xiangyan and Gu Yan didn’t mean to wake up, Mo Yichen decided to ask the doctor if Mo Xiangyan needed to take medicine first, and then go out to buy breakfast. When he came back, it was almost time to leave. They should almost wake up.

Mo Yichen first went to the bathroom to wash up and then went out. He wanted to see the doctor first, but then he felt that the time was too early, so the doctor must have not yet gone to work. Then he turned around and headed towards the snack street at the gate of the hospital.

Although it was still early, many people had already come for breakfast. Although Mo Yichen knew that it was not a good idea to let them eat congee and pickles every day, he really had no other better choice in a foreign country.

When he returned home, he would cook soup for Mo Xiangyan. It usually took about one hundred days to recover from a bone fracture. No matter what, he must let Mo Xiangyan supplement nutrition. Even if drinking soup didn’t have scientific basis, it was at least good for Mo Xiangyan’s body.

Seeing more and more people walking towards this street, Mo Yichen knew it was late. Perhaps it was time that doctor made the rounds of the wards. Although the doctor told him yesterday that Mo Xiangyan was okay, Mo Yichen still wanted to go back quickly, otherwise he was afraid that Gu Yan couldn’t handle it alone.

Mo Yichen was walking in the opposite direction in the crowd with his breakfast. It was a short distance. But when he arrived, he still sweated. He didn’t rest, but just stood and got a breathing space before continuing waking to the ward.

As expected, when Mo Yichen returned to the ward, Mo Xiangyan and Gu Yan were already awake. Gu Yan found a towel and wiped Mo Xiangyan’s cheeks. Mo Xiangyan’s complexion looked much better than yesterday. Seeing Mo Yichen coming in, he greeted his father.

When Gu Yan woke up this morning and saw only herself and Mo Xiangyan in the room, she wondered if Mo Yichen didn’t come back yesterday. But then she saw the suitcase in the corner. And she was moved from the window to the sofa. She knew that Mo Yichen rushed back last night.

Mo Yichen put the breakfast he just bought on the table and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Then he came out to take the towel in Gu Yan’s hand, and signaled her to eat breakfast first.

Gu Yan obediently handed the towel to Mo Yichen, and stepped aside.

“How do you feel today?” After helping Mo Xiangyan wipe off the sweat stains on his face and neck, Mo Yichen asked Mo Xiangyan the question. After all, Mo Xiangyan did not have a fever, and Mo Yichen didn’t know much about other situations. It was safer to ask Mo Xiangyan. After all, his own feeling was most important.

Mo Xiangyan thought it was funny. Just now when Mo Yichen was not here, Gu Yan also asked this question. The words were exactly the same. The two people really had mutual affinity, but he also knew that Gu Yan cared about him. Then he seriously answered Gu Yan’s question.

“I feel better today, but I still feel a little bit pain and hungry now.” Of course, the pain was inevitable. After all, his bones and muscles were injured. It took a period of time to restore the original condition.

As for being hungry, this could be easily solved. Mo Yichen went to the bathroom to wash the towels, and then hung up the towels. After returning, he picked from the plastic bag that Gu Yan already opened, and chose a flavor that Mo Xiangyan liked to eat more. He sat in a chair and started to feed Mo Xiangyan with porridge.

Seeing Mo Xiangyan gulping the porridge, Mo Yichen was also a little hungry. After all, from yesterday to now, he didn’t eat anything. Now he was hungry, and his stomach was full of acid water.

After Mo Xiangyan finished eating, Mo Yichen also took a bowl of porridge. He didn’t eat it with side dishes and even use a spoon. He had the porridge with the bowl directly. Now the porridge was just cool enough, so he finished it quickly, which made his stomach feel much better.

After Gu Yan and Mo Yichen cleared the ward, the doctor came to make the rounds of the wards. Mo Yichen repeated yesterday’s question, and the doctor gave the same answer as yesterday. Then Mo Yichen breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, the doctor was not a quack.

Now that he got the answer, Mo Yichen called the assistant after the doctor made the rounds of the wards, indicating that he was ready. The assistant was also busy with his work at this time. He usually didn’t answer the phone when he

worked. But since it was Mo Yichen who called, it was a different matter.

He quickly got through the phone, and as expected, Mo Yichen was ready and asked him to inform that the helicopter could come now. He understood what Mo Yichen meant, and then hung up the phone. Their communication was very simple. Concise communication would make things more efficient.

Each hospital had its own apron. Since it was to transfer a patient, Mo Yichen could use the apron, but he had to pay enough fees.

Mo Xiangyan could walk, because he did not suffer serious injury except for his arm. Mo Yichen borrowed a wheelchair and let Mo Xiangyan sit on it. Gu Yan pushed him, and the family followed the service staff of the hospital to walk to the apron.

Mo Xiangyan was soon set up, and then they set off. Feeling the helicopter taking off little by little, Mo Yichen gradually settled down.

Gu Yan woke up and fell asleep all the way. When she woke up again, the helicopter had begun to land over Annan City. Gu Yan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Mo Yichen didn’t sleep much along the way, and kept awake all the time. Gu Yan sometimes wondered that whether Mo Yichen could be sleepy. He always stayed awake in need. This was also considered as a super power.

But Mo Xiangyan was the opposite of Mo Yichen. He basically slept all the way, but compared to other possible situations, sleeping was really the best way.

Gu Yan looked out the window, seeing Annan City getting closer and closer. As the helicopter landed, Gu Yan’s heart became stable little by little. Finally, the helicopter landed on the ground, and the moment it landed, Gu Yan was finally relieved.

The worries of these two days were finally relieved at the moment that they landed in Annan City.

Mo Yichen had arranged for someone to pick them up, so they got on the car immediately after getting off the helicopter, and this car was going to the best hospital in Annan City. Gu Yan was sure that Mo Xiangyan would accept the best treatment here. Unlike in a foreign country, it was full of uncertainty.

When everything settled down, Gu Yan finally felt at ease.

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