Bringing Culture to a Different World - Chapter 443 - spectating

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Chapter 443: Chapter 447, spectating

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The yellow-clothed man tapped his fingers impatiently.

He was pulled into the magic arena by his good friend the grey-clothed man and became a spectator.

The old and rigid sage could not understand the fun of the card games played by the Dwarves, so the yellow-clothed man refused before he came, he even said righteously, ‘you will only bring down the reputation of the academy if you lend the Academy’s Magic Arena to the Dwarves to play card games.’

But after arriving at the scene, the yellow-clothed man realized his own misjudgment, which was that this match was unexpectedly… popular.

The Magic Arena, which could accommodate more than five thousand people, was almost full. Most of the audience were apprentices and instructors from the four advanced magic academies, and some seats were occupied by a group of dwarves.

Such a grand occasion would only be seen when the four academies were jointly holding some kind of competition.

And now, the audience was not here for the exciting magic duel, but to watch a group of people ‘playing games’.

What was even more unbelievable was that the cheers of the apprentices and instructors from the four advanced magic academies had not stopped since the beginning!

The yellow-clothed man looked at the arena. The arena that should have been reserved for a group of elite spell casters was occupied by a bunch of strange things.

“I serve the Flame Demon King!”

Accompanied by the voice that resounded throughout the entire arena, a creature that was entirely crimson like a Naga appeared on the arena. The ferocious scales on its body and the flames that were overflowing from its body.., it was destined that if the adventurer encountered this monster in an area like a volcano, it would definitely become a thorny problem.

The controller behind the Fire Demon, a female spell caster named Jaina, condensed frost in her hands. With a flash of light blue runes, a sharp arrow made of frost shot out from the runes.., it hit a giant bear that was lying on the ground.

The arrow made of frost attached frost to the giant bear’s body. Before the giant bear could roar, its body was gradually frozen into frost, then turned into powder and disappeared.

The fire demon seemed to have received some kind of call. It raised the dark green staff in its hand high and spat out two fireballs, hitting a giant treant.

The treant was ignited by the flames, and its remaining HP was devoured by the flames. Its main body also turned into dust and dissipated on the stage.

“Why are those monsters standing there? Doesn’t that giant bear know how to dodge those spells? !”

The yellow-clothed man quietly watched the battle below, and could not help but ask a spellcaster attendant beside him.

He had to admit that this ‘card game’looked very thrilling.

After all, not everyone could see the scene of a huge treant fighting a group of creatures born from lava!

However, this battle was too… Strange in the yellow-clothed man’s eyes. It was always one side attacking after the attack was completed and the other side attacking.

The creatures summoned by both sides clearly looked extremely powerful, but they did not know what ‘dodging’was.

Moreover, the towering treant was actually burned into ashes by the two fireballs released by the Fire Demon.

It did not make sense… it did not make sense at all!

“Because this is a card game, Sir Mentor. If you do not understand, you can look at the screen over there. There is the original battle situation on it.”

Without waiting for the spellcaster attendant beside the yellow-clothed person to explain, a young girl standing by the window of the VIP seats explained to the yellow-clothed person first.

Her name was Sophia Karsilov. She was the only apprentice recognized by the yellow-clothed person and was also the principal student of the yellow-clothed person academy. Her talent in thunder magic could be said to be the best in the entire Nolan.

Meanwhile, this future ‘yellow-clothed man’ignored his own image and leaned against the window, staring at the ‘absurd’battle below with wide eyes.

“Ah! ! The Golden Dr. Bang Bang!”

In an instant, when the gray-clothed man summoned a goblin, the yellow-clothed man’s proud apprentice Sophia was so excited that her cheek almost touched the glass!

In the past, when the yellow-robed man had given Sofia a legendary staff that had been passed down from ancient times, she had never been so excited!

Wasn’t it just a Goblin? The yellow-robed man glanced at the surrounding audience seats and discovered that most of the apprentices were exclaiming in surprise.

That Goblin’s body was much larger than that of an ordinary goblin, and its attire was somewhat similar to that of a ‘powerful magical engineer’.

“What’s so amazing about a Goblin?”The yellow-clothed person couldn’t stand her student’s surprise.

“Teacher! That’s the legendary orange card of Hearthstone! The Golden Dr. Bang Bang isn’t available on the market at all. If one appeared, it would cost at least 4,000 gold coins,”she said.

So… expensive?

At the yellow-clothed person’s level, she was no longer interested in money. However, just a game card and a virtual item made of inscriptions could be sold for such a high price.., the yellow-robed man found it somewhat unbelievable.

“That’s great, that’s great! I want it too.”Sophia’s face was pressed against the glass, and her expression was full of desire.

The yellow-robed man looked at his apprentice’s embarrassing look and was about to ask her to sit in his seat and pay attention to his identity.

However, the goblin on the ring stood there for less than ten seconds.

“I found the prey!”

A dwarf suddenly appeared on the side of the mage’s entourage. The moment he appeared, he raised the firearm in his hand and killed the gnome on the opposite side who had the title of ‘strongest entourage’.

“There really is an ace Hunter.”Sophia seemed to have guessed it.

On the other hand, the yellow-robed man was confused.

The battle situation in the arena changed again. The fire demon suddenly charged at the opponent’s hero, using its long tail with spikes to sweep across the opponent’s hero with flames.

The moment the fire demon completed its attack, the mage Gianna’s hand once again appeared with ice-blue runes. An arrow made of Frost suddenly shot towards the Great Druid.

The Druid was frozen into frost like the giant bear just now. The moment Gianna cast her spell, the fire demon resonated with her. The magic staff in the Fire Demon’s hand once again released two fireballs that spun in the sky for a moment, the fireballs shot towards a spherical magic-conducting machine in front of the Druid.

The yellow-clothed person remembered that the two strange magic-conducting machines were summoned by Professor Peng Peng. One of the magic-conducting machines seemed to be ignited after being hit by the fireballs, and its entire body emitted a scorching light, it jumped up and ran toward the mage, Gianna.

Following the explosion, a large amount of dust was lifted up, and the yellow-clothed man heard the sound of his apprentice holding his breath.

He vaguely remembered that the mage named Gianna was already in an extremely weak state. In the words of his apprentice, she had “Three HP left”. Any attack could kill her.

Therefore, the yellow-robed man did not think that a weak mage would be able to withstand an explosion of this level.

However, when the dust dissipated, Jaina half-knelt on the ground, but she did not die!

Not only did she not die in battle, her left hand also bloomed with crimson runes, and her right hand was surrounded by ice-blue runes.

It was coming! The yellow-robed man recognized what this rune was constructing. It was a powerful fire spell.

In the next second, a huge fireball was released from the Mage’s hand. It drew a beautiful arc on the stage and hit the Druid.

The ice shards on the Druid’s body did not disappear as the fireball hit. The spell that Jaina had built with her right hand was also released. It was an ice pick!

The sharp ice pick pierced the frozen druid. Cracks appeared on the surface of the ice layer. In the end, the four fireballs released by the fire demon all hit the Druid.

The Druid, who had turned into an ice sculpture, broke into pieces and fell to the ground.

“The winner of the first match has been born, and that is Miss Dorothy!”

As the announcement of the winner resounded throughout the stadium, the entire audience burst into cheers.

The yellow-clothed person’s chief apprentice also participated in the battle.

“Sophia, you should think that this kind of illusion-based competition is too ridiculous!”The yellow-robed man could not accept this kind of ‘standing there and fighting for others’battle scene.

However, his apprentice seemed to have thought of something under the yellow-robed man’s reminder.

“Illusion? Oh right! Mentor… I want to learn Illusion Magic!”Sophia leaned against the glass and looked down at the mage who raised his magic staff high and accepted everyone’s congratulations.

“You… This kind of battle doesn’t match reality at all!”The yellow-clothed man was momentarily at a loss for words, but he soon began to try to correct his student’s thoughts.

“Mentor, didn’t you say that ‘the strength of a magic should not be judged by its strength’?”Sophia looked down at the beginning of the second match. “Why didn’t I feel that illusion magic could be so interesting before?”

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